Can I ride my 50cc on the sidewalk? by [deleted] in scooters

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A 50cc scooter will easily go 30mph. That will kill any pedestrian you impact. No, you should absolutely not do that.

Requesting /r/DavidKing. Author is inactive for 8 years. Also it's marked NSFW, and that's just mean by ketralnis in redditrequest

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I don't have a plan. It's just my name and I want to get to it before that weird story about David King does :)

RFC: Reserving `try` for `try { .. }` expressions by etareduce in rust

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This is exciting. I seem to be in the minority in Rust-land but I actually like exceptions as a model. I like when for simple problems I can program for the happy path and handle all of that error nonsense elsewhere (or not at all!), and I'm not especially worried about the flow control being not exactly what the lexical order of code makes it appear to be.

But more so, I'm glad that this discussion makes it clear that it's being handled in an extremely thoughtful way by people way smarter than I am :)

Advanced search changed semantics by TeMPOraL_PL in bugs

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That's true but boolean searches like this should still work just fine. But for me those searches return the same results. /u/TeMPOraL_PL, can you post a screenshot?

Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones by InTheLatrine in worldnews

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Facebook happily tracks non-users. You don't have to "jump on every bandwagon" to be affected.

Is there a way to see more posts than just the last 1000 posts using PRAW? by John_Yuki in redditdev

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Fullnames are unique. They are mostly monotonic in practise (today they're generated from a postgres sequence) but that's not a guarantee or anything

Stuck applying the Unlocked BIOS by rubenerd in GPDPocket

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Can you post again if you have success with freebsd? I had a shot at it and couldn’t get the display to turn on so I couldn’t even break into a debugger to see why

Nobody told me riding a scooter would be so much fun! by just_shit_my_pants in scooters

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That’s not a scooter, that’s a hot dog.

Thank goodness for my hot dog/not hot dog app. What a life saver

Hole in the tank by swizzly87 in moped

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I filled it in two little glasses (jam). Is that a problem?

For starters, I'd recommend against eating that jam

Lady riders (or guys I suppose) where do you keep your "stuff"? by peanutgallerie in motorcycles

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Backpack or zippered jacket pockets. I don't trust jeans pockets, I feel like anything in there will fly out

Actual cost of owning a bike? by -Canonical- in motorcycles

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It's a $1k bike with an $11k battery attached*. Replacing the battery is the majority of the cost of the bike.

*: pedant warning: I made those numbers up

Actual cost of owning a bike? by -Canonical- in motorcycles

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http://www.motorcycle.com/features/how-much-is-an-electric-motorcycle.html is about electric bikes in particular, but estimates about $4k in maintenance over the lifetime for a gas bike. They only briefly go into how they got that number so I wouldn't take it as comprehensive but it's a starting point

Reverse by Tmac2104 in motorcycles

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That's correct of Zeros. No clutch, no gears. But also no reverse

gman reacts to HDTF by TommyGun00 in HalfLife

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That video is needlessly negative. Sure the game looks a little amateurish but there's nothing wrong with that. Someone made something that's not perfect but they want to share it. That's awesome. If you don't like it, nobody's making you play it. Why waste time whining about it?

Handles?! On a Zenith Aarch Wave Sculp Analyzer?! by pswii360i in VXJunkies

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They're fine to move as long as you wait for a few rounds of the Resonance Half Life to go by.

LPT: you can actually shield it from biphasic rays with just banana peels

I wrote a tutorial on how to make a complete game from scratch using Lua and LÖVE by adnzzzzZ in programming

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That's a totally reasonable response. You are contributing valuable content to the world without asking anything in return. Don't listen to the people telling you how you should do it without adding anything themselves. They're welcome to not read it if they don't like the medium.