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Thats great nephew

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Delete this

So much text for a pretty standard mishap. Would have been way worse if it was " I can't wait for you to poop on my chest later". I don't think they'd have forgotten that one in a hurry.

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Better technique than my ex.

I'm gonna have to start putting my balls in the microwave for some free rides

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Just gonna get a little cancer Stan

A little hand to gland combat

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Look at this Graaaaph!

Take the power back

He has the cover uploaded with just the drums. As a bass player this is soo great to jam along with.

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Timothy is notably absent. I don’t see any mention of him in any articles either. That is extremely disappointing

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Timothy olyphant?

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I just started going to Easy Gym in Kings Heath,

in fact if anyone else is reading this who goes there I currently need a gym buddy/spotter!

It's £17.99 per month, no contract and £5 joining fee. No pool though I'm afraid.

The only gym membership that I know that includes pool is Sparkhill baths and gym which is £30 a month including saunas and I think you get kicked out of the pool (limited time slot) if it's busy. It's contracted and £25 joining fee but they usually have no joining fees at multiple times of the year. I wouldn't be surprised if you asked nicely they'd drop it off.

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Hey man I'm a member of easy gym but to be honest I haven't been for months mainly due to laziness. I'd be keen to go evening times and really get back into it. Message me if you're still looking for a gym buddy.

Looks like a scene from the witcher 3

Is there a purpose for that wall such as keeping animals in or out? Seems too low for defense or shelter from wind

Ive shared this before but i dont think anyone saw it. We had a party in the summer than went on till like 7am. We had a big ol fire going and there must have been 30 people in a small terraced house in the UK playing music, beer pong it was pretty loud. It was a Saturday night during a long weekend and we invited our only neighbour as no one lives in the house on the other side of us.

Well during the aftermath and cleanup I found a smashed pint glass filled with human shit in my front yard. With a huge skid mark across the face of my house. The angle of the skid mark would suggest that it had been thrown from a window parallel to my house on the top floor. What's weird is the glass was broken but all stuck together with shit, meaning the impact couldn't have been that powerful.

No police were called, no one knocked the door, no noise complaints were filed. Someone shit in a beer glass and skimmed it along my house rather than directly at it. I cant imagine someone in a moment of rage thinking "Hey fuck you noisy Motherfucker, I'm gonna shit in a glass and throw it gently," Who does that!? Keeps me awake at night knowing I'll never find out the thought process behind this.

Great question. No one even knows it exists

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