White Sands National Monument [2958x3944][OC] by hockeydank in EarthPorn

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Love White Sands. So beautiful. Used to rent sleds and ride them down the dunes.

Hotel alarm clock with multiple faces so each bed can see the time as well as the rest of the room (third face on far side) by knittylynn in mildlyinteresting

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So I’m an idiot that didn’t look at it close enough. My husband just told me that if you push the snooze button three times the clock faces turn off. You can hit the snooze in the night to check the time, push it three more times to turn them off and then the faces all light back up when the alarm goes off.

What little known app do you use on a daily basis? by ccZin in AskReddit

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Collect - you take a photo a day as a journal. Main app is free but you can buy add ons that create a slideshow of all the photos. I have used it just over a year and love it.

Clue - App to record menstruation.

Time Hop - aggregates photos and videos from various social media so you can see what you posted on that day in previous years.

Emotionally Bracing Myself for Tax Season by Brick-O-Shit in OfficeDepot

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These are the same folks bitching at me today (12/23) that there isn’t any Christmas letterhead left.

Not able to purchase two gift cards in seperate transactions by caseyrobinson2 in OfficeDepot

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There are laws regarding the purchase of gift cards due to money laundering. I’m guessing the programming on the POS is just shit and won’t let the same CC purchase gift cards 2 transactions in a row as an easy COA.

What's your unpopular book opinion? by belmakar in books

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I HATE Wuthering Heights. It’s shit. Ok I’ll even say shite to be pretentious. It’s a book about misery and abuse. Even if you give it the literary spin of it representing womanhood during the era, it’s still miserable. Just ugh. Why the HELL do people still read this book?

Hello? by Hilltopchill in aww

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It's Puss n' Boots from Shrek!

Knit my first socks! The whole reason I wanted to learn to knit by Tartsicle in knitting

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Way to go and welcome to the rabbit hole! All I wear are hand knit socks now. Love them. Tip: learn to darn. I have pairs that are over 5 years old.

My SO's mom is a quilter and she made me this AMAZING case for my new KP Dreamz interchangeables. Figured I'd share! by WotS43 in knitting

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That's so cool that she was able to give you something of that quality for your tools. You need to knit get something. ;)

FO here's my first ever attempt at fair isl. CC welcome by GymLeaderMisty in knitting

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Great job! The tension is very even. Did you block it?

[FO] Melisandre Socks! by cercidasthecynic in knitting

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You can make sock blockers from wire coat hangers.