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Dallas Officer Amber Guyger, who is facing a manslaughter charge after fatally shooting 26-year-old Botham Jean in his Cedars apartment Sept. 6, was fired Monday.

Police said in a news release that she was fired after an internal investigation found she had engaged in "adverse conduct" when she was charged with manslaughter.

Entering someone's apartment for no reason and shooting them dead should certainly qualify as "adverse conduct".

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This lying murderous bitch.

Edit because I was wrong and don't want to spread misinformation. I do not know why she shot him. I guess she hadn't complained about the noise. In fact, no one had that day. The reason she shot him is still a mystery. What is not a mystery is whatever the internal investigation found, the DPD was moved to fire her. And we all know how often that happens with an officer involved shooting.

Jean's estate lawyer who made that claim has since said it wasn't true. There was never any noise complaint by her.

But Merritt said Wednesday that he learned that was not true. Merritt said there hadn't been a noise complaint against Jean in the two months Guyger had lived in the building.

Maybe don't sprint to conclusions on the basis of a lawyer not actually part of the investigation...

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You're right, I jumped to conclusions about the music. But the wording "adverse conduct" means something that led up to the shooting and what she told the responding officers did not jibe.

I did assume it was a noise complaint. I really hope it was not something more insidious.

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Depending on how many fucks you have left to give:

  • Phrase it as "taking a break to think about things" rather than NC. And then truly break. No calls, no visits, no emails. Truly think about it. Distance will help.

  • if she asks to babysit your daughter alone you can simply ask "why, so you can assault her like you did her father?" This is the no fucks left version. This is where you push it all in her face and force her to recognize the fact that you will. not. rugsweep.

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These are both very good ideas. Also, if DH insist that you three still meet with his Molesting Mother, always make it a public space, with lots of strangers around. That should put a lid on the molestation, and if she's completely nuts (highly likely) and does it again, at least you'll have witnesses.

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Score hidden · 10 hours ago

Molesting Mona is actually a good name for her

Score hidden · 10 hours ago

Honestly, I would not form it as a question. That gives her room to argue and that can be harmful for people trying to shine their spines. "No, you sexually assaulted my husband, locked my infant daughter in the car in the desert, and fed her something that had the potential to kill her. All within the last 5 months. You will not ever babysit". Do not give her wiggle room.

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It is known

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It is known.

In Fayetteville? Oh no.

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It's more the pests it could result in all constantly crossing the road.

Like they're cleaning up one mess, but staging to cause another. But with more swerving cars.

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Nah, the buzzards will take care of a lot of them. We have a plethora.

£1 is approx $1.30

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Holy shit, when I lived there 1 quid=$1.70

1 point · 1 day ago

Well as soon Brexit was voted for. The £ plummeted.

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Oh, I lived there from '94-2000. Long before Brexit.

Allegedly? There's video of the incident. They did it no doubt about it. And they should be thrown in jail. They could have walked away and not escalated the situation but of course they didn't. White people are so terrified of everything they can't confront shit without a gun to make them feel "safe". And by safe I mean they need guns to feel tougher than everyone else cuz they truly ain't shit

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They also started the confrontation. They went on his property twice and came out armed.

Thought they were in the alley?

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For the shooting, yes. The whole thing started because the box spring they (victim and his wife) were putting in the dumpster was taken out and put back on their property. This could have all been easily avoided if the shooters had just knocked on the door and said "Hey, that box spring can't go in the dumpster".

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Part of what drives people away from TCC is the stigma it carries from a big gang fight that took place there in 2008, with like 200 some people involved in the brawl. I've asked some people I know who've been around here a long time about it, and they think the fight changed the perception of the mall and drove away a lot of traffic from there. Ever since then, I don't think it's been able to shake off that negative image.

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That and the dude that murdered his pregnant girlfriend at the Party City across the street.

-19 points · 1 day ago

Legit, you can't care for other people's pets without their consent.

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She had their consent. The owners left the animals with her when they had to evac.

Comment deleted1 day ago

It's NC. We fuck up everything sometimes.

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98 points · 1 day ago

It doesn’t affect the flavor?

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Nope. Been doing this for years.

That was my first thought. I'm not very excited for this movie, but most of the Marvel stuff has been solid, I think it's moreso the character not grabbing my interest.

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I don't know why you're being downvoted, there's nothing wrong with not being excited about the movie!

Personally, I can't wait. I want them to use the skrulls to segway into X-men adventures (maybe through introducing the StarJammers), and I am stoked to see Carol Danvers kicking ass. I hope they make Rogue the villian in the next movie, though. Brie Larson has the range to pull of loss of powers Carol.

I was reading your comment and I couldn't help but imagine a group of skrulls invading earth/rocking up to Xavier's mansion very slowly on segways (segue is the music/grammatically correct word, but I'm all for segway if it provides us with these hilarious images). Also, character preference is personal, and atm I'm enjoying the X-men universe having less in the way of extraterrestrial stuff than the main MCU, but it all depends on rights and stuff. I agree that de-powered characters are interesting, but I think that showing Captain Marvel's humanity in other ways ie the flashbacks will work well in this film, and those to come.

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Haha haha, now I want to demand an X-men video on Segways.

1.2k points · 2 days ago

Yes this! I was induced and I went from 0cm to 10cm in one hour and she was born. It was the most intense experience of my life. I kicked the midwife!

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I was induced and it took almost 40 hours before I was dilated enough to give birth.

724 points · 2 days ago

Wait is all this actually in the movie? If so I need to watch robo cop apparently.

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Oh man, the first Robocop is one of the best movies ever! You should watch it for sure.

The second one was just ok, but the memory of it is probably tainted by getting my arm stuck in a cup holder in the arm rest and almost having to call the fire department to free me. Turns out movie theater popcorn butter and letting go of the toy in my hand helped me escape.

Can I third this? This is the kind of JustNo that would actually show up at your wedding with mascara running down their face weeping and crying about why you would have your wedding on the same day their special anniversary celebration while also howling about wanting a reconciliation.

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Yep. I would hire a few security guards. See if any off duty cops or veterans want to make extra money!

Shouldn't be too hard to find retired military people. Many of us wear grunt style or other related clothing

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My SO has actually done security for a few weddings for extra money. He's a super tall veteran (Chair Force, but people hear vet and assume army here), and people tend to be a little scared when he puts on his angry face. It's an easy way to make $100 and get a free meal, and he has the added bonus of driving drunk people home and getting tips. Hes only had a few incidents, and all of them revolved around getting to throw super obstinate people out of a party and not letting them back in while waiting for the cops. Which, honestly, is win/win for him.

One time a big boar grizzly chased a smaller bear onto the mine site, drove him up into the bed of one of our electrician's trucks, then killed, disemboweled, and started eating him right there in front of god and everybody.

Bears just be eatin each other sometimes.

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I feel like your last sentence perfectly summed up both the article and life.

I've been to Disney twice with my Celiac SO-in 2011, when they had almost nothing, and last year.

The difference was night and day. I put weeks into researching the places to eat because of my so, and when we got there every place was so competent. There are lists of places that offer stuff online, but I wouldnt worry too much about the servers and chefs messing your food up-my SO was treated like a star when he explained he had celiacs.

378 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

This movie did not age well at all, but "What Lies Beneath" with Harrison Ford freaked me out the first time I saw it in the movie theater.

I didn't really know there was going to be a horror aspect to it, so it caught me off guard.

It's about this man and wife who are recently married and living in a lake house. Overtime the wife starts thinking there's something supernatural going on, and then she starts suspecting her husband killed his ex girlfriend, and the ex girlfriend is trying to warn her about him.

I recommend.

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Fun Fact-Agent Coulson wrote the screenplay for that

125 points · 2 days ago

They drove around a road block that was in place because of flood waters. They are responsible for their deaths and should be charged for it.

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Yep. That's gross negligence. EVERYONE in the area knows not to go around the barriers-a baby was just swept away because his mother did the same thing.

Oh god, am I old enough for Steve Madden shoes to be vintage, too?!

42 points · 3 days ago

That's right, Egg Shen! I will kill Gracie Law and live out my earthly pleasures with Miao Yin!

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You know what Jack Burton says at a time like this?

No he will be in A4,

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I want it to be Michael Pena that finds someone to fix the after credit situation He just knows so many guys. Surely one of them can help.

122 points · 4 days ago

when my daughter was three she would randomly bolt. After one time when she tried to run into oncoming traffic i decided it was time for a leash. I could not give a fuck less for the people who don't like them, i wasn't about to take the risk to lose my child over someone else's inflated sense of superiority.

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My mom got a leash for my youngest sister for the same reason- she would take off and she was fast.

She got to use it for the first time at Hyde Park in London during the Queen's-maybe Queen Mother's. I dunno, it was 22 years ago-birthday parade. It took my sister 30 seconds to figure out (she was 2 1/2) how to unbuckle it and then she took off. She made it to the barricade and that was when my mom caught her.

On the plus side, we had a killer spot to see the Queen Mother and Queen.

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