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Crono101 1 point

If you are still doing 5x5 at those weights, I completely understand why squat and deadlift are starting to feel awful.

Even before this, getting to my higher weights, I would never do 5 reps of deadlift. It just seems silly to me. Sure I used to do 5 reps back when I was pulling less than 2 plates, but now it's way to hard on my body. I'm sure it's the same for you. I don't do squat anymore but watching my wife struggle through her sets looks pretty much the same.

Cut down on the number of reps. 5x5 is a great beginner to intermediate program, but your numbers aren't really in that area (unless you are like super huge or something). That might help you feel better at certain weights and encourage you to try even heavier.

Remember, heavy weight, you're training your nervous system, high volume, you're training your muscle to grow bigger. You don't need to do both in one session. You can do heavy weight low volume then lower weight high volume.

Anyways, for 5x5, I think your progress is amazing, so don't sweat it.

Oh and congrats on the OHP!! We both made it!

kaptain_carbon 1 point

Cut down on the number of reps.

After this next week I am going to cut down to 5/3/1 and then ease into cycling season. Yeah I love weight training but i think for my squat, i am further than i ever have been before which for squats is totally scary since failing at squats means i am not going back up.

Crono101 1 point

Do you use a rack with the bars on the side? I've fallen a few times but those things have saved me

kaptain_carbon 1 point

this is what I have

Which in a year we are moving up to a cage or a studier one.

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kaptain_carbon commented on a post in r/Metal
deathofthesun 8 points

OK so what is next months theme?

I suppose "none" would be too much to ask.

kaptain_carbon 4 points

[NBNM] Nothing but Nothing Month

kaptain_carbon 28 points

Even though Glamuary started as a joke that people don't seem keen on letting go, it still is better than black metal history month.

kaptain_carbon commented on a post in r/Metal
kaptain_carbon 2 points

Hey yo, be sure to contribute to our community rather than just posting links. We have a weekly schedule of things you can use to get involved in the community. If you want to promote, please do it on Fridays in our PROMOTE thread.

Scapegoat-tv 2 points

Will do.

We are new to Reddit, so still trying to figure out the posting and the etiquette. Apologies for any inconvenience

kaptain_carbon 2 points

Nah that is fine, see these things for more info.

kaptain_carbon commented on a post in r/Metal
kaptain_carbon [M] 129 points

Just a reminder, Lamb of God is not on any banned or restrcited list and even has the right papers

He's clean captain, cant do anything about it...cut em loose.

Flugkrake -2 points

Genre: Groove Metal/Metalcore

Post Metalcore, Deathcore and Nu-metal elsewhere.

Just sayin

kaptain_carbon 7 points

Its questionable and was a call at the moment, It isn't going to close shreddit and I think we will see tomorrow. Ill take it out of my mod pay.

frontsidelipslide 5 points

Is crossover thrash a cross between punk and thrash?

kaptain_carbon 27 points

Imagine if thrash lived in a communal space and scored drugs with hardcore punk.

herpalurp 49 points

If we could have a monthly Lamb of God thread that drops on a random date, that would be great. Sort of like how the NHL allows fighting. Sometimes we need a good LoG thread to get the boys back in the game.

kaptain_carbon 44 points

These Purge movies are getting sillier and sillier over time.

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AStraightLine 9 points

I'm not hugely into thrash but this is by far my favourite thrash album, so damn good and the vocals add oceans of character.

kaptain_carbon 9 points

oceans of character

I like that phrase even though it sounds like a prog metal band album.

kaptain_carbon 18 points

Alright GOOD MORNING. I know its sort of late but I am 95% sure I do not have work today so I woke up late. This also meant I spent way to long looking for this album from the Japanese band os the same name, era, and sort of style. This is the English Sabbat and this is one of three albums you can listen to and really get to know the entire discography compared to the other Sabbat.

So before we begin, it is important to note, probally just for me, the cover art was done by John Blanche. Blanche only has a few other metal covers including this and this plus an art direction for Bolt Thrower's Realms of Chaos record. Blanche, outside the metal world, is a prolific illustrator known to many for his work with Warhammer and Games Workshop. An intimidating collection of his work is hosted here. I am most certain Blanche was commissioned for the Sabbat cover not out of any reverence for science fiction fantasy illustration but rather it probably looked cool.

Alright, stop talking about fantasy art, what does this music sound like? where does it fit into the big four of thrash? Big 6? Top 12? Soft 32? If one is looking at thrash in terms of numbers and groupings, then this probably wont make sense. Sabbat is a kick ass band with a wicked debut that swings around like a chain above a hooligans' head. It is more than enjoyable to listen to and even keeps up with larger names of the time. It is just really fun satanic thrash that never had a VH1 special made for it. I do not know if that answered your question.

For me, Sabbat's mix of religious, fantasy, and mythology lyrical themes really sells the record. In a style that leans towards the socially conscious, Sabbt marches along with their comrades though dressed in bones fetishes while carrying unholy staffs. The space in which Sabbat plunges is a dark fantasy where gods and devils of the world do battle on a felid of mortal souls. Why are you listening to this record? Well, if you are anywhere else but the states, you probably have work so nothing has changed. you need a record to grind away the week and this is a perfect one to fill your head with images of demons whipping chains like helicopters.

kaptain_carbon commented on a post in r/Metal
kaptain_carbon 12 points

This is list is cool in the fact it is a "popular on MA" List which could be useful for people. It still is popular user vote which for the works of canon making isn't exclusive enough. It is an interesting approach since it being so neutral and based on numbers, feels incomplete. I think when talking about a canon (in literature, religion, or art) you are going to have a small group of people determining importance. Things like the Western Canon are based less on popularity as they are developmental to culture and is easier picking Shakespeare since it is already ingrained in culture. I do not know if they even have a modern canon since like metal, it is easier to pick Black Sabath's S/T than it is an album from 2010 that has yet to gestate in culture. Ultimately, canon making is going to not take into account popularity as I doubt things like 50 Shades of Grey or even Harry Potter would make it into a list of modern literary canon.

Crono101 1 point

Especially with OHP, reps are super tough. Busting out a single lift is not too bad

kaptain_carbon 2 points

Sweet, one rep to more injuring yourselves with i get to do it all in one go!

Fist-Coltaine 1 point

Kap, what are your fave fantasy novels? Like you and your wife, I'm not a huge fan of Mr Neckbeard

kaptain_carbon 3 points

Aside from Lord of the Rings since its obvious and Dune since its technically sci-fi and we are not getting into that yet.


  1. Black Company (Books 1-3) -- Vietnam war fiction on peyote.
  2. Malazan Book of the Fallen (still reading) -- Amazing
  3. The Belgariad / Mallorean -- Cardboard fantasy full of fun
  4. A Song of Ice & Fire (Books 1-3) -- the show is sort of ruining how much I enjoyed the first few books but it still is near classic.
  5. Various Discworld novels -- Nightwatch series being my favorite subseries.

Mrs. Carbon

  1. EarthSea Cycle by Ursula K. LeGuin (The Farthest Shore being the top in that series)
  2. Broken Earth Series by NK Jemisin (The Fifth Season the top so far, working through the third)
  3. Farmer Giles of Ham by Tolkien
  4. Night Watch books by Terry Pratchett (Guards Guards is my top), 5. Age of Fire by E.E. Knight (Not great but I'm a sucker for dragons: Dragon Outcast is my top)
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kaptain_carbon commented on a post in r/magicTCG
CompleteIndie 1 point

I appreciate you trying to help, but I can't get the starter set, don't have money to risk on something I may or may not like.

kaptain_carbon 1 point

Thats cool, then you could do the basic rules print out as someone mentioned. I like barebones RPG but that is usually a choice people make after getting to know the rules. Really all you need is dice and maybe a few sheets of paper to run a game but for the purposes of learning make sure you have as much as your budget will allow.

CompleteIndie 1 point

Yeah, I'll do that. Let's hope this goes well.

kaptain_carbon 1 point

actually to really get this cheap, there are dice rolling apps online or on the phone so you don't even need dice.

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RonnieDio 3 points

There's a number of releases that artists have talked about, but have no concrete release date as far as I know:



Thy Darkened Shade

Slough Feg

I hope to be listening to those. In addition, I want to get more familiar with lesser known/more obscure 80s bands in thrash and trad.

kaptain_carbon 3 points


I expect a new darkspace before the third Absu record in the new trilogy.

grogrogrog 3 points

Knelt Rote

This is exactly what you said this time last year about Flight of Sleipnir lol, that didn't really pan out so I hope this years prediction is more successful.

kaptain_carbon 7 points

Flight of Sleipnir

listen dont remind me about my failed speculations. I have crates of vinyls sitting in a warehouse not being sold.

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felinebear 1 point

For as much grief as this style gives in terms of member griping

What does that mean?

kaptain_carbon 3 points

Oh I think I meant, that it’s community members like to complain since it’s internet based which makes it a vocal forum for grudges

felinebear 1 point

Oh wow I didnt know this...I thought DS was a "quiet" genre with little conversation among fans.

Whatever the actual case is, in DS and ABM I prefer quiet and not interacting much with others except recs, etc. I feel this type of thing reaches its true effect as a purely solitary experience.

kaptain_carbon 3 points

The genre is odd and interesting as it presents itself as solitary but it’s entire commerce and existence is in the internet. Like most micro genres it is also subject to infighting and shitposting. Add to this the fact they still retain their mystical personas leads to some hilarious interactions

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LordWeirdSloughFeg 3 points

I reallly, really love this album def on my top 10 all time list, but everything else by them is also brilliant.

kaptain_carbon 6 points

I think you maybe biased.

NoahTheDuke 1 point

You were there? Damn! I wanted to meet some of y’all, but forgot to post about it.

kaptain_carbon 5 points

Yep, /u/an_altar_of_plagues and I were in the back pointing and making judgements. Actually I think half of this subreddit was there.

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