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lanismycousin commented on a post in r/49ers
wardog45 10 points

Maybe. This one is the hardest one for me to gauge. Depends on how JL feels about his injury history. It's not about $ even though 8.5M is a lot. It's about planning the roster and probability of availability. I like him a lot as a player.

It's absolutely true that some players have a weaker bone structure. I'm Poly and we just don't break. If we played past HS, we all know guys who just broke all the time. Not their fault.

lanismycousin 2 points

One of my friends is the runt of his poly family and his relatives mess with him about it. He's 5ft11 while his parents and siblings are all over 6ft3, he's also the only one that doesn't get some sort of athletic scholarship. Good people.

lanismycousin commented on a post in r/TuxedoCats
lanismycousin 4 points

Looks warm and comfy. Good looking little mooch 😍

Snowberry-eezz 2 points

Thank you. First time owning a tuxedo. It's an adventure and now I vowed to always own a tuxedo cat. Their personalities are one of a kind.

lanismycousin 3 points

I got lucky with my tux, he's a good dude and made me a fan of all of his fellow tux bros. I think I'll probably get another tux in the future.

lanismycousin commented on a post in r/worldnews
borkthegee 35 points

It’ll happen. Might be awhile, but the people of South Korea want it.

My understanding is that the older generation of South Koreans, who remember a unified Korea or the aftermath of separation, who remember family across the border, still want reunification

But the younger generation of South Koreans, born into a modernized world of South Korea, and who do not really know family in the North, are not much interested in it at all.

In fact, the chances of unification based on the people's emotions drops every day. As the gap between the two widens, so too does the burden each South Korean must bear to modernize the further-laggard North.

lanismycousin 1 point

If unification ever does happen it's going to be stupidly expensive on so many levels.

North Korea is one of the poorest countries on Earth by gdp while South Korea is one of the richest. Just the infrastructure to get NK to the present standards is probably going to be hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars if not trillions, depending on whether there is a military conflict involved or not. Roads, buildings, rail, social programs, education, healthcare upgrades, airports, ports, and so on aren't cheap and much of it needs to be built from scratch.

lanismycousin commented on a post in r/news
vunderbra 5 points

They should work with Uber or Lyft to lease them to drivers that can’t afford/qualify for a car of their own.

lanismycousin 1 point

These cars have shitty range, would be useless for Lyft/Uber driving. You would waste too much time charging and dealing with range anxiety

Kiwi_Force 2 points

I can 100% see the advantage of former military becoming cops but something just feels off about it. Like, they come from an environment where they rightfully are meant to treat everyone as a potential threat to an environment where they are meant to treat everyone as someone to be protected.

But hey, I'm just some guy on the internet. I'm not even American!

lanismycousin 4 points

Most people that join the military will only do their initial contract and then transition to some other phase of their life. Some to school, some to start up businesses, some to construction, and so on.

I was in the army and it's not like you are on some 24/7 training to be ready to kill everyone or anything like that. You aren't trained to treat everyone as a threat, that would be some beyond moronic training anyways.

The LAPD and other companies/agencies see recruiting from the military as a good thing for them. You have a bunch of young in shape and trainable men and women that have shown they can do a job that entails lots of personal sacrifice and commitment. Tons of companies will send out recruiters and stuff to military bases all the time. Organizations like: police departments, city governments, airlines, universities, federal agencies, school districts, etc.

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lanismycousin commented on a post in r/everymanshouldknow
LameName95 7 points

I agree with all of this except that they will learn their lesson. Dogs have absolutely no idea why they throw up. To think they would attribute it to eating something tasty is giving them way, way, WAY too much credit.

lanismycousin 5 points

My dog used to throw up and eat her own vomit. Would run around the house until she would pass out and hyperventilate. Also, she eats her own poop.

I love dogs but let's not take for granted that they will ever learn lessons about the bad things that happen to them.

Bullshit_To_Go 26 points

The ice melter I have is made from beet sugar and good to -30C. And since it's sugar and not salt the runoff residue will just compost in the spring instead of fucking up the soil chemistry.

lanismycousin 11 points

Beet juice isn't used by itself. It's used in a mix with some salt. Mixing it allows the salt to be more effective to lower temps, seems to help the salt stick to the roads a bit more so you can use less of it, and also means you can use less salt in total which is a win win for everyone.

lanismycousin commented on a post in r/MissBanana
lanismycousin 3 points

Is the banana your favorite fruit?

Do you peel it from the top or the bottom?

Have you ever had a banana waffle?

Would you ever cosplay as a banana?

Missy_Banana 1 point





lanismycousin 1 point

Thank you for your answers miss banana

lanismycousin 1 point

President Richard Nixon and General Alexander Haig discuss the New York Times story, which first reprinted portions of the Pentagon Papers. Nixon finds out for the first time that the papers had been top-secret documents leaked from the Pentagon. The conversation cuts off mid-way in the original recording.

lanismycousin commented on a post in r/news
TheRealDonRodigan -70 points

You can still go to jail for cannabis in legal states. I am honestly more worried about being a grower in a legal state than when it was illegal here.

Legalization was for people who want to buy an overpriced 1/8 in a store with their credit card.

lanismycousin 1 point

I've never heard of a dispensary that takes credit cards. As far as I know the ones here in colorado can only take cash.

lanismycousin commented on a post in r/FanTheories
lanismycousin 1 point

Wouldn't it be sort of fucked up if the rape was how Loraine got pregnant and by stopping it Marty would stop his own conception? I know the series didn't go that day but it would have been a mindfuck ending.

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