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I love this idea ! unfortunately i work 13 hour days on sunday, but hopefully you get enough people to get it going

I actually did Europe Asia and then Latin America trying to work remote. I now have an apartment in Guadalajara and constantly travel back to the USA and have friends down to visit. I’m going to Europe in 2 weeks with my gf then doing a bit of traveling in the USA.

I much prefer working 20 hours a week over the grind.

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Thats awesome man and inspiring ! may this life you live take you on many more adventures

If you could stand the border on a friday night I would go to mexico ! Go to taconazo and get the lingua (i promise it's delicious) and adobada mulita, as great as SD mexican food is it doesn't compare to the real thing. If the border sounds like a disaster you'd rather avoid, Raki Raki has my favorite ramen (red edition with dumplings). That shit is comforting and it seems like you need a little hug from SD food. The liberty station location is take out only and you could maybe find a nice spot to eat around that area. Other than that maybe an early morning beach run? Mornings during june are gloomy for sure, but that means it won't be too crowded. SD will miss you, but your dad needs you now.

I love stuff like this ! does anyone know of other conpanies doing things similar with other beauty products?

I hate thinking about this. I try my best to be green, but when I see stuff like this I wonder if it has an impact.

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It does have an impact ! Please dont become discouraged, the world needs people who are more enviromentally friendly. Who knows, you could inspire others to start down a more green path. Thank you for doing what you can with the resources you are given.

Wear do I get these

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When I first moved out I was on the same boat as you, eating out constantly. At some point you run out of money and can't do it anymore. Then once you go out and buy groceries you'll spend the next month kicking yourself in the ass for being lazy, unhealthy, and wasteful. That was my experience though

When my boyfriend got a promotion and started making good money he started buying a bunch of stuff to. A new computer, a new bed (he did need a new mattress to be fair), we were going out to eat all the time, then he kind of got over it and now he puts the money to paying past debt and saving to go back to school and travel a little. Perhaps you do need the things you want to buy, and were making due with what you had when you didn't have money. It could totally be a phase people go through when they get an increase in pay.

Perfect ! I had plans on going down there tomorrow

No, not the way i used to. I grew up in oceanside and am now priced out of oceanside, which is considered a cheaper place to live in san diego. Aside from that, the traffic is getting to be a little much for me. I will always love SD and all it has to offer i will cherish the memories forever, but im a student. I dont know how people can manage a balance of work/school/life here, which is what im looking for.

I'll repeat some, but only because they are worth repeating.

Sycamore Den

Seven Grand

Polite Provisions

Hundred Proof

Coin Op (no, seriously!)

False Idol (and Craft & Commerce)

Cutwater Spirits



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I second coin op ! They have a selection of great drinks and it's always fun to play/ watch people play the games they have there

If the bar you're going to has mojitos i would recommend that, refreshing and very easy to drink (from someone who isn't much of a drinker).

Super cute ! i love the gold buttons and line running down, it adds a nice touch to the dress

I went to PB on my 21st (2 years ago) and had no problems anywhere.

On the 78 going east there is a really large merge lane, the number of assholes who use that to go around stopped traffic is amazing.

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The 78 is THE WORST freeway, i dread moving back up north when i think about how frequently ill be on it

Hey my man id definitely be down to help. My boyfriend and i take payment in the form of food and cheap beer, let me know if you still need assistance !

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