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kn0thing commented on a post in r/tennis
Rosasome 5 points

This guy is so hen pecked.

I dislike him but also feel sorry for him at the same time.

kn0thing -16 points

Sometimes I check out the profile of commenters like you to better understand your motivations and POV.

Not what I expected.

But I'm happy you've found communities you can connect with.

cybertruth 22 points

leddit founder is a confirmed soy boy of the highest degree.

kn0thing 7 points

Do you even lift?

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kn0thing commented on a post in r/tennis
jeffwingersballs 14 points

Alexis is laughable in his hypotheticals and his claim to fund something that is independent. and to mask it in donations to charity is about as hallow as his integrity when talking about this subject.

please don't think for a second that this has anything to do with Alexis getting to the bottom of this. this is him looking for any angle to back up his wife Serena. can hardly fault him for sticking up for his wife, but doesn't mean it's anywhere near objective

kn0thing 1 point

I think you may need to re-read my tweets.

plainease 6 points

The problem I see is that you'd have to find actual bias. We rely on umpires (and refs) in every sport to call what they see. If we go back and look for any subjective point, we're likely to find it. But proving actual bias is much harder.

In other words, it may be the the case that it seems that sports team A is getting worse or better calls than sports team B. And you could review footage to show that the refs are either missing or giving calls where they should or shouldn't. But you're still not proving actual bias unless you can also show that those refs have some reason for calling or not calling, or are betting against team A or B, etc.

kn0thing 6 points

I remember reading about a few studies that showed the color of jerseys (black/dark) was strongly correlated with getting penalized more (these studies are also doing the crucial part missing from the NYT article, which is maintaining an equal ratio of black-jersey to white-jersey game minutes played).

It's actually been researched in NHL and football, but here's a quick excerpt I pulled from a google search (source below) but don't stop here, there's been a good bit of research - here's the Cornell study I read about in college:

Hockey teams wearing darker-colored jerseys are more likely to be penalized for aggressive fouls than teams wearing white jerseys, according to new research. Teams wearing black jerseys in particular get penalized the most, according to an analysis that may offer a window into the hidden psychological dynamics of the ongoing NHL playoffs.

"Teams that wore black jerseys were penalized more, significantly more, than teams wearing other colored jerseys," said researcher Gregory Webster of the University of Florida, Gainesville.

The psychologist said that teams that wore darker colored jerseys were penalized about two minutes more per game. The finding is based on an analysis of more than 50,000 NHL games over a quarter century. Players spend nearly a million minutes in penalty boxes in those games.

While the link between jersey colors and penalties is correlational, Webster said it's likely to be more than mere coincidence: A 2003 rule-change by the NHL that affected whether teams wore white or colored jerseys for home and away games allowed researchers to conduct a quasi-experiment.

As the NPR story reports, it could be that players in black uniforms behave more aggressively, and/or they're more easily seen on the ice, and/or there are unconscious biases at work because culturally (in US/Canada, at least) we are conditioned to associate black outfits with the 'bad guy' (black hat cowboy, man in black, etc).

If we're willing to accept that professional NHL referees have unconscious biases because of the color jersey someone is wearing, we must accept there can be other unconscious biases in umpiring.

Yak1730 1 point

Nice moobs

kn0thing 2 points

Thanks! Start with pushups or some similar body-weight exercises and work your way up to using free weights on the bench. Start light and don't feel like you need to rush into barbell bench pressing. Great community on r/weightlifting if you need real tutorials or just some motivation. Make sure you've got a spotter and keep tabs on your macros!

kn0thing commented on a post in r/dryalcoholics
kn0thing 7 points

Alcohol addiction is serious, and it's hard to quit, but it sounds like you're in a healthy relationship with someone who loves you, which is a great foundation. Communities like this can be a great way to get accountability in your life, too, since folks here know what it's like to be going through it. I met a redditor a decade ago who told me r/cripplingalcoholism saved their life because it was literally the only community they could turn to for support.

As you start weaning yourself off the addiction, you'll see how much better you feel. Replace those hours drinking with time in the gym (there's no shame in starting out with lighter weights at first) and that will become a new very awesome addiction.

Good luck!

kn0thing commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Mitch_from_Medford 220 points

This is similar to reddit's early days, actually. Alexis Ohanian made multiple accounts and commented to make it seem like there was more activity until the community grew.

kn0thing 9 points

We didn't have comments yet, so I was only posting link submissions, but the rest is accurate.

kn0thing commented on a post in r/BlackPeopleTwitter
schudermcgavin 395 points

I love the sentiment but I feel like after that 10 hour flight I'd be like "fuck it let's just get a burger"

kn0thing 26 points

No joke, the first meal she wanted was Chinese. It was actually really, really good.

sweezinator 16 points

/u/kn0thing being basically a celebrity now still feels weird

kn0thing 8 points

Feels weird, too.

kn0thing commented on a post in r/Omaha
Teanut 9 points

Come back to Omaha anytime, u/kn0thing!

kn0thing 3 points

Thanks! You, me, and u/heyimamaverick can get a drink together next time.

serialjones 18 points

Dude lives the best life. Could probably walk down any street and very few people would know who he is. If he was at Benson Beer Fest - could you honestly say you’d recognize him out of context like that?

kn0thing 10 points

I sometimes get pitched startup ideas by waiters, but yeah it's pretty nice to walk around without being noticed most of the time in most places.

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Hoyt_Platter 2 points

Interested in some of the high points of the call—if you’re able to share.

kn0thing 7 points

It was pretty brief. He told me about Conde Nast (I'd never heard of them) and asked if we'd considered licensing before, doing a white-label version of Reddit, and I said, sure we have (we hadn't) but that it would be some work so I'd have to talk it over with the engineers before we could have a real discussion about it. Said I'd get back to him and we arranged to continue over email until we eventually met up in person.

ContinueMyGames 4 points

Hey kn0thing just wanted to say ily bye

kn0thing 3 points
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kn0thing commented on a post in r/Watches
MassiveSnicker 16 points

His wife, Serena Williams, is sponsored by AP and she wears some stunning watches on and off the court.

kn0thing 21 points

Yep, that's the right watch. I love it. It was a wedding day gift from the Mrs.

holeinsome 1 point

Love that you're a watch guy. When are you going to share your collection, Alexis?

kn0thing 3 points

It's a small collection right now. But maybe one day...

You all are my inspiration.

AReluctantRedditor 10 points

Heads up you triple replied

kn0thing 2 points

Thanks! Deleted the extras.

qpid420 23 points

That's really cool! What kind of things were discussed?

kn0thing 27 points

I shared my vision for Initialized (my VC fund); what we see working in startup communities worldwide; and what it will take for Armenia to make the most of all the brainpower in the nation.

I told him I've never been more proud to be Armenian since the Velvet Revolution and his administration's work to curb corruption; drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Armenia; and unite our community worldwide.

gimmick243 14 points

I didn't know you were an OWL fan? Do you play much?

kn0thing 14 points

Like u/flam5 said, I'm an investor in Cloud9 (London Spitfire) but I play a little bit, too. I'm pretty terrible, which is heartbreaking because FPS was my best genre growing up. I just play a little HOTS these days and bug Jack about bringing a C9 HOTS team back from time to time.

Flam5 12 points

He's an investor with Cloud9, which is the organization that operates London Spitfire.

kn0thing 5 points

True story!

RulerOf 1 point

Good read!

Any significant changes to your diet?

kn0thing 6 points

I'm basically plant-based now. I still eat animal products (eggs, butter are my two favorites) and every now and then eat meat, but after watching I wanted to see for myself if I could do it for 30 days and not lose any gains -- and it totally worked and I felt better overall. I've reduced my carb intake a lot, but I know most of my battle this year will be eating well and exercising consistently on the road.

waltonics 12 points

Getting fit for your daughter, sponsored by Johnie Walker, lol 😂

kn0thing 7 points

Not mutually exclusive, heh.

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