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Speed is advertised at 1000 Mbps! Oh man. Taxes and fees make it $62.98? I guess it's still worth it for the speed boost.

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Sonic has both DSL and fibre service. I also got about 5 to 8mpbs on their DSL. On fibre I get between 300mpbs and 1000mpbs

Can you link to the 世纪年轻人说 channel? Youtube search appears to not like Chinese

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When you say parts of reddit, do you mean library things like plugins / services like the activity or websockets services, or do you mean the actual web app?

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When you hit right now, that request may send you to r2 ( or to the redesign ( To pick the more complicated case, if you get the redesign you get a node server that ships you some JS and that JS makes a request from your browser that hits an API gateway (a service cleverly named gateway). To do its work, gateway may hit the listing service, the thing service, it may even internally hit r2 (which may itself hit one of those services depending on what it's doing). Some other services include chat, search, the ML service, the service associated with push notifications, and several others. The number of them is increasing

These new services are mostly in python3 and for the most part are built on our services framework Baseplate and communicate over Thrift (but there are exceptions to both)

The general approach has been to build new stuff in new services, and to actively break stuff out of r2 only where it's necessary to accomplish something else. For instance, the Thing service gives other internal services access to data that previously was only accessible to r2 itself including fundamental data like Links and Subreddits; soon r2 won't own that data and will instead access it through the Thing service like the other services do. Messages are the first data type whose ownership has been fully moved to the Thing service. Some other stuff like building comment trees is still fully owned by r2 and there isn't a specific roadmap to specifically break it out, but if we rewrote it tomorrow for some reason we'd presumably build it outside of r2 in some new Comment service

This is part of why the main open source repo was such a pain to deal with just before we archived it: we tried to keep all of these new services as optional dependencies as much as we could so that open source folk could continue to run it all, but it's very quickly becoming a much more complex beast that fundamentally requires this stuff as the shape of the backend changes

Something that's interesting to me about it, having never worked at a multi-hundreds-employee company before this, is that not all of the motivation for it is technical. There's a little bit of that, like organising your software this way means that you can break part of the system without breaking the whole thing, but a lot of this kind of reshape emerges when trying to wrangle a lot of humans working on the same codebase. Smaller monolithic codebases are great when you can keep the whole system in your head, but once no person can do that any more it's useful to break it into chunks that people can keep in their heads. Even if that comes at the cost of some efficiency or duplicated work

I heavily appreciate the insight. And I think many would have appreciated the insight when you announced reddit would no longer be open source, because regardless of the weight this had in that decision, it makes it seem much more reasonable.

May I ask though, roughly speaking, what percent of r2 has been ripped out and separated into services. As in, starting from the last open source version, disregarding the non open source anti spam code, how much of that is still owned by r2 and not factored into say, media provider service, tdb service, templating service, cache service, etc, and not counting any new services, like chat, or the circle of trust stuff, or whatever else?

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would have appreciated the insight

We said exactly this. The top comments all said it was bullshit 🤷

what percent of r2 has been ripped out and separated into services [...] not counting any new services

Not a lot has been removed yet.We're early in the process and for a lot of it we run them side-by-side for a while. I'm very familiar with the search case where we only recently actually removed the cloudsearch code after running in in parallel with new search for a while so we could have confidence in it before cutting over (and wanted to give some time between the deprecation and the API breakage). But much of the removal/rerouting to new services occurs in very core functionality, like computing your front page. The process so far as been more about obviating r2 code than about directly removing it, but we'll get there.

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Here's one in one line of shell:

cat /usr/share/dict/words | grep -v '[A-Z]' | unsort | head -n 40 | xargs -n4 echo

Example output:

indemonstrableness ordered rood imbricated
eyesalve intrabranchial macrocladous postsplenial
fezzed dikaryophase heterophyly feck
romero bookstall celestite histographical
unlashed antimusical ascitic pregladden
tosticate kurung zinsang oasal
oversubtile onomatopoetically homotonous mitrer
incongruent broody unworthily theomisanthropist
regimentals trierarchic unbreaking stabproof
heartiness uncuffed doss unoverthrown

I just use WordPad and sometimes paint.

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I do my best coding in minesweeper

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Can’t tell if jerk or you legit haven’t used MS DOS EDIT


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Can’t tell if jerk or you legit haven’t used the standard text editor

That's why instead of bothering with the API I created an undetectable network of Raspberry PI computers hidden in Starbucks restrooms across the country, all of them scraping, spoofing, scraping...

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Jokes on you, we know about your raspberry latte cluster and been sending you pictures of cats that are 4% less cute the whole time

I know about your kitten countermeasures, that's why I've used my cluster to train a neural network that will make cat photos 11% cuter and 14% more cuddly.

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Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should

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I updated mine about 3 weeks ago. The bike seems to have lost some power afterward.

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Interesting, do you notice any pattern to when it seems to have less oomph?

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