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kardashevy 25 points

I have my rhythm skill down and my right had technique is pretty good. My learning stopped before scales as I just couldn't seem to sit down and learn them as it seemed like work and the fun kinda stopped. I can pick up a bass line by ear no problem if it's in EADG tuning. One day I'll get scale patterns memorised but after 15 years of playing I struggle to absorb them and my mind ends up wandering after about 10 minutes. Help!

HecklerK 6 points

Adderall made me learn the boring stuff. I heard crystal meth is good too

kardashevy 2 points

I'm in UK, can I get adderall here?

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Digiopian 6 points

The solution to this is obviously getting her a vanity, with a nice bright mirror and plenty of storage.

kardashevy 0 points

Or just tell her to get her shit in order, it's a lot cheaper. You'll be homeless but at least you can pee where you want!

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kardashevy 2 points

I see the balloon hypothesis with the ants posted quite a bit and yes that works as a 2D representation of a 3D property of the universe. But isn't it possible that there are higher dimensions that we can't fathom upon which the universe is expressed? That our 3D universe is expanding whilst in the 4th dimension it's possibly shrinking and that transfer is where dark energy comes from. Immeasurable to human minds but part of something incomprehensible to us? Can sentience, formed with in our universe, understand it as a whole? conspiracy keanu face

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Tuchedmyspaghet -29 points

Taking the comment chain too far idiot

kardashevy 6 points

No I think that was your comment

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NotSoChattyCatty 2,804 points

Cairo, during the Arab Spring.

Saw some nasty shit and felt like I was witnessing the apocalypse.

Was lucky to get out after waiting three days in the airport for my flight to leave.

Edit: I was in Alexandria (three hours away by the coast) when it started. Was having lunch by the water and then heard explosions on the main road. The police had set up barricades to stop the huge crowd from marching through the streets. They were using tear gas to try and disperse everyone but it was not working. Saw several people being beaten bloody with sticks by the cops. Because this was on the main road, which is by the water, I had to push through the crowd to get to the middle of the city where it was quiet (according to a kind stranger) and got teargassed which was awful! Found a cafe in a safe area and waited there for 5 hours until it was prayer time so I could go back to my hotel.

Had a very fitful sleep and the next morning I found a guy who was driving to Cairo so I paid him a few hundred dollars to take me to the airport. On the way there there were tanks lined up along the highway and it was clear that the military was not messing around.

If I thought Alexandria was bad, Cairo was so much worse. It looked like the whole city was on fire and there were burnt out armored police cars and buses in the streets. We got stuck in an area the driver thought would be OK, but clearly wasn't. Saw more people clashing with the police, sporting bloody faces and ripped clothing. A few were limping and helping each other get away. It was insane. I wasn't too terrified because of the adrenaline, but that sure came afterwards.

Finally got through to the airport and managed to check in. Flight was delayed two hours, then again, then cancelled until the next morning. Same thing the next day. The airport ran out of food and bottled water and the ATMs ran out of money so people couldn't buy snacks. Somehow they managed to get more food in and people were given vouchers. More planes kept landing (god knows why?) and the place was packed to the brim! I was lucky to have checked in because they shut check-in down shortly after that. Some people had to wait in the entrance area. Because of the lack of bottled water, people were drinking tap water and became sick. The bathrooms were nightmarishly filthy and some people preferred to shit in the corners of the waiting lounges.

Finally the military let the pilots and crew through into the airport on the third day and my flight to Morocco departed. I did not smell too fresh when I landed...

kardashevy 3 points

Sorry for probing, but what did you see?

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kardashevy 1 point

I crashed my Dad's car in dream as a child. When I woke up I didn't catch on to the fact that it was a dream for a ridiculously long time. I'm talking 5 minutes of anxiety and thinking I'll be grounded for life. It's weird that I was so racked with guilt that id lost touch with reality for a while.

YOwololoO 53 points

I had a really awesome dream right after the first iPhone came out that my dad and I went to the mall and for them and then I spent the whole rest of the dream setting up the phone and adjusting settings. Then I plugged in the phone, set it on my desk, and went to sleep. I woke up in real life and the first thing I I was teach out to grab my phone off my desk, but it had never been real

kardashevy 17 points

It was a Samsung instead

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geetarzrkool 5 points

If you really wanna have some fun with odd meters. Check out a break down of the TOOL song "Schism". Not only is it an amazingly beautiful piece of music, it seamlessly interweaves at least half a dozen time signatures without ever feeling pretentious or forced.

Here's Rick Beato doing a great job of breaking down what makes this song so great.

OF course TOOL have all sorts of ingenious/cool/clever tricks they play with their music including the Fiboncacci of the TOOL song "Lateralus".

kardashevy 1 point

Danny Carey is God

kardashevy commented on a post in r/AskReddit
gt35r 6,331 points


The whole building concept while playing a shooter multiplayer is too much for my brain to handle. I gave up on it, tried multiple times but just can't get a hang of building while playing, shit is confusing.

No, I don't want to learn anymore, I hate it :(

kardashevy 3 points

Top 25? no problem, top 10? easy, final 5? manageable, winning a game? Impossible.

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