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I mostly only play league, after I build my pc tho I plan on playing OW a lot and then patiently waiting for the MHW release on PC c:

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oooh that's pretty cool! too bad you don't play on NA, we could've played together :( but yeah i'm so excited for MHW on PC. I have a console, but if i'm getting on pc, i didn't see the point in buying it

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fromsoutheastasia 1 point

I've always wanted to go there! But I'm still studying and my mum isn't fond of other countries. lol

kcsuazo 1 point

Minus the snow, Canada is pretty cool! Very expensive to travel here tho, especially from Philippines

fromsoutheastasia 1 point

Well, I was looking more to move. Haha. I have a friend in there.

kcsuazo 1 point

oooh i see! which province? i'm living in ontario

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Pastachef2017 1 point

Yeah for sure I dont do stuff like that (unless i accidentally fly a plane into you but i consider that unlikely given the size of the map)

kcsuazo 1 point

Add me, I tried adding "locto rak" but I couldn't find it

kcsuazo 1 point

PSN: kcsuazo

I'm pretty chill, the only real problem I have is if I get killed by "friends." unless it's understood that we're fucking around and trying to kill each other, I don't see the need in it. Other than that, I don't have issues

nibbler2015 2 points

also check out r/hamiltonvegans

there are lots of deals on vegan products that end up short-dated because there aren't enough of us keep your eyes peeled for those. Freshco on Barton has spring rolls in a box (40 for 3.99 and might still be on sale for 2.49)

kcsuazo 1 point

I've checked it out and I will come by freshco when I get the chance. Thank you for the suggestion :)

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kcsuazo 1 point

What's the address?

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Talden1056 9 points

FYI: you don't have to find a new session each time. While entering the garage and hitting right (with the MOC sound hitting ground) you will either be sent to the MOC or be in the garage (depending on how quick you hit A I think). If you end up in MOC just start a Gerald job and back out. Simply drive the car out and dup again.

If you make it in the garage with the big blue arrow asking which car you are moving just hit B and then A to confirm you want to not move a car. Then walk out of the garage. At this point just go inside MOC and start again with the dup.

Your dups won't show up until after you go to creator mode and start a new invite only like the steps above.

You can literally do 10,20,40 dups in the same session. They will all go into the empty spots in your garage after you find a new session. So obviously you need lots of empty garage spots in other garages you are not parked in front of.

kcsuazo 1 point

Do I need to be in a free aim session before starting the glitch for it to work?

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