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The finger tapping and crackling etc are not relaxing at all. Can’t understand why it is to some people.

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Go retro & 2 player platformers. Snow bros, bubble bobble etc

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Maybe things will change in the future, but this is their plan for now. You have an unlimited timeframe and you may not get the numbers you need in time for the network.


Hello, I've been in communication with a user who was happy to finally released the instructions to produce your own multi-gpu. This is currently the only SAFE way to run multi-gpu as you can be sure nothing bad has been added.

These are specifically on what and how to edit the ming_run.exe to allow multiple instances to run.

First create the following file (use notepad or similar)
and call it fix_ming_gpu.1337

Download the following debugger:
Use the x32 version when you have downloaded it.

Open ming_run.exe in x32dbg
Patch the file :
File -> Patch file... -> Import -> fix_ming_gpu.1337

0|00001497:00->01 -> this port 10240 to walton_gpu.exe
(sample code assembler: "push 0x2800" need to +1 "push 0x2801" 0x2801 this HEX value)
1|00001592:5D->5E -> this port 12125 to walton_gpu.exe
(sample code assembler: "push 0x2F5D" need to +1 "push 0x2F5E" 0x2F5E this HEX value)
2|00002908:00->01 -> this number to use gpu
(sample code assembler: "push 0x00" need to +1 "push 0x01" 0x01 this HEX value)
0x00 - use #1 gpu
0x01 - use #2 gpu and etc.....

I have not yet had the time to try this, but trust the source that it will work. Please use this thread to discuss and if anyone would like to produce a more fully comprehensive set of instructucions please do.

Again a big thank-you to the Anon!

PLEASE continue to PART 2


Thx kaito because you dif sky high

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So be so god damn ignorant and read up pn facts instead of throwing acusations around

This killed dif so hard😣

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

No, it didn’t.

It's false positive. You need to whitelist it (tell defender to ignore that file/folder)

If mainnet is up/ since mainnet is up.....

Is it or isn't it up OP?

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It’s mainnet, it’s not live mainnet. Mainnet was launched at end March but is not live. (As per Team in Jan)

Any info why The sell off?

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BTC rules all. It is alts king and rules with an iron fist.

Like Confuzius said " No swap no moon"

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In this market ‘swap no moon’ Nothing would go against a dumping btc right now imo,

You can’t put a firm date on the swap as it’s not dependant on them, it’s network related afaik. If they put a random date in them most of the shouters would be up in arms as usual if it was missed!

My question, again, is very simple: what are my incentives right now to hold a masternode when mining isn't very profitable nor are the airdrop?

Put another way, for GMN holders, do you want MNs to be held or merely seen as a pump and dump opportunity? What happens to the value of your WTC locked in an account in the short-term and long-term in either scenario? Does encouraging holding across MN holders here and now help stabilize the price? What are ways we can encourage master.node operators not to swing trade and perhaps be rewarded for loyalty (ambrosus is doing similar seniority options here by opening node tier signups to loyal people who've held Amber longer).

I'm just hoping for more detail here from WTC team about seniority, but without it, I won't feel rewarded to hold mine.

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It’s a question for /waltonchain not really waltonchainmining. I don’t have the best rig here by far and I still find it profitable, and no other pool coin would be as profitable for me. The rest of it is for discussion on the other sub.

There's no scam here. There's plenty of incentive for GMN.

But again, MN don't have the incentive. Mining difficulty reduction isn't enough. There isn't enough incentive for MN to hold right now and that is why WTC is dumping. There needs to be more emphasis placed for MN holders. Especially those loyal.

I held my MN through all FUD only one month after GMN deadline passed. I have been rewarded nothing for loyalty. I hear "future rewards" for loyalty but what's in store for me right now?

If this is the case in the short-medium term I will jump ship for a team like ambrosus that rewards ALL loyalty via nodes, not just guardian master nodes.

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Thats not why wtc is dumping, don’t be melodramatic. The entire cryptomarket has been dumping.

Hey Darck1, you need to set up a WTCT wallet.
You're trying to mine WTCT to ERC20 and it's not ERC20.

If you have the pvt key of the ERC20 Wallet you'll be able to access the WTCT address also. Use the 1.20 wallet to manage your WTCT.

This is your mined coins :

Get your wallet here: Or access web wallet here (less secure) :

Is there a way to transfer from WTCT yet?

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I love losing my money.

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That’s why you bought grannychain

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Ireland should just unite to avoid a hard border ... no?

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Sounds good. I’m sure the UK will take ROI back no probs and issue solved.

I don't believe so

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I can’t believe Korea beat Germany. We lost to Mexico and Sweden but beat Germany? It’s getting stranger every year

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Every 4 years

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Why don’t they play for Albania?

Switzerland shouldn’t even be in the WC. Dodgy Romania ref!!!!!!!! Never forget GAWA



Ok so many are having issues with the ming_run.exe guide.

It is still important but maybe wasn't clear that it is only part of the solution.
You need to also use the methods from the CPU+GPU howto
to produce your folder structure and amend your port numbers and file namings so multiple instances of walton.exe can run.

Another user has given me his Auto-it scripts to complete this portion for you.

All the code can be opened and checked, and you only need to download files from
Walton [GPU_MINING_64]
[AutoIt] Https://

and the AutoIt scripts provided

I have placed the README in pastebin please read

So create your selection of folders, with modified walton.exe ports, and then add your manually modified ming_run.exe's using the inscructions from [[Multi-GPU]: Ming_run.exe edit instructions (FREE)

I would hope to see the community come together and help each other as much as possible with this.

I hope this helps.


I did it all like it was explained and middle in night one of GPU's turned off and in that GPU folder walton.exe has been deleted, and after replacing it GPU won't start mining, it syncs and everything but ming_run.exe is black and GPU usage stays low.

Any ideas?

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Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

After the latest windows update windows defender is seeing walton as a false positive and deletes it. Simply go into wondows defender, look at its recently activity, and redtore the walton exe.

1 point · 28 days ago · edited 28 days ago

Windows defender has found Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.A which has been affected walton.exe, that's why it has been deleted. Hmm...

Edit* It works now, did everything that was related to second GPU again.

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Yeah it’s a false positive. You need to whitelist the file by restoring it or telling defemder to ignore it

Any news on this new nounce hack? Anyone heard anything?

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I’ll maybe make a post if I get a chance.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

I believe Kaito1000 is correct, the data he's shown supports his claim. It is more likely due to the nonce hack some people have been speaking of. Regardless of whether or not we agree with making multi-GPU public or not, given the evidence Kaito gave us its pretty clear its not due to the multi being public. Points to Kaito1000 for being legit and transparent, and contributing however he could.

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See what happens when you follow a WTC celeb. Never trust NetworkTraveler. But come July 1 I'm sure some people still will.

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Grannychainer confirmed - check his history

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New Management dashboard available

From u/JFoxOne

We are working on a remote management dashboard and mining OS and I'd like to invite fellow miners to sign up for early access to the platform and software. Let me know if you have any further questions.

We also have Windows node to mine on Windows rigs. ( So if mining client will support Linux mining, it will also be available on Linux.

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