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baccgirl 4 points

Although you're gone, I'm not alone,
And never shall I be,
For the precious memories of the bond we shared
Will never depart from me.

Our love surpassed the ups and downs
And helped us along the way,
And that same love will give me strength
To manage this loss each day.

On my mind and in my heart,
Mom, you shall forever be,
For just as much as I am a part of you,
You are a part of me!

Memories are to be cherished forever. It is wonderful that you carry your mum with you every day /u/kn0thing

kn0thing 3 points

Thanks, u/baccgirl. This is a fantastic poem.

RPolitics4Trump -31 points

She'd be sad to know that you'd turn out to be a race traitor.

kn0thing 5 points

Not at all. She was born in Germany (immigrated in her early twenties to the USA) in the generation of Germans who rebuked the atrocious acts of the Nazis and their vile and baseless ideology.

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gh0sti 50 points

I thought Reddit had a ban on weapons, put those guns away /u/kn0thing.

kn0thing 1 point

🤨 bruh I'm still chasing the community at r/gainit

sometimesyoukno 22 points

I love how you ALWAYS have the biggest grin on your face. As if every moment says- hell yeah, I won in life.

kn0thing 17 points

Very well aware I have zero lives remaining.

kn0thing commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
tinaxcix 106 points

I found Reddit through an interview of Alexis Ohanian and I had never heard of Reddit before whatsoever so I googled it on my laptop and closed the tab as quickly as possible because I thought I had clicked on a scam lol

kn0thing 12 points

Well, that's awkward....

ddshroom 2 points

I was gonna say superhero before I watched the video. Good stuff boss.

kn0thing 2 points
daniesza 8 points

Mr. Serena, you give public display of affection a whole new meaning

kn0thing 4 points

They were already PDAing as I walked passed, I just captured it on video.

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kn0thing commented on a post in r/todayilearned
endlesscartwheels 4 points

His middle name is Kerry. I don't know why they didn't give the full name, considering Kerry is often a girl's name.

kn0thing 3 points

Olympia was a way more appropriate name for her and we just liked it a lot more. She goes by Olympia most of the time, or Junior.

kn0thing commented on a post in r/AskReddit
RodneyStanger25 344 points

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian recently referenced “today you, tomorrow me” on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he was asked about Reddit.

kn0thing 4 points

Got really nervous when Jimmy started browsing his profile live on TV....

butunironicallies 6 points

Not to be the group-work police but, which creative decisions did Olympia take in this whole process?. This is seriously cute and extra. I love it.

kn0thing 12 points

She sat on my lap while I was using AdQuick. And I picked the photos to use based on the intensity with which she grabbed my phone and tried to eat it when I showed her a particular photo.

waltonics 3 points

Doesn’t this kill the surprise?

kn0thing 6 points

Yes, but I wanted to post the live photos on my IG for her to see in context and in order before someone inevitably tweeted a photo about them first. Turns out it was too hard to coordinate billboard timing with her travel schedule.

kn0thing commented on a post in r/IAmA
thisisbillgates 7,871 points

For the Foundation reducing childhood death and malnutrition and ending polio would be the biggest 3 things. For innovation it would be an energy breakthrough and improving the way we educate kids. For my family it is making sure the kids are ready to go to college and have a great experience there. That is more than 3 and I didn't mention my tennis goals yet.

kn0thing 12 points

> I didn't mention my tennis goals yet.

we should talk

kn0thing commented on a post in r/mildlyinfuriating
menwithrobots 23 points

I saw u/kn0thing speak and he said his first posts had 0 pts because spez kept downvoting him

kn0thing 30 points

Technically it was -1.

fluzz142857 131 points

The first accounts were created by u/spez and u/kn0thing so the site wouldn’t look empty.

Fun fact: they were avid world of Warcraft players, so some of the first few names were WoW references.

Source: How I Built This podcast where they were interviewed

kn0thing 369 points

We weren't very creative....

sarchasmic 19 points

This is so cool and so inspiring for all those girls!

kn0thing 10 points

I need to watch every comic book movie with a theater full of teenage girls - infectious excitement. And only after watching the movie and seeing Shuri did we realize how perfect it was for a bunch of Black Girls Code students.

GingerPolarBear 2 points

So when will she have her first Stroopwafel?

kn0thing 3 points

Step 1: teeth

Though, I could toss a few in the blender for her, but I really want to stay away from refined sugars....

endless_thread 2 points

Now put the hat on her and the headband on you and it's officially a daddy daycare success.

kn0thing 3 points

Brb trying on headband.... getting selfie ready for r/daddit...

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kn0thing commented on a post in r/Competitiveoverwatch
rithem1 170 points

Context: Ohanian invested in Cloud9's Series A raise in May 2017.

kn0thing 166 points

I invested in their seed round, too. I'm a really big fan of what Jack and co have built. I just wish esports had been a thing when I was leading my Q2/Half-life clan...

geeky_username 10 points

I just wish esports had been a thing when I was leading my Q2/Half-life clan...

So that you'd be playing video games and dealing with esports drama instead of launching one of the biggest websites on the planet?

kn0thing 11 points

Basically. Now I get to live vicariously through, u/Cloud9Jack!

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