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But why don’t they? Did they in any time period?

Do you have any pictures of your robot restaurant experience?

So how much is it, really?

$50 for one ice cream cone?

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A sheet of gold foil is just about 1$. It‘s very thin, so it‘s low in weight.

4 Poniente 1109 col centro, Centro, 72000 Puebla, Pue., Mexico

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So how safe is it in Puebla?

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Delicious! Where in Mexico?

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To me that’s the ultimate shower thought! Cheers!

Where is it from?

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The Conch Shack in Key West, FL.

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Thanks. I‘ll put that on my list!

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It‘s german “Gemütlichkeit “!

This is pretty common in Germany. We usually eat our bread for supper on wooden small boards.

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American here: Go out and look for good food, and you will find it. Check out some small local restaurants, or some big fancy restaurants. If you have friends here, try to get invited over for a home-cooked meal. DO NOT EAT NOTHING BUT FAST FOOD AND SPRAY CHEESE AND THEN HAVE THE NERVE TO COMPLAIN THAT OUR FOOD IS HORRIBLE.
Oh, and please don't complain about everything not being the same as it is in your country. I had a customer go on about how, "I'm from England. We don't put honey and lemon in our tea." Like, sure, good for you, lady. You don't have to try new things if you don't want to. But don't get all snooty at me for offering it.

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German here: so true! Some of the best food I ever had, I had in the US. You just have to put in a tiny bit of effort to find great places to eat. But the majority of tourists, intelligent people even, just go to the obvious fast food chains and complain about the quality of food in the US. Just plain stupid!

Who cares?! Its the culinary term that matters! Same goes with hings like: "botanically the strawberry is not a berry" Nobody cares. It's a matter of definition.

I hope you don't feel bad about being an atheist.It is not a choice not to believe in god. Nobody can ever force you to believe. Reading "The God Delusion" by Prof. richard Dawkins has given me great confidence in my Atheism and since then I felt kind of liberated. Is there any way you can avoid the topic with your family? Because in my opinion they will see how nice and tolerant an atheist can be! Best wishes!

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