What TV intro would you never skip? by fincher_fan in AskReddit

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I do the clapping bit too. Mainly to annoy whoever else is watching with me

What is one of those little things that people do that reveals a lot about their true character? by QuadriplegicEgo in AskReddit

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When they lose a game or competition. Losing with grace requires being self aware and to be able to learn so you can do it better next time. It's hard to learn but it is important in a life that isn't always fair.

Orion constellation as taken with my phone by dumbass_random in space

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True but to get such a clear image with a phone camera is quite difficult. We'll it used to be anyway.

Songs that have grown on you the most by MyNameIsNumber037 in ToolBand

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I agree, it's such a monster though It can be quite a sleeper compared to other songs. The breakdown part is one of the sickest musical arrangements in the history of rock music. Mozart would probably enjoy that shit.

So, what are you into at the moment? by Go_Arachnid_Laser in AskReddit

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I hear tri-state area quite a bit, are states grouped into 3's in the US or am I way off? I could Google it but hey.

[image] Control your thoughts by President_Cole in GetMotivated

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Over thinking, over analysing, separates the body from the mind.

apc_disillusioned.jpg by rikman77 in ToolBand

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Hope he vents before starting on Tool Lyrics.

Dragon fruits in container by momtazali in gardening

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Is it just a single fruit on each plant? Seems like a lot of effort.

Japanese security firm finds success with guards dressed as ninja by ManiaforBeatles in nottheonion

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The only way in is to cross the moat by leaping across the stepping stones. Be warned, some of them are floating Styrofoam, painted to look like stone.

Peyto Lake, Canada [oc] (720×873) by kartiksoni2209 in EarthPorn

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You mean there more than 1 lake in Canada? Was begining in to think Morraine was the only one.

Just Kidding, beautiful photo.