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I ate Arby’s like crack. My husband would buy the 5 for 5 and keep them in the fridge for me to snack on.

I got emotional when I found out my second child was a girl. The husband was kinda hoping for a boy since our first is a girl, but I wanted another daughter. I bawled because I felt guilty that I was getting what I wanted. So dumb.

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I drank like a fish in 9th and 10th grade. Taking alcohol to school in a ginger ale bottle, half vodka. My mother was a practicing alcoholic and my grandfather had been too. Luckily I realized I was heading to being one myself. I stopped drinking when I was 17, usually earlier than most even start.

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Headdesk_warrior 199 points

Every time I hear one of his songs or see a photo of him now, I have this tiny realization that he's not on this planet anymore. I mean, it's not like I've forgotten that he passed away, it just hits me with this sadness whenever I think of him.

Great photo, though! I've never seen this one before.

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I heard a Bowie song and then a Petty song back to back at work and wanted to go curl up in a ball.

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So I’m an idiot that didn’t look at it close enough. My husband just told me that if you push the snooze button three times the clock faces turn off. You can hit the snooze in the night to check the time, push it three more times to turn them off and then the faces all light back up when the alarm goes off.

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Collect - you take a photo a day as a journal. Main app is free but you can buy add ons that create a slideshow of all the photos. I have used it just over a year and love it.

Clue - App to record menstruation.

Time Hop - aggregates photos and videos from various social media so you can see what you posted on that day in previous years.

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makeitearlgrey 5 points

I swear tax time can be way worse than back to school. I'd rather deal with grumpy rushed parents and screaming kids, than the assholes who think that every OD/OMX employee is a seasoned CPA who can read minds. Do we still have that one form you really need? No. Its 2 days before taxes are due. Why are you doing this now?! It's not my fault you didn't bother to do your taxes until the last possible minute!

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These are the same folks bitching at me today (12/23) that there isn’t any Christmas letterhead left.

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I HATE Wuthering Heights. It’s shit. Ok I’ll even say shite to be pretentious. It’s a book about misery and abuse. Even if you give it the literary spin of it representing womanhood during the era, it’s still miserable. Just ugh. Why the HELL do people still read this book?

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