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karmacousteau commented on a post in r/Vechain
bossofthemoss07 17 points

I honestly do not understand all of the baseless hate over there in r/cc. I've heard that people hate because they didn't get into VET early, but it's still really early and they could just buy VET and enjoy the next few years. I just don't get how people can say it's a scamcoin when it's clearly one of the most solid projects in crypto if not the most. Just the fact that they have something working already puts it way ahead of most projects. It's really hard not to reply to people's comments over there but if they are that out-of-touch with reality there's no point in even trying to talk to them

karmacousteau 11 points

In those threads: literally 0 people that work in enterprise technology and have businesses sense

handspurs 10 points

I think this is one thing that a lot of people don't realize. Enterprises are not efficient. I've worked for two Fortune 500 companies, and another in the top 1000. These companies have enough trouble as it is with IT solutions, there is no way they would develop their own blockchain solution (and the two Fortune 500 companies are in blockchain alliances).

karmacousteau 5 points

There are a lot of people giving their 2 cents that have no idea the complexities of enterprise systems or how enterprises go about selecting specific tech stacks and vendors.

karmacousteau commented on a post in r/Vechain
ForTheLoveOfHumanity 183 points

A few of my favourite lines from the letter:

'I wanted to firmly express that in three years, the public will be using VeChain every day and never even know it. I long to say to my daughter, “Everything you do everyday — I was a part of that.”'

'The VeChainThor Platform is a public blockchain that is designed for mass adoption through enterprise adoption.'

'Despite being a significant technological milestone, Ethereum has not been made suitable for hosting large-scale commercial dApps that could engage our day-to-day activities.'

Sunny, you're a smooth savage. We could not ask for a better CEO; your vision is laser focused. Keep up the good work.

karmacousteau 86 points

This has got to be mine. What a bold statement.

"As the leading enterprise level blockchain, at mainnet launch, the VeChainThor blockchain will be the public blockchain with the most business activity in the world, in turn creating the most real-world value through the use cases of these influential entities."

karmacousteau 95 points

This guy fucks

karmacousteau commented on a post in r/Vechain
thelinnen 2 points

My transfer has gone through from Binance to my Ledger, relieved.

The market is slowly waking up to the news too, if you're buying with fiat then get in now or hope that Asia reacts adversely to the news after the issue was fixed.

karmacousteau 1 point

What news?

karmacousteau commented on a post in r/Vechain
Buycoin_ATM 5 points

Valid point. The whole CCK thing was nice to start off with but doesn't really need to be rinsed again and again.

karmacousteau 2 points

I think after the rebrand CCK really isn't needed anymore. It was fun for a while, but now that everyone knows he's legit, it's lost its allure and mystery.

karmacousteau commented on a post in r/Vechain
Truthhurts102 1 point

What makes you think that? I am getting deflated to be honest (not selling and never even thought about it) but i feel like we have the best project in crypto literally, at least top three seriously. Why is this thing not moving like its supposed to be.

I know the price now makes no difference, and we have to wait till the rebranding and then June, but we were at 9.10 at some point, like come on man.

karmacousteau 10 points

As long as cardano and tron are ahead in market cap, there is no justice

karmacousteau 4 points

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey. You'll never know Lu, how much I love you. So please don't take, my Sunshine away.

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karmacousteau commented on a post in r/Vechain
memberchewbacca11 2 points

They just explained what VeChain is going to be doing through blockchain to a room full of senators.

karmacousteau 3 points

Mentioned by name?

tarektbizz 2 points

ined what VeChain is going to be doing through blockchain to a

No they were not mentioned, I'm listening ..

karmacousteau 1 point


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karmacousteau commented on a post in r/Vechain
bluemoon_33 10 points

Stay quiet, good news in this market wont do us any good. I would rather the market play out before they announced big news. Imagine when it settles and people are being shaky with going all in on bitcoin. Vechain starts dropping bombs and moves into the top 10 as the rest of crypto is just staying afloat.

karmacousteau 1 point

Odin willing my brother

karmacousteau commented on a post in r/Vechain
karmacousteau 2 points

Day trader's carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach. A subreddit is afraid of me. I have seen its true face.

The markets are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown.

The accumulated filth of all their weak hands and selling will foam up about their waists and all of r/CryptoCurrency will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down and whisper "No."

karmacousteau commented on a post in r/Vechain
alladvantageceo 37 points

I want to believe that this is actually the best of all news for us long term, and that VeChain, along with Jim Breyer, have already positioned themselves to benefit from this ban, probably through a government approved exchange/fiat onramp.

That said, the sooner we hear some news from Sunny and Co. about how this impacts VeChain (given they have announced two major partnerships with the Chinese government already, this seems like a reasonable topic to address quickly) the better I will feel. Perhaps the rebrand? Could they have legitimatelly known this was coming down the pike? How fucking connected is CCK?

karmacousteau 12 points

CCK must be illuminati level connected

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