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a_wild_ian_appears 2 points

Kern River fly shop! Guy Jeans is a great guy and one of the girls that works there slays carp. Not sure her name but her instagram is @fishshootbrew

jumpoffstuff983 2 points

I’ve met both her and Guy. Incredible folks out of that fly shop. Guy has given me amazing info and put me on fish every time I go up there. Such a knowledgeable and generous crew. Can’t say enough good things about them. The fish reports on YouTube are $$$ too!

GimePizzaOrGimeDeath 3 points

Oh just steal that from the bank?

jumpoffstuff983 2 points

Another zinger. Have an upvote!

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tommynoble6 3 points

What’s your setup?

jumpoffstuff983 1 point

6 wt Echo Rod w/Behemoth Reel. Full sink line. See above for more detail.

squidsemensupreme 1 point

Where at in CA? I'm moving to Nor Cal tomorrow, never fished the surf. Probably looking at perch mostly.

jumpoffstuff983 1 point

Southern. :)

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craaaaa 3 points

Those waves look gnarly, did you use a stripping basket

jumpoffstuff983 2 points

Sho did.

setting_orange 0 points

We just call them mullet. It's a northern kingfish.

jumpoffstuff983 2 points

This is a California Corbina. What we consider (Striped) Mullet in California are a completely different species from "Sea Mullet" of the Atlantic. Your version is definitely more croaker-ish. Regardless, shout out to the dude who knows how difficult these are to nab in the surf.

jumpoffstuff983 commented on a post in r/flyfishing
jumpoffstuff983 1 point

How often have you gone out already? Very interested to hear about your rig too. I'm targeting them down here in SoCal and I'm doing a ton of research off water and haven't been able to find a good beach yet. I know they like squid flies outside of anything else you would normally throw in the surf.

TheMooner 3 points

Looks great! I have a tough time finding good areas to fish down here. I can't make out the fly pattern, were you fishing below the surface?

jumpoffstuff983 1 point

I was. "Carp Crack" is my go-to for tailing fish.

a_wild_ian_appears 2 points

Nice one, what did you catch it on? I don't recognize that area. I'm guessing somewhere in the I.E.?

jumpoffstuff983 2 points

Apologies, my dude. I can't be hot-spottin. Happy to share the fly selection though. This fish fell for "Carp Crack."

jumpoffstuff983 4 points

It’s a Carp, man.

juma9395 -3 points

You cared enough about catching the carp to want to get a sweet grip and grin shot with it to throw up on Instagram or whatever. Without that fish all of the subsequent likes accumulated on IG and Reddit would have never happened and then where would your self esteem come from?

So have the respect to handle all fish you plan on releasing with the proper technique and make sure when they return to the water they're not going to end up floating.

jumpoffstuff983 6 points

You're right. This post was hot AF on Instagram...

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blargish27 2 points

Is the goal to throw a shifty at every ski resort in North America? :)

jumpoffstuff983 2 points


Pyromine 2 points

First shifty?

Love throwing shifties, but the damn swing weight on my skis is just stupid

jumpoffstuff983 1 point

Apparently, with all these downvotes. :( :( :( Whatever. This post was the SHIT on Instagram. ;)

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