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kaptain_carbon 29 points

Personal Spaces. Post a picture of where you are right now.

We have no had a take a picture of where you are discussion in a bit and I am using it to brag about the start of my new studio space.

Kaptain's Nazi Mod Bunker

We had a roomate for a bout a year but once he moved out I got to turn the room into a studio for painting and collecting weird shit. the pictures are of my bookcase with my sketchbooks, the eastern wall for a couch, and the start of my computer / drawing desk. My plan was to use the walls as a notepad and just write things with marker like a serial killer would but after being told I couldn't do that I will probally use house paint to do drawings on top of that blue. Things I still need are an easel, resupply of oils / brushes, and cavases.

I have no had a proper art studio since early college where I used my parents garage (I know) as a grimy studio space. All apartments I moved to I had a long cheap table and cheap bookcases filled with art supplies. This usually lead to paint getting on the floor, holes being punches into the wall and me never getting my deposit back. Now I have my own place which means I can paint the walls like a person huffing glue.

Oh also attached is the room we did for my wife's office. Also attached is her chair which harbors cats in the afternoon since it is a big giant pillow.

LaddyLongLegs 2 points

I posted my desk area a year ago, looks pretty different now with game consoles and speakers

kaptain_carbon 2 points

podcaster or streamer?

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kaptain_carbon commented on a post in r/Metal
kaptain_carbon 3 points

Hey yo we have a self promotion thread tomorrow, come on through!

PlebOfExile 1 point

Oh didnt notice it! Should I delete this post and post it tomorrow for no repost/spam sake?

kaptain_carbon 2 points

i got everything. See you tomorrow!

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kaptain_carbon 5 points
kylo_hen 8 points

Gorguts: Gorguts is one of those bands that I've always wanted to get into, but was never really able to. Let me rephrase that. Everyone raves about Obscura, but I never got it. I like Considered Dead and Erosion of Sanity but couldn't get past that. Decided to give Colored Sands a go and finally it clicked. Le Toit du Monde is probably one of my favorite songs now, and if Gorguts (past their OSDM stuff) has never clicked for you, I'd suggest start there. It's much less angular than Obscura a bit more straightforward song composition, but still interesting and very "Gorguts" riff-wise.

Blood Incantation: Weird and space-y (not the Kevin kind), but not in a doomy way like Krypts or Spectral Voice. Starspawn has been around for awhile and I've listen to it tons before, but for some reason it's found its way into my current rotation. Probably since I've been on a Gorguts kick, and these guys sort of scratch that itch.

Gigan: Gorguts + Gojira = Gigan I think is the best way to describe these guys. Really heavy. Very angular and dissonant at times. Crushing rhythms. They've apparently been around for awhile and have quite a big discography - I've only been through their latest (Undulating Waves of Rainbiotic Iridescence), but these guys know how to capture that "crushed by a black hole" feeling really well. Song names are A++ as well.

kaptain_carbon 14 points


Was the act of blacklisting Gorguts be considered a catalyst for investigation? Can we use your testimonial in our blacklist propaganda pamphlet?

dzorrilla 45 points

These type of threads would have been highly upvoted prior to the reforms/blacklist of 2012. I still remember that one thread of a guy who just posted a pic of Skyrim and Amon Amarth and said something along the lines of "EPIC NIGHT AHEAD".

Times sure have changed.

kaptain_carbon 5 points

Times sure have changed.

We can always go back if you want

_FinestJellyBeansRaw 6 points

I assumed that all the circle jerking would push Noose Rot higher tbh

kaptain_carbon 14 points

excuse me...Moose Rot

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TripleDan 7 points

You know, I don't think my guesswork translation is actually all that bad.

kaptain_carbon 5 points

haha that is why I thought you translated it but the mocha and chocolate for "¿Dónde está tu mochila y chaqueta? " as well as puetra looking like a swear word was super funny.

Attilaelhuno 2 points

Pretty classic songs, i like Gardel a lot, but there are a lot of Tango singers that aren't as known internationally that are better or at least equally as good, check the work of this tango composers, Astor Piazolla and Anibal Troilo and as for singers check Julio Sosa and Edmundo Rivero.

Man you make me laugh a little, nobody hears that music here in Argentina. That's so old, people here respect Spinetta, but there is a much more bigger scene, specially in hard rock and heavy metal. Please check the comments that i wrote in thread, i tell a lot of stories of the metal of my country!

Hope that you keep learning spanish and someday you can visit Argentina, iam in love with my land, hope that you like it too.

kaptain_carbon 5 points

Man you make me laugh a little, nobody hears that music here in Argentina. That's so old,

Sweet im hip enough to like music no one in the country likes!

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Moonshiner_no [score hidden]

Dont think you got my funerary bell vote. It had 6 votes when I voted, and 6 points now after update.

kaptain_carbon [score hidden]

yeah once i close votes i am going to go through and double check each vote since there were some i skipped since they were not in the right format.

kaptain_carbon [M] [score hidden]


  • Voting will continue through Sunday night and hopefully be all well and finished by Tuesday General discussion time.

  • These lists are about 80 - 90% accurate but since I am counting by hand there could be something weird. If you see a band that has votes but not represented on the board feel free to check my math.

  • My parents are visiting this weekend so I will be in and out and using this as a means for quiet escape.

  • Artist used on the sidebar pic is Bruce Pennington

LAST UPDATE: Saturday 11:30 PM EST

Speedmaster1969 2 points

Am I the only one that disagrees a bit with the whole progression of the blacklisting thing? That it's used with the subs size in mind mskes me wonder a bit, I'm pretty sure the majority of the subs is subbed here because it is literally r/metal and not r/undergroundmetal (which would be a more fitting name). I agree that some kind of blacklisting should exist, but imo it would be healthy if a little bit less "prejudice" were used against some bands.

For example, I agree that In Flames is so popular that it easily makes posts go out of hand. But on the other hand, how many posts have we seen with songs from their two first albums this year? None? One? In my opinion making a specific period or series of albums restricted instead would make a lot more sense than a straight up ban. That way people would see "Oh an In Flames post!", clicks it and finds out it's nothing like the popular sound of In flames today. Isn't that one of the cornerstones of the sub?

The same goes for Bathory, but instead of whole albums, banning individual songs would be better. Some artists like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Gojira etc. should be banned the way they are because they are large enough to have their own subs.

kaptain_carbon 17 points

In my opinion making a specific period or series of albums restricted instead would make a lot more sense than a straight up ban. The same goes for Bathory, but instead of whole albums, banning individual songs would be better.

This is what we are trying to do with the restricted list but we havent found which works better songs or albums. As far as what the content of the sub is, it is the regulars or at least the vocals users who have a hand in shaping the content of the sub. If people want to see bigger bands on the page, then each quarter it can be no changes or even a push for less restrictions. Within the past week these were the top scoring posts (not including underground friday takedown)

While I am sure D666, Russian Circles, Grave, Deicide, and Sludgdgdge are underground metal to some, they are more midstream to others. Also despite the restrictions those last week submissions are the top scoring posts at +200 while things like all time underground posts top off at around 100. What I gather from this is that despite the idea this is a resrtivice sub, popular stuff is still popular and underground stuff is still appreciated.

While the idea of underground vs mainstream will differ it is really going to be up to the community to decide what is too big or what is too small. what I can offer is a chance to speak and lobby for things in the quarterly discussions if you feel passionately. things have changed in this sub due to people wanting a place to come regularly which doesn't mean it cant change towards something else. Who knows maybe r/metal will be a melodic death / symphonic sub in the future.

lombard0_o 6 points

Wtf Kap you don’t upvote posts? Smh

kaptain_carbon 2 points

I only downvote my own posts when it is funnier for the joke

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kaptain_carbon 43 points

Lets hope I get to take a call from Lasse Pyykkö like I did Jamie from Midnight during my D&D game to walk him through how to use a computer.

RonnieDio 16 points

Now that he knows how to use a computer, I hope he doesn't read this and get his feelings hurt.

kaptain_carbon 18 points

Im sorry, please play in my living room. You can light you guitar on fire in my backyard.

splodingshroom 2 points

I think we should generally be fine in terms of most bands - NWOBHM being an occasional exception as u/AveLucifer mentions. Most bands that are only at restricted status have clearly overposted albums or eras, otherwise they'd be outright banned. Only banning a top-X amount of songs from misses older but super-popular eras of certain bands (like Moonshield getting through).

As a side note, could we put together some list or note somewhere that clearly states what parts of restricted bands are banned? Searching back through the B&R conversations can be a bit cumbersome.

kaptain_carbon 2 points

As a side note, could we put together some list or note somewhere that clearly states what parts of restricted bands are banned? Searching back through the B&R conversations can be a bit cumbersome.

that would be in a newly designed wiki which will be worked on. It will not but that is on the Shreddit quarterly goals.

splodingshroom 1 point

Fair enough, I would imagine that it's a fair bit of work for the mods. You all do a pretty great job!

kaptain_carbon 2 points

A future project is to actually generate a draft of what a restricted list by album would look like for each band using 1-2 of their top albums and see if it falls in neatly. Again things to do int he future since I have monsters to hunt and armor to craft out of their hides.

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kaptain_carbon 10 points

This Month in Dungeon Synth

New music from established artists, new music from regulars on this subreddit, new music from outsiders, new music from people making goblin music.

DC: Rebirth

I fell back into reading mainstream superhero comics the last few weeks and it seems that everytime I go back in, DC has reset their universe and there is some big crossover event. Let me see if I got this right. Flashpoint triggered the New 52 era which was supposedly concluded with Convergence but continued anyway. Rebirth is the new new universe which restored the continuity back to what it was before things got fucked up with Flashpoint. Don't ask me what has changed and what has stayed the same.

The thing with Dc comics is that I love keeping up with them but more in the way a person follows a sports team and sticks with them even if they are doing shitty. I find a lot of the crossovers and big events silly and needed and it gives DC a way to start new series and then end them if no one is reading them. Becasue this shit always happens, I find myself reading my usual series and then trying out new ones everyone else said was pretty good.

  • Green Lantern: Ill read Green Lantern in any context and find the ever changing story interesting. This is one of the main GL stories with Green Lanterns being the story about newish lanterns Simon and Jessica being in some sort of buddy cop adventure. HJ and the GL is about Jordan, Gardner, Stewart, and the artist dealing with Sinestro with call backs to the spectrum wars. Anything with Guy Gardner is hilarious and I sort of hope for his own line even though I would only read it.

  • Batman: I love batman and try to keep up with the changing stories since he is a big part of the Justice League. This new seried was written by Tom King and supposedly one of the best of the entire line. I loved I am gotham with the introduction of Gotham and Gotham girl. I sat through bored out of my mind with the second volume with the weepy love stricken relationship between Batman and Catwoman.

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws: Fuck yeah, a jaded ressurected Robin plus a b-roll Wonder Woman character plus Bizarro Superman. This was one of the titles recommended by everyone for its humor, art, and writing. Though the second arc gets a little long, and introspective, the entire world of a rogue Batman character that has the humor close to Deadpool is hilarious.

  • FUTURE TITLES: Aquaman (yes) Justice League (fuck) Superman (cautious), Flash (whatever)

the actual Rebirth comic which was suppose to signal the whole event was nothing more than a Geoff Johns light show which doesn't give a whole lot of things in terms of story. The DC Universe is colliding with...spoilers...turn back now....wait, no one cares, The Watchmen because DC is going through their closet and looking for anything to compete with Marvel since their movies are hot garbage. I like DC and would read these titles even if I was halfway familiar with Marvel but right now my love for DC is like my love for The Chicago Cubs 5 years ago.

sveitthrone 2 points

So BLVCK CEILING did alright? I'm familiar from the Witch House days and was hesitant about them stepping into DS a while back.

kaptain_carbon 3 points

Its a well made album that is better than most true DS production since witchhouse knows how to make atmosphere. Its like the goth kids telling the RPG geek how to dress.

Mopperton 4 points

lookin for chaotic, erratic, confusing death metal like Portal

also more power metal or trad (anything with grand riffs and clean vocals, really) that follows in-depth storylines like Slough Feg or Gloryhammer. The more ridiculous and detailed, the better

kaptain_carbon 8 points

lookin for chaotic, erratic, confusing death metal like Portal

Less Chaotic


More into Tarot books

Ortheore 12 points

Any concept albums that can be described as "epic"? Albums that spring to mind for me are Terminal Redux by Vektor, Odyssey to the West by Slice the Cake and The Fall of Therenia by Aspherium. Also I'm aware of the existence of r/epicmetal. Open to trying pretty much any genre here

Looking for ideally prog/avant-garde bands (really any genre's fine, but in practice that's probably what I'm after) that incorporate non-typical instruments as permanent components of their sound (keyboards are common enough to be typical imo). Also looking for something other than Folk/Symphonic bands since they're easy pickings. Bands I'm thinking of are Unexpect, Ne Obliviscaris, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Ram-Zet and Thank You Scientist (last one's not metal at all, but you could still post it to r/progmetal so w/e, also it's the exact kind of thing I'm after otherwise).

kaptain_carbon 12 points
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neph4 1 point

City is a fantastic album. Listened to it twice so far. But 1997 is far from current,

I feel like most metal these days, like the suggestions here, is more escapism than topical.

Sludge metal just isn’t my cup of tea. Thanks for the recc though

kaptain_carbon 2 points

I feel like most metal these days, like the suggestions here, is more escapism than topical.

That how most metal is I feel and its history has always been towards escapist than current issues. the emotional side also tends to be spread out but the type of metal you are seeking that is heavy riffs, aggressive, and current issue based is either under represented or dominated by terrible bands.

benisimo 11 points

Metalcore Mondays start

cracks knuckles and neck

kaptain_carbon 14 points

chugs a Monster and adjusts gym shorts

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