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Hey everyone! Long time lurker here! So I'm a member of an artist co-op where we run a gallery and do workshops for the public from time to time. I have had some folks express interest in having me do an embroidery workshop, which i think sound fun... but! I'm concerned about how I would go about doing that and i was hoping to pick your brains.

My biggest concern is time constraints because embroidery can be time consuming and beginners are likely to be slower. I don't want to send folks home with something they maybe won't feel comfortable finishing on their own. Wondering if anyone here has done a workshop before and had any thoughts on good beginner projects or how to structure this kind of event? Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks!


I'd keep it as simple as possible. The absolute most basic thing I can imagine is teaching:

how much floss to use,

how to cut it / separate the strands,

thread the needle,

tie an end knot,

how to do the running stitch

and lastly, how to tie off when you're done stitching

With that, you can have them do a very simple and quick project that they can even wear home. They can stitch the first letter of their name (or any other single letter/number that's meaningful to them) on some felt, cut it out, and pin it onto their clothes or an accessory

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Good idea! I like the letter idea, I will have to work on some quick mock ups:) appreciate the comment, thank you!

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Yeah usually I feel bad too, but he just left me with four deep, bloody puncture wounds in my finger.... my sympathy was pretty low...

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Not sure what training methods you use already so if you do this ignore me, but my husband and I had good luck teaching our ferrets not to bite by putting our fingers into their mouth if they bite hard. Not hard enough to hurt or anything, just enough to make them uncomfortable so they stop. Obviously last resort for when they are actively biting, but it does seem to work.

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I would watch that in a second.

A race of stone age serfs and their genetically engineered dinosaurs rising up against their technologically superior oppressors and their army of robot soldiers that look almost identical to Rosie the robot maid?

Yes please.

It's made even more interesting by the fact that the stone age serfs are herculean in strength. To the point that they prefer to power their stone-monolith wheeled vehicles with their feet than ride their domesticated dinosaurs.

Even a single man is so powerful he can move 4 adults, 2 children, a sabertoothed tiger, some kind of dinosaur, and 2 stone wheels easily weighing several tons a piece in a seated position with absolutely no effort. As demonstrated in this documentary footage.

It'd be amazing.

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It's like H.G. Wells meets Hannah Barbera. I would totally watch that!

It's a dog whistle for the great replacement conspiracy theory. Basically it's a white nationalist/far right myth that asserts that white people are intentionally being bred out by immigrants (usually muslims) and other non white people.

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The more "watered down" version I have heard is that since immigrants always vote democrat the democrats are trying to flood the country with people who will vote for them.

Not going to lie; I'm not seeing a downside here.

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I mean, me either. But it seems to get some folks panties in a bunch.

To the top with you.

If you're not comfortable signing up, that's fine. But be aware of your protest location, and be ready.

It's summer--bring water and sunscreen. Bring snacks. Learn about local public restroom options.

Firing Mueller (or Rosenstein) is a red line. Crossing it must be met with a gargantuan national protest.

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This is fantastic advice. I just checked and my closest one is a block from my work so i know the area well, but good to canvas ahead of time for anyone not familiar with where they will go should we have to "deploy".

I didn't think it was legal to have minors sign for themselves and a parent or guardian is required. Did I miss something?

It's probably not considered a legally binding contract, kind of like a kid signing an abstinence pledge or something. Fucked up as hell.

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It really is. I can't even begin to comprehend the kind of person who would think up some shit like that and then actually go through with having the kid sign it. Just fuck.

Does anyone remember when the CEO of Diebold (voting machine manufacturer) promised to "deliver" Ohio to Bush? And then Ohio placed a huge order for Diebold voting machines?

Are any of today's voting machine manufacturers descendents of Diebold or using Diebold technology?

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Never dealt with Diebold as far as voting machines, but I did used to deal with their ATMs and I can tell you their tech is garbage and the security of their systems is absolutely laughable. My favorite thing was the way their ATM error reports produced random garbles that told you nothing as opposed to NCR who instead of a line of gibberish would have an error code with a description of the error, the account number related, and how much money the machine thinks was involved in the fuck up. No way would I trust these guys tech anywhere near an election based on how they handle security for people's money.

Told us they were expanding our dept and there were going to be tons of promotions to get us to slam through a project, then once it was done told us they were shutting our location down and giving our jobs to a lower performing team semi related to ours so we all had two months left. They told us this the Friday before employee appreciation week and spent the week blasting group emails about how much fun all the other teams in our group were having. We all rode out the two months to get our severance packages, but you have never seen less motivated people.


Looking for suggestions for books that talk about poisonous plants, ideally with good photographs or illustrations of the plants included. Books with a mix of factual information/folklore would be ideal. Many thanks!

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"Porn movies start like this!!"

"Yeah, HORROR movies start like this too!!"

(I forget which movie this quote was in...)

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Detroit Rock City I believe :)

If you have not already i would strongly suggest checking with a vet. They might be able to do something about depression, but these are also symptoms of adrenal disease so its better to check just in case. Not trying to freak you out or anything just a heads up. Hope your little guy feels better!

Too cute! I would be all over something like this for storing my embroidery flosses!

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I had a cat who would let out a big sigh if you ignored him. I thought it was cute and would pet him. Next thing you know he's constantly giving me huge, high school drama exaggerated sighs all the time.

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Had a lab/aussie/bordercollie mix that would do the sigh thing. I used to ignore him sometimes just because the escalation was hilarious. He would give a huge sigh and put his head in my lap, then another huge sigh and a paw goes in the lap, then another with and the other paw, etc. By the end he would be sitting in my lap sighing heavily into my face. Best dog I ever had.

Also sick days. From what I've heard you have very few days you may be sick before you could be fired. Also you don't get paid when sick.
I can imagine how much stress this adds to your daily life, knowing that once you're sick at home you're fucked, if living on a budget or losing your job. Add to that the potential costs of medical treatment and I'd be close to a mental breakdown when sneezing at work.

It's so damn reassuring to know I can just stay at home if I don't feel well without any changes in my life, at least for a few weeks per year.

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This just happened to my husband. Six months at a job staying late, coming in on weekends. Had to call in sick for two days last week having never called in before and got fired because of it. Good riddance to a bad employer I say, but if we were in a worse position financially it would be disastrous.

Wow that's messed up. I'm very sorry. This shit shouldn't be legal at all. It's much healthier to just recover at home when sick. Usually takes less time than dragging your sick self to work and constantly thinking you can't leave or you're out...

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It really doesn't make much sense. Now everyone who still works there will have to scramble to make up the work from my husband being let go instead of the boss just sucking it up and dealing with being down a man for two days. I think hubs dodged a bullet really. He had been missing out on so much stuff with our kid etc because they would never give him time to do anything. From what I gathered from other employees even once you have been there long enough to get pto it's almost impossible to ever use it anyway because the place is run as a skeleton crew by design. There were a lot of red flags that things weren't going to work with them.

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The SERIES does. The author goes through Death, War, Time, Fate, Mother Nature, Satan and God. Each one is replaced by a mortal who questions the way that things have been run and tries to do things a better way. (For Love of Evil... was my favorite in the series, about a priest who is corrupted to evil and becomes Satan.)

The series is Incarnations of Immortality. Highly recommended.

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I second this. Read the whole series and loved it. Really worth reading!

Those big old ears <3 Very good boy indeed.

Getting told by your potty training toddler, “You’re peeing on the potty? Good job, Mama!” When was the last time someone praised you for peeing?

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I miss the praising, my son has gotten to the inadvertent insult age. A few months ago he told me he was mad at Bob Ross "for being a better artist" than me. Thanks for defending my honor kid?

Reading that I realized I can not longer tell the difference between plausible and bat shit crazy. These days all bets seem to be off.

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Break out the shock conference call!

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You do that, I'll go melt some butter...

The laundry files series by Charles stross are paranormal with some humor chucked in. I can have trouble keeping characters straight myself, but have found these to be a comfortable read. :)

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