New Arcanum High Resolution Patch Released by rhiyo in Games

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the best way to play is to be tech/melee. Bee line to the tranq gun and then put all enemies to sleep and beat them with a pipe to death

[Meta] this sub should have a "draw a map from memory" contest! by that_guy_you_kno in ShittyMapPorn

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what if people draw a really good map from memory?

banned from sub for life?

i am Korean and i am talk about my country's music by kjoneslol in kpoop

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if i see you talking shit about my head manager again im gonna personally look your fucktard ass up and beat the living shit out of you. All you do is post shitty links and talk trash about my head manager when you support your shitty blog, who cant even come up with good content and rely on idiot creepy dudes like you to promote their shit. also, your blog sucks

100,000 SUBSCRIBERS PARTY! by SirBuckeye in kpop

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css won't be his baby for much longer :(

Are there any house or like smooth edm Korean artists/songs/etc. by TionaanRiordan in kpophelp

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I can't really recommend anything. I only listen to house rulez. Like literally. People ask me about the new kanye and I'm like is that the new house rulez song. Is there other music?

Infrared Echoes of a Black Hole Eating a Star [3482x1959] by Voyage_of_Roadkill in spaceporn

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We've discussed this before in /r/pornoverlords if you want to head over there. But also I think you should give us more than an hour to respond or message us directly if it's so important.

Dota 2 announces Monkey King for Fall 2016, its first original hero since release by Blazehero in Games

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Wc3 map scene was actually insane. I mean, people only played DotA, footies, td, and island troll tribes but there were a lot of crazy games out there. I remember eve of the Apocalypse or eota had like 8 maps you could choose from and fully blown AI for heroes when players left that actually wasn't terrible.