It was a crazy year, happy New Year my fellow Austinites! by verylastpixel in Austin

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I already put a nice downpayment on my end of the world bunker in u/cockfungus' asshole. Surprisingly roomy and affordable.

Agent donates $100 from each home sale to animal shelters by Sariel007 in UpliftingNews

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Anytime any story is submitted about someone giving money this sub goes nuts saying they are only doing it for themselves and the free publicity they get more than offsets the money they give. Serioulsy, there are stories of celebrities giving away tens of millions of dollars and people say "that is less than 10% of their net worth, it means nothing to them. If I donated $50 it has more meaning because $50 is a significant amount of money in my life." Meanwhile they are not even giving 50 cents.

Bunch of savages in this sub.

I've made a huge mistake. (xpost from r/thecatdimension) by Sariel007 in AnimalsBeingDerps

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So is this comment. The guy that said it first in this thread is at negative 17 and yet you thought you would say it again. Bold move cotton.

Reddit found this dude's stolen car in a matter of hours by Hoagies-And-Grinders in UpliftingNews

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Remember the time that Reddit "found" the Boston Marathon bomber? How about u/Violentacrez? No? What about r/fatpeoplehate and the many spin offs?

Mashable got this one right.

It's Now Illegal to Declaw a Cat in Denver by Sariel007 in UpliftingNews

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Looks like I accidently clicked spoiler when I was trying to click ignore reports on mobile, I got fat fingers.

No politics, no old news, no recent reposts and no non English as a primary language allowed even if you use a translate website. Also blogs are not news. Details inside. by labmonkey01 in offbeat

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If a politician does something offbeat that isn't about politics it is ok to submit. If the offbeat thing is political it is a no go.

US teenager who won golf competition denied trophy because she is a girl by ManiaforBeatles in offbeat

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High school student Emily Nash, 16, shot a three-over-par 75 at the Central Massachusetts Division 3 boys’ golf tournament on Tuesday, four strokes ahead of the runner-up,

Short story- Girl played against boys and the rule say it is a boy's division (i.e. a boy must win). Shitty? Yes, but in line with the rules and hopefully her win will redefine the rules. Also strictly based on the rules of /r/offbeat I don't find this offbeat, however, I think this is a much better version of the story. The fact that the male winner of the tournament awarded his trophy to her is, in my opinion offbeat.

Trying to Get Rid of Spiders, Man Burns His Home Down By Accident by bunnyrut in offbeat

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Dude, I am sorry but I totally laughed at that.

The reddit search function is mostly broke. You are mostly better off picking a key word and trying searching that rather than a string of words. "Spiders" was a key word in your title so I searched for that (because I was 99% sure I had seen this story posted before).

Trying to Get Rid of Spiders, Man Burns His Home Down By Accident by bunnyrut in offbeat

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Definately a better link :)

That being said it is still a recent repost. I searched for "spiders" in the last week and this story was submitted by 2 other people.

I think it fits but we have the no recent repost rule. Sorry.

Trying to Get Rid of Spiders, Man Burns His Home Down By Accident by bunnyrut in offbeat

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Spam website and a recent repost. Congrats you got a twofer.

Stupid question Sunday by AutoModerator in Austin

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So anyone got any of them jobs? I am getting pretty desperate here. Ph.D. in biological sciences and 5 years combined sucessful sales experience in pharma and ed tech. Also teaching experience in higher ed.