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there is one part i think missing from this, its not just people who are black or young that this affects, its people who live in suburbs and are white and get the wrong impression and stereotype from music that black people are dangerous criminals, these people end up becoming cops.. and people in positions of power, i hate to say this but gangsta rap has been very toxic.

Yeah but Keenan is 6’3 and Gordon Ryan is 6’2. You could pick and choose world-class tall grapplers or short grapplers. Doesn’t really mean much.

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-1 points · 8 hours ago

comparing yourself to world class athletes because the same size is a bit silly, im 6'1 so i guess i should try to play like steph curry at my local rec league

having to shrimp like 80 times to get your legs out is def an advantage. it's like any sport you have to learn how to use your body correctly. also looking at people who are highly athletic your size isn't a great idea.

Ofc I agree with you but the ties Trump has to Russia isn't regarding Russian people living or owning his property.

He literally sought for investors to replenish funds for his business ventures. There is no denying this. He went looking for a loan and banks didn't want to get involved with Trump whatsoever. Tell me why would an established billionaire be a risk to banks for not wanting to invest in when he turned around a "small loan" from his father into billions? Because he's not actually that good at turning a profit.

In the 90s, Trump was massively risk liable in loans so a lot of banks didn't touch him. Now pay attention to this next part specifically because THIS is where the ties get seriously sketchy.

Trump sought for loans or assistance from Deutsche bank. You know what one scandal Deutsche Bank is known for? Money laundering. A shit ton of money. For Russians. The Deutsche Bank was charged with a little over $600 million for the $10 billion money laundering scheme based in branches of Moscow, NY, and London (which was settled over like 2 billion dollars IIRC let me look it up later)

The latest fines penalize Deutsche Bank (DB)'s failure to deal with a stock-trading scheme that enabled some of its clients in Russia to improperly move huge sums of money out of the country and into offshore accounts, according to regulators.

Now this could just as easily be the "Panama Papers" of Russian oligarchs where they just invest in shell companies to hide their wealth overseas or whatnot; that's a possibility yes. But we're looking at context as well. Manafort was part of Trump's campaign and although the WH administration did a good job distancing themselves and making the public think Manafort had minimal inclusion in the campaign, Manafort was actually a key role member. Trump made like dozens of calls to Manafort in a single day. Trump depended on Manafort. Manafort is a fucking prodigy at what he does. He's good at it. I was browsing reddit and found a list of names Manafort worked with and while I haven't confirmed and fact checked the sources, I have checked if Manafort DID work in those countries with those people. There is a list of dictators and word leaders he worked with whom most of them have a universal conclusion of fleeing their country with the country's wealth and having amnesty in America or other oversea places. Going to look through my reddit history for that info now. When I provide it, do take the contents of it with a grain of salt until the investigation is complete though the alleged evidence is quite overwhelming.

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so trump wanted a loan from one of the biggest banks in europe and that is your proof he has ties to russian organized crime.. ? what is the source of him "seeking money". also yes billionaires get cash in the form of a loan, he isn't going to liquidate to invest into something else when interest rates are like 1.99%, it costs way more in overhead to sell say trump tower than it is to get a loan, that's common business practice. deutsche bank is like chase in europe. this is like saying "trump tried to get a loan from chase, but they were also did something improper with columbians, so trump is a columbian drug lord". again if you knew about international business dealing with russians is the same as dealing with chinese, china does tons of fraud sketchy shit, i'm sure ive met people from the chinese government in business, does that make me a chinese spy? no. the bank thing is just the ultimate extrapolation, a multi international bank that is huge with multiple divisions is somehow related to trump bc russians were involved in a stock scam. again people from the middle east, russia, and china you run across constantly in business as we are in a global economy, i don't know why you think people are going ot be like "oh man im not working with any russians because putin is mean" that's not happening,

A large money laundering bank gave loans to Trump after no banks would loan him money but yeah that's just good business right rather than being sketchy? You know how much debt Trump businesses incurred by the 90s? Like I said, the entire thing stinks.

And thanks for basically reiterating what I already said? It could easily just be Russian investment/businesses. What I'm saying is with EVERYTHING lined up together, there's too many coincidences for them just to be correlations and now with geopolitical consequences, things are just lining up too well to benefit Russia while NATO is going down in the shit simply because of US relationship with our own allies... What I'm saying regarding Deutsche Bank is nothing like Colombian Drug lord dude. Are you even reading and discussing the same thing?

Nevermind Trumps connection to Manafort since prior to 2016 which all of a sudden you just shrug off after claiming they had no ties prior to presidential campaign. Dude I don't know wtf you're trying to argue here. I'm someone who's going to wait for the Mueller evidence. I'm simply stating why so many people are suspicious and believe Trump is dipped in shit.

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do you have any proof he received a loan from deutsche bank like real proof.. im reading what you're saying he got a loan per you from deutsche bank one of the largest banks in europe, because he couldn't get a loan here, i don't know how you would know that as all that is confidential, but let's assume that was true, and then you stated deutsche bank was in some russian mafia stock scam, how is that related in any way? russians did fraud with deutsche bank and trump wanted a loan from deutsche bank.. ok?? so anyone who got a loan from deutsche bank that knew russians during that time frame is suspect in your opinion? i didn't say he didn't know him, but im pretty confident trump wasn't helping manafort launder manaforts own money from the IRS as trump isnt' an accountant

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Learn to frame and stay off your back.

You say it is happening in your guard tho. I mostly had this happen to me in side control or mount when people would drop weight on me. My solution was to stop laying flat on my back and frame with my forearms to help take the weight off my chest.

Not sure how this is happening in closed guard tho... that's a bit weird.

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2 points · 1 day ago

it sounds like he is torquing his torso and straining that way..

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

I've injured it twice just as you described - twisting in the process of bridging or sweeping. The other times it was due to pressure when someone was moving to side guard or stuff like that, leaning in on my ribs.

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yeah i'd do deadlifts, or turkish getups and kettlebell swings, to really get your core right, a lot of is the muscle memory of it firing when it needs to, its a lot to strength training , that's what most people don't tell you, i learn something new every day i didn't know from experts in whatever their field, i learned how to load weight into my lats for farmers walks from a guy the other day and a ton from PTs and massage therapist etc.

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simple and sinister by pavel it requires 2 kettlebells

I’ve done Simple and Sinister for a couple of years and love it. Do you follow Pavel’s protocol of near daily practice or do you not do it on your bjj days? I’m new to bjj and am not doing it on days that I have class, but I’m thinking I probably should.

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i don't do that myself, i do my own programming but its in the strong first style: i'll do cleans or dead lifts , then pullups, then turkish getups and swings, 2nd day i do front squats i think that helps more with jiu jitsu than the back squat don't ask me why that's just my feel for the excercise i think it translates to grappling better, then i do a press like an overhead then the kettlebell work, i do accessory work , i use resistance bands to do my neck and i do reverse hypers and glute ham machine for my lower back. the neck and the lower back are the most injuried parts of the spine in any type of sport, so i really focus on them . turkish getups if you do them right , like i thought i knew how to do them then i went to someone to learn finer details in it and i learned a lot more about how to load weight into my lats vs my shoulder etc. i only lift officially two days a week, but i have a kettlebell and some bands laying around and i'll do like some squats or whatever just whenever i feel like it during the day, pavel calls that greasing the wheel. turkish getups make your shoulders strong, i did something totally stupid in class the other day and a guy rolled my shoulder the wrong way, iced it and took an aspirin and it was fine.. that's why i do the stuff really to stop injuries or a strain not being a full blown tear etc. conditioning for bjj i just do bjj

you just started my dude, that's like starting basketball and being like "i dunno man this lay up stuff is hard, is there any other shot i could do instead?"

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago


I made it pretty clear that I'm continuing to work on improving my "lay up" daily, I just wanted to see if there was one other move I could put into my offense.

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my bad i didn't see that part, im sorry.

my car trunk is my gym bag, i just take my gi out of the trunk

just do simple and sinister by pavel. it requires 2 kettlebells, turkish getups alone will translate very well to BJJ , conditioning you do the sport to become conditioned. accessory excercises: glute ham machine , reverse hypers, neck strengthening, the weakest points of your spine are your lower back and your neck

Hormones don't break the laws of thermodynamics. If you eat more than you burn, you're going to gain weight.

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your body doesn't know what a calorie is.. i like how i get downvoted for literally telling a fact that hormones play a major role in body composition esp in regards to fat storage, you must think people who take estrogen and get breasts and fat in their hips , that's because they eat more huh

They have belly fat because they eat a lot.

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no .. hormones play a major role in fat storage etc.. its not just "because you eat a lot"

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Doesn't make them wrong. DJ is still basically flawless in his application of mma and in being well rounded. Cejudo got a couple takedowns and when he did he had to put on his energy into squeezing as tight as he could to hold DJ there.

Thats how much effort he had to put into holding him there. Just a little space and DJ would have escaped. Also the reason Cejudo had no offense on the ground.

Doesn't mean DJ is bad or has a hole in his game. Cejudo found a way to win and he did.

Also it isn't like this fight was clear cut. The decision could have easily been given to MM as well.

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i like how people think you should hit a submission in 15 seconds after a takedown , the whole purpose of grappling is to wear the person down not take some insane risk to get a submission which they're going to get out of anyway in the UFC because they're all soaked in oil. if they were 10 min rounds and both of them had to wear a rash guard DJ would be severely f'ed on the ground

Yeah but if they fought on a trampoline DJ could have just bounced them both back to a standing position.

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i don't think not letting people oil themselves up (illegal but impossible to catch) is the same. nice strawman tho

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He was the only war lord and leader in Liberian to participate in the Truth and reconciliation council. He is a monster but the only one who has owned up to his mistakes. Every other person who committed crimes against humanity in Liberia denied it.

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66 points · 13 days ago

he is the only one smart enough to try and avoid future repercussions

214 points · 13 days ago

"how i attempted to avoid a war crime trial" by general butt naked

“My first gym a guys wife got caught cheating on him with somebody else from class”

Married woman in the gym I go to originally joined with her husband. Now she dates one of her other training partners (think she’s still married). Another girl was originally married when she started but her husband didn’t train. They divorced and now she dates a training partner. I feel like there’s a pattern here. Is sexual deviancy/dating training partners just common in the bjj community?

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wtf are people finding time to make love connections? i just do small talk then its all about bjj. then i leave after class and eat.

if you went to my gym i wouldn't even want to know about this tbh. none of my business. i only talk about jiu jitsu except for some small talk.

get blood work done.. and RMR test done.. like i said a million times, you hav eno idea what your body is doing without medical tests, that's why doctors use them, we could all speculate that your "macros" are wrong. i suspect some of this is your muscles being depleted from gylogcen and you not refueling, i cannot stress this enough, bodybuilding does not work for sports, let me repeat this slowly, bodybuilding does not work for sports

Life pro tip, 170 is still small

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depends on what country you're in

your coach stay off youtube for now, so you dont' get confused etc

most of the time your back isn't tight, i can tell you that right now, and a PT is going to tell you the same thing. its your chest that is tight not the back. 99% of people have weak upper backs traps etc.. in comparison with their chest esp men, then people think its the back becaus ethe back feels sore or tight, its tight becaus eits compensating for your tight chest, then they mobilize the back more and make the problem worse and it just repeats. you're body is going to find a way to pull itself back into its natural position every time. i could tell you more if i saw you in some movements. 4 hours of foam rolling , how is that possible?

Original Poster1 point · 19 days ago

30 minutes broomstick on subscaps, then stretch 5 mins each side

30 minutes on lats then stretch 4 mins each

30 minutes on rhomboids including lacrosse ball, then stretch 4 mins each

30 minutes lacrosse ball on other rotator cuff muscles then stretch 5 mins each

20 minutes on chest with soft ball, then stretch 5 mins pec minor, 5 mins pec minor both sides

15 mins ball work on erector spinae, stretch for 15 mins.

30 mins on traps and neck, stretch for 15, strengthen for 30.

15 mins of ball work on delts, stretch all heads

then i still have biceps, triceps and havent even started my lower body yet....

>10 years of training almost every day with no stretching at any point. now i have to catch up and my tissue is like a semi tire.

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i'd have to really see what you look like, like your posture but i think probably you have a weak back most people think their back is tight but it sreally the back compensating for a tight chest, stretching the back just makes it worse

most people don't understand basic math, they don't understand why things are done in math, they don't understand the philosophy behind science(major issue right now), etc. im all for this, but frankly i think philosophy requires a moderately high IQ to hang with it.

this is like a job, if you're thinking about leaving you might as well just go ahead and leave, if you stay you're going to be unhappy

34 points · 20 days ago

4chan did that to him

2 points · 25 days ago

Not everything is so black and white.

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this is medicine and science, its pretty black and white

2 points · 24 days ago

AHHAH Yea. How new are you to BJJ and exercise in general? My guess is in the last year or so and you have never competed at really high levels in any sports.

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-1 points · 20 days ago

uh not knew at all, bodybuilding and trying to play a sport is ridiculously stupid. please explain to me in your infinite wisdom how being too sore to sit on your toilet from "leg day" makes you better at BJJ when you can't even move?

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you should do a blood test and see what you need, not just waste a bunch of money taking supplements that probably aren't being absorbed effectively through your stomach anyway.

Well BJJ black belts are on here saying it's legal. So I don't know, but why would you learn breakfalls? So you don't end up being knocked unconscious by a basic throw.

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-2 points · 25 days ago

its obviously illegal as the guy was disqualified.

Or he could have just learned how to take a suplex.

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-1 points · 25 days ago

where would he be learning that, are people doing suplexes in your intermediate or open mat class? why would you be learning moves that are banned, that's like a mma fighter practicing eye gouges. i hope no one ever does anything like this to you , because god forbid you didn't learn to take a muay thai kick in BJJ to your knee becaus esome rando goes into hulk mode.

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It happens sometimes in this fun combat sport we do.

I would call him on the phone and say, "What is up my brother? I feel like you went a little too hard on me physically and that hurt my feelings a little bit. I'm not upset, I just want to make sure I'm training correctly and we're still friends."

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they're not friends, they're in a professional relationship, he pays his bills, he isn't teaching him for free, people need to get their egos in check. great you have a belt and are an expert in the sport, he is paying him for that expertise.

Original Poster8 points · 25 days ago

Not really avoidable as he is the instructor and owner of the school. The nuclear option would be to quit I guess but I like the school and my classmates and the instructor himself, which is why I'm a bit confused here :)

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6 points · 25 days ago · edited 25 days ago

uh you have an option, you pay his bills, dont think because you're doing a martial art reality ceases to exist. talk to the guy like an adult and tell him you want to hold back on those types of rolls until you're more conditioned to the sport because you're older and can't afford injuries ie you won't be able to pay him if you're out of work with a broke arm. its crazy how often i watch people in gyms etc do shit that people they're paying them tell them to do that is obviously unsafe, or harmful to them. i will flat out tell anyone that im not doing something if i feel its unsafe, i don't care who it is because they're not the one that's going to have to deal with the repercussions. i had a coach try to make me do hang clean (lifts) with a sprained wrist, then he told me to "man up" . i walked out he called and apologized me a day later.

Original Poster1 point · 26 days ago

I’m not sure what you mean ?

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i literally watched that video then saw you using the exact move. i was just curious if you saw it as well, or it was just something you were doing on your own.

Original Poster3 points · 26 days ago

Same concept - but I learned this from David Avellan (Kimura Trap) series

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cool . was just curious, awesome work though!

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this seems better for tall guys than trying to do some breaking dancing leg swing, i feel better about this sweep now.

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