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What is the liquid? If it is just water, is there anything in there to stop it going mangy?? I remember filling a bunch of plastic bottles with water when I was a kid and then opening them up a year or so later and they all stank of egg.


A couple of bulbs in my bathroom have gone. The bathroom was just installed a year ago so this is the first time I have had to change any of the bulbs - but I can't work out how to do it?

I have linked to a couple of photos of the bulbs below. Nothing seems to twist or turn on them. I thought I may have to pull the whole fitting down to change them - but that doesn't seem possible here as the lights have some sort of sealant around the edge (shown in the pics) - presumably to stop water or steam getting in and frying the bulb. Any ideas?

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I spent a lot of time in around 2006 playing a flash game on a website somewhere that I enjoyed, but I can't remember what it was called.

It was a 2D puzzle game with a point of view above your characters head. Your character was stood on top of a stack of crates of a certain height, and the aim was to topple the crates in order to reach the next stack of crates. You repeated this until you had toppled all of the stacks in the room and that completed the level successfully. The challenge was in choosing which direction to topple the stack in order to reach the next stack and not leave yourself stranded.

I'm not sure I've explained this very well, but hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about.

Edit: Just Googled around and it's this - - but as a flash game.


When I was in my first year of University, my friend Damo was playing Zelda - Windwaker on the Gamecube. One day we'd all gone to the campus cafeteria to grab lunch. When we came back to our halls of residence a few of us popped into Damo's room to see how he was getting on with Zelda.

We found that he had wrapped the cord of the controller around the thumbstick, in order to sail in one direction across the sea. He hadn't realised that he needed to put the sail up on his boat, and so spent hours very, very, slowly crossing the oceans.

Love the stare into the middle distance :D

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Didn’t want to dirty a knife to fry an egg so I bit a chunk of butter off the stick and spit it in the pan.

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You're a fucking hero


I recently listened to an audio book of 'Conviction - the untold story of putting Jodi Arias behind bars' by Juan Martinez. I really enjoyed the story of the investigation being told from the point of view of the DA and the way he planned the trial to secure the conviction. Was hoping to find some recommendations of other similar true crime books with information and details of the investigation and the conviction in court. Any recommendations?


Fatal Vision by Joe McGuiness

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Not heard of this one, thanks will have a look

Anything by Ann Rule. She's written a slew of true crime books.

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Thanks will take a look

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(Opening a letter I got in the mail)

"Honey, guess who needs to learn how to ice skate real fucking quick."

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Got a physical laugh from me. Kudos

Quite possibly late to the party but am going to try and ask anyway.

John - is there anything in the algorithm that enables new sites to compete?

For example, a new site may produce content that is better than the number 1 ranking content for a given query, but if no-one ever sees that content how can it earn links?

The very fact that an article ranks well is a primary source of link building for many sites. For example, I have seen first hand hundreds of times a user ask a question in a forum, another user will just go to Google, ask essentially the same question and then post a link to one of the top ranking sites.

So you need exposure in order to gain links, but you need links to gain the exposure in the first place - which of course can take years if done by the book. So is there anything in the algorithm that you're aware of that would enable new content with no backlinks to rank well and get some exposure - if only to test if it is worthy of a first page ranking?

One method I thought of would be:

The first time Googlebot sees a document, assuming it passes all of the quality tests within the algorithm, give it a temporary un-naturally high ranking. Google could then monitor the performance of that content relative to all of the surrounding documents. If it performs better in terms of CTR, dwell-time, bounce back to results, query modification etc etc then keep the rank, if not, then demote it until a time when it has been sufficiently modified to earn another un-natural temporary ranking boost.

Does anything like this exist currently or will it ever exist in Google in your opinion?

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