[Vote] Remove the Resolution Rule by Greypo in PornOverlords

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thanks. this rule change will help with mobile

Buildtak patching? by FarrisGoldstein in 3Dprinting

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yeah, the chisel xacto blade is effective when angled properly. nothing seems to work as a patch.

What are these blue spots in my filament? by shweatyyeti in 3Dprinting

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impurities in the filament. or minty flavor crystals

PLA or ABS for plug socket cover? by 1ko in 3Dprinting

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PLA is non conductive at room temperature, but when you heat it up over 70C it is no longer as great an electrical insulator as the part will begin to fail. These temperatures could occur in electrical shorting situations or even increased electrical resistance in a circuit over time. I would hesitate to use PLA in electrical scenarios with a lot of load.

source: The World Wide Web