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Im surprised the bitcoin vulnerability and REQUIRED 0.16.3 update hasnt been more discussed and impactful on the price.

IMO, when the entire BM sub is bullish, things are ready to drop.

What is there to discuss?

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typically any sort of vulnerability or error is blown out of proportion and relayed to the public by fox news (/s, but also not?)

I closed my longs and put in a short on the assumption therell be at least an anecdotal "critical bitcoin bug could mean death of currency" opinion piece from various news outlets by monday. they love flaws in technology they dont understand, and the market overreacts

that subreddit gets more lopsided by the day due to the banning of any critical redditors over the years. Its pretty much an echo chamber for bcrash jokes and ver insults when not about bitcoin price movements.

i mean, all subs are circlejerks (r/btc is dominated by news about the bitcoin issue - probably a dozen frontpage posts mocking bluematt,theymos,lukejr,fork-mentality,etc right now), but the bans over there make the comment section surreal

Original Poster742 points · 1 day ago

Yea after two initial throws it was like: -"Hey man let me stick the last one on you!" -"Yea, good idea. Lets do it!"

Wasn't such a good idea after all 😂

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The problem wasn't the explosives, it was the standing in a doorway for 5 seconds and never checking for traps

Pretty sure nvidia came out about 6mos ago to say that the 10xx series would remain gaming flagship for near future

So I'm not sure why anyone's surprised that the 2080ti isn't a bazillion times more powerful

That must be one giant hand (I've never seen a GTX 1080Ti that small)

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It's a corsair 240. OP just photoshopped it and rebadged the case :(

I have this case, the corsair, and it is way bigger than the one pictured.

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Is your hand the same size as the one in the picture?

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Honest question from someone who has never been to BM before: given the limited water resources there, how does getting naked and dusty and paint-covered impact your time there? Do you have to shower afterwards? Do you leave it on for a while?

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the dust and dried paint can be mostly brushed off, and then a wet cloth/wipe easily handles the rest. you'll be dusty again in hours (at most), so its really just to clean the gross areas and your face - the dust itself is inescapable.

10 points · 5 days ago

That last option - that's wild. What would be the potential next steps is the province dissolved the municipality?

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Doug ford, mayor-for-life.

Soot is a bigger threat than Co2. I wish the environmental movement would shift their focus to it. It's a much easier low-hanging fruit to curtail.

It kills people, it melts glaciers faster, it affects wildlife. Mitigation would have an immediate impact in our lifetimes.

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"But muh coal roller"

Seriously, fuck each, any, and every vehicle on the roads that emits grey or black exhaust that lingers in the air

Fuck that, the only one who rolled over is Tory himself. He's a traitor to everyone in this city who isn't part of the Albany Club.

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Tory said some fairly strong words, but he can't do much.

Doug wins shouting matches while everyone else loses

I think it's excellent that the timeframes used are so different

-5 points · 6 days ago

Go buy the dip if you don't believe me.

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Got any for a Sega genesis, it’s a two pronger with just yellow and I believe white, maybe red then the system plug in is squared and about the width of a dime. Mine broke and I miss playing combat cars and street fighter

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If it's old enough those are for connection to the tv's "bunny ears" (video and mono iirc)

Not to the rabbit ears (that's a VHF antenna), but to the antenna terminals. Basically it injects a VHF (UHF in Europe) signal right into the TV.

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Yes, to the terminals I should have specified, not the amtemmae themselves

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13 points · 6 days ago

What's the ratio of dogecoins to Schrute bucks?

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Shrutebucks use a centralized ledger. As useless as fiat currency or a fiat car.

107 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

I've built so many pc's. Never wore a anti static band. Sometimes I touch a radiator in my house just in case.

Edit: who puts the the other parts in before the CPU/CPU cooler, it's by far the most awkward part to get why would you restrict yourself.

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I just avoid working on carpet and touch anything metal (even just the case) before handling parts.

You'd have to really mess things up to destroy a component with static during assembly

Based on the amount of excess pascal stock they have I wouldn't worry about it going out of stock soon. At the very least there should be some good second hand deals as people upgrade to the 2080ti.

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Are people even upgrading to the rtx series if they have a 10xx/ti card? Unless you have a specific need for tensor cores or ray tracing, it's not really an upgrade.

Nvidia still treats the 10 series as it's mainstay until the rtx 21xx update

There are always people with a lot of money and little common sense.

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That's true. Tbh if the 2080ti could raytrace at a decent fps at 1440p I'd somewhat consider the upgrade from a 1080ti.

But if rather wait for a 2180 that can push my 1440p/144hz to it's limits

You could get away with a 1070 or 1070ti if you want to save $150

Because it's ridiculous any of these governments are interfering with a single city's elections to begin with.

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This. It would be hypocritical and make the whole thing that much more expensive and dumb.

It'll play out poorly for conservstive party.

707 points · 8 days ago

Also a tiny dog at about 5 seconds might be worth seeing. But then yeah, skip to 50 seconds.

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Why doesn't the dog appear to help at the wnd?

Revolver wasn't that bad, could make some nice shots with it.

I would love to get the Crossbow back though, was a lot of fun to play with.

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whats that? scare the shit out of teammates?


Uh that's what it's rated for... What you have coming from the panel may be less.

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that's basically against code AFAIK. If nothing else, it should pop the breaker if its underrated (assuming 30A).

Original Poster3 points · 13 days ago

I thought it was going to be a two-phase 30amp 240v outlet. However, my building is old. It appears I lucked out with a 50am 250v

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if you can access the breakers you might want to check its a 50A just in case.

but as long as its not a super sketchy building and is built to code, youre set for mining and could probably break it off to a few 240V/15A outlets

6 points · 14 days ago

You seem very hostile. How's that working out for you?

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His presence on Reddit indicates "not so well"

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