How feminism contaminated Battlefield 5 by Flag-Assault in Games

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are you only allowed to swear once per comment or what's the deal lol

If we try to rob 2 females by Simranjit16 in Whatcouldgowrong

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I think those may just be regular cops. I guess it's the lingering touch of communism but most South Asian cops dress like they're in the army.

Evolution of FALLOUT by cybershocker455 in Games

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not very insightful, you could learn more just by reading the wikipedia pages for the games. Probably better to do that since he said several things which weren't true, like Fallout Tactics being Bethesda's first attempt at a Fallout game. They had nothing to do with that game and just publish the digital version because they own the rights to the whole series.

just checking in by kjoneslol in cupcakeForCEO

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How many do I need to eat to be

just checking in by kjoneslol in cupcakeForCEO

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ok I need to come clean. I wasn't asking for a friend. I was interested in the position but didn't want to come off as needy or step on anyone's toes. However, after finding out that celery is on the table I am more than interested, I NEED this. Tell me what I need to do.

just checking in by kjoneslol in cupcakeForCEO

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what's the salary like for that and are there stock options? Asking for a friend.

[Vote] Remove the Resolution Rule by Greypo in PornOverlords

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I'm not around enough to really have a vote but want everyone to know that I am always watching and here if anyone needs me :)

New Arcanum High Resolution Patch Released by rhiyo in Games

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the best way to play is to be tech/melee. Bee line to the tranq gun and then put all enemies to sleep and beat them with a pipe to death

[Meta] this sub should have a "draw a map from memory" contest! by that_guy_you_kno in ShittyMapPorn

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what if people draw a really good map from memory?

banned from sub for life?

i am Korean and i am talk about my country's music by kjoneslol in kpoop

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if i see you talking shit about my head manager again im gonna personally look your fucktard ass up and beat the living shit out of you. All you do is post shitty links and talk trash about my head manager when you support your shitty blog, who cant even come up with good content and rely on idiot creepy dudes like you to promote their shit. also, your blog sucks

100,000 SUBSCRIBERS PARTY! by SirBuckeye in kpop

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css won't be his baby for much longer :(