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Bojangles61 2 points

Kinda sad they just steamrolled through with this article. They asked a smash commentator some questions regarding this topic and pretty much just ignored all he said. They just have an agenda and want it to be pushed. I'll explain what he said if people want it.

junefifths 0 points

Yeah, go ahead. To be honest, I didn't read the article. Just saw the headline and had to post.

Mr_uhlus -10 points
junefifths -4 points
jonnyinternet 3 points

I miss the people, not the company... Or the bosses... Sometimes the work, but my coworkers mostly

junefifths 1 point

What caused you to move to the new job? Besides a dislike for the bosses haha

Bourbonchild 1 point

I looked for another job and found it listed....applied.

junefifths 1 point

Oh haha I thought you started the business.

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Mawbster 3 points

Never know unless you try. You’d think they would spot that in your application and let you know. Give them a call and see if you can change it.

junefifths 6 points

Yeah I called admissions as soon as they opened and was told to email admissions instead. Hahaha right, I would've thought that they'd notice it as well. Though some of the blame is on me, I should have noticed earlier. This is probably why I haven't heard back from them yet (hopefully they decided to accept me and were looking for empty spots in other colleges hosted at BU). Fingers crossed!

Edit: for anyone in the same position as me (noticed you applied to the wrong college this late in the process) the admissions rep told me that it will not affect me negatively at all.

Mawbster 5 points

Good to know. I hope you get in, I wouldn’t trade my BU experience for anything.

junefifths 3 points

Thank you very much!!! I know I'll be saying the same soon!

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junefifths commented on a post in r/streetwearstartup
junefifths 55 points

Dope! But will you not get in trouble for hosting Ye's likeness on your shirt without permission? Or is that not how this works hahaha

gunpla 13 points

Welcome to streetwear

junefifths 1 point


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junefifths commented on a post in r/NoStupidQuestions
junefifths 3 points

I think people just dislike change. I've been a lurker for about 2 years now and finally created an account. I actually prefer the new design over the older one. It's easier on the eyes and just looks more modern. There are still a couple of kinks, like collapsing comments is harder than expanding them (for some reason), but with time they'll even out. People just need time to get used to it, then no one will really care anymore.

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