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ldamien65 commented on a post in r/TheRedPill
ldamien65 5 points

The feedback loop from hell was also mentioned in Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. That too is a great read in my opinion.

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ieatpies 36 points

It's a quote from American Pie 2

ldamien65 8 points

I'm pretty sure it's actually from the first one.

BallScratches 2,407 points

He loves puzzles

ldamien65 2 points

Not sure whether this counts as a paradox or an oxymoron. My English teacher would be disappointed.

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whydoyouonlylie 4 points

Glushkov was top of a list of Russian ex-pats that Russia demanded be extradited from the UK this year. The UK refused to extradite him and now he turns up dead.

How the fuck would Russia react if the US started murdering the people that Mueller indicted for interfering in the US elections?

ldamien65 1 point

Ohh man that would be fucking perfect. Gotta fight fire with fire.

zfgee 2 points

Dude, I remember you posting about this.
You should not go on "dates" with others present. That includes friends OR family. This is exactly why.
If she's keen, you'll be worried about escalating, so will she and if you successfully seduce her, she'll feel like others will judge her as a SLUT.

Lesson is simple: NO GROUP DATES. EVER. EVER. EVER.

ldamien65 1 point

Yeah I knew that but it's not like I'm gonna see her again after I leave Russia. I just thought it'd be good practice and the girl was too hot to deny so I just went for it. I fucked up by imposing expectations on how it would go.

CuriousErnestBro 1 point

You fucked up by going

ldamien65 1 point

lol true but I don't regret it

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ldamien65 commented on a post in r/TheRedPill
sokic 21 points

The ego is your subjective reality, it's you and how you perceive yourself. When you dissolve it you have the ability to perceive yourself through others perspectives. It's a powerful thing to be able to do this and will help you progress your life and add balance.

This is just my view so take it with a grain of salt.

ldamien65 4 points

That's a pretty solid explanation. Would you say that ego can go both ways, in terms of negative and positive reinforcement? Such as thinking in grandiose, "im the shit" terms or self-deprecating, "I suck" terms? Technically, they're both perceptions of yourself, just the polar opposites of one another but I only really hear it being said when someone's lacking humility so I'm not particularly sure.

ldamien65 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
kiekendief 3 points

Hehe you might be right I don't know... Most people I know kinda liked it tho... but maybe it wasnt hugely popular :)

ldamien65 0 points

Saw it with a few friends and thought it was garbage through and though. At least shaymalan had the decency to put some sort of plot twist towards the end.

mrpoopistan 0 points

7.5 -- this rating has been adjusted to account for internet-based self-reporting.

ldamien65 1 point

7.5 rating based on what? The report itself or?

TRPalexmehr 5 points

I disagree and think she's interested. You have to keep in mind cultural expectations, especially when her mother is around. There's no way she's going to show that much interest in a conservative culture, when she's just met you, and parents are around. The fact that she pulled away later is probably because she was scared to let other people see.

Great move playing footsie under the table. No one else knows and you two have a secret between the two of you. If she played footsie back I would say she's definitely interested. This would have been super exciting for her, especially if you were eyeing her while doing it.

Message her and ask her out on a date. Just be direct. If she says no there's really no harm done.

ldamien65 1 point

That would've been ideal but I plan to fly out of Russia in the next 24 hours so it's a no go. That's sort of why agreed to go hang out with her and her friend since it didn't matter whether it turned out well or not considering the fact that I leave so soon. But yeah, thanks for the reply. If she was interested in me but was too invested in ASD, I get it. Just kind of sucks that I didn't even get to make out with her.

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EducatedCavemen 3 points

Bro, this looks like simple 1:1 date. You have the girl you like and your friend has a girl he can try to create something with. This is as isolated as you can get besides making this into a actual 1 on 1 date.

But you’re asking how can you isolate, or better said get away from the group with her so you can bust some moves. Well look at what’s around you ? Have you been to this hookah bar before ? Like what is available in there ? Do they have pool tables? Arcade machines? A bar ? A Dancefloor ? Do they have anything that can help you turn this group date into a mini 1:1 date ?

I wish I could help you more, but that’s it for right now. But remember, just have fun. This girl is already going out with you, you’re not that far from getting her in your bed. Good luck.

ldamien65 1 point

I've never been to this hookah bar before and not really sure what the layout is. I'm not particularly sure whether her friend is gonna be attractive or not but I guess I can ask my friend whether he'll be a bro and make a move on her anyway. If theres a dance floor I definitely don't mind going out.

ldamien65 commented on a post in r/pics
PicayuneCoterie 125 points

Congratulations. No doubt was hard.
I lost my career in the miltary and gained a hefty criminal record because of cocaine and crack cocaine. Ive been sober for ten years as of last month. The first couple years were hard as hell. They will likely be the same for you.
I assure you though, it will be 100% worth it. The "high" you can get from actual happiness through success beats that shit every day.

Best of luck.

ldamien65 1 point

Congrats man. I'll have 5 months on the 17th as well. This is the longest amount of sobriety I've ever obtained before despite the fact that I've been to multiple rehabs.

ldamien65 commented on a post in r/seduction
ldamien65 2 points

Dude I had the exact same problem when I lost my virginity. I think it mostly stems from performance anxiety and constantly being stuck in your head thinking whether you're doing the right and futurizing/catastrophizing how the scenario would go and whether you're making any mistakes. The fact that I was high on weed also didn't help my case but it was definitely anxiety induced.

PipBoy19 1 point

how long did it take for it to stop?

ldamien65 1 point

I mean, it only happened like a year and a half ago, I was 15 lol. I'm not exactly highly experienced in PUA but I've had more sexual encounters since then and I find it much easier to cum when I get head like you said. I think another component is the fact that the porn I was watching was some pretty intense fetish shit ever since regular porn became kind of mundane and sex wasn't as exciting as I hoped it to be. I was too fearful of really dominating the girl even though I would've loved that and was too focused on her getting off than myself. The upside though is that I could fuck for hours. I'm not exaggerating when I say that within a 24 hour period that I spent with a girl, we had sex for over 7 hours. 2 and a half in the previous night and more than 4 hours the next day, sometimes taking water breaks and going out to eat. She came over 10 times that day while I only got off once and that was one hour into the morning sex. Trying to fall asleep with blue balls even after you had sex with a girl for 2 and a half hours makes you wonder what the fuck is wrong with you.

ldamien65 commented on a post in r/seduction
YesIStick 3 points

Always get a number. Always text immediately. “Hey it’s name from the plane! It was good to meet you!” Always wait 14 days to reply. “Been so busy! How’ve you been?” Always set up a date within 1 day after replying again and then go back to far and few between conversation until you meet. Use the excuse the day of “hey! I’m going to be 10-15 late, had some stuff pop up, hope that’s okay!”

This negates opportunity for second thoughts. This ramps up your demand and SMV This reduces the chances you will over think and reply something stupid. This increases your chances of a F2F meet up. Escalate and enjoy.

ldamien65 1 point

So I know you should her the time and date you want to meet but what if she's busy and wants to compromise? Should you go along with it or what?

blister333 1 point

Uh if she gave off mixed signals and is bringing a friend along, you’re probably friend Zoned

ldamien65 1 point

Damn that's a shame. Would it be futile to attempt to escalate at that point?

blister333 2 points

If you’re gonna go, definitely atleast try escalating. I could be wrong but I think your fate has been sealed. If you escalate and it doesn’t go well, you tried. You could also use her as pre selection when you’re out and game other chicks in front of her. You’ll have higher status than normal and she’ll see that her rejecting you doesn’t turn you into a crying baby.

ldamien65 1 point

Lol yeah I'll move on and start hitting on her friend soon as she shows signs of rejection. Any advice on how to nonchalantly respond to a scenario in which she rejects my advances? Like what to say and how to act?

ldamien65 commented on a post in r/seduction
ldamien65 3 points

Hey man, good shit. As a fellow 17 year old who'd also have experienced extreme anxiety in situations such as these, I commend you for your effort. I read the whole report and I gotta say you provably would've done better than I have. Although I'm constantly being told I'm a relatively attractive, smart, athletic guy by people and ex girlfriends, the anxiety of engaging in a conversation with a girl that that's a complete stranger and feeling the need to somehow impress her and have a shitty mantra playing in your head like "don't fuck up, don't fuck up" can be pretty debilitating when it comes to that. Majority of the girls I ever hooked up or had sex with either approached me or were introduced to me through other friends. What you did is some ballsy shit dude and I seriously need to do the same. Although I noticed u got a bit of shit in the comments, I gotta say that reading this was slightly inspirational. Let me know if you post any more.

blobbyseconds 2 points

Hey, thanks for the support! And yeah, this shit can be surprisingly scary and honestly it’s just all social conditioning mixed in with evolutionary psychology. Once you just realize that talking to people in and of itself is no big deal, it doesn’t become a big deal haha.

Go out and do at least one approach! That’s what I always do. Focus on just doing one approach, no matter how bad it might be. At least I took some action, ya know?

ldamien65 2 points

Yeah you're right. Fuck, it just seems so inherently terrifying for some reason. Paralysis by analysis is the motto considering I over think the fuck out of situations like these.

asapzombie 2 points

Sometimes I start talking to them while my friend and I are drinking our bottle/drinks at the club’s bar. Then say let’s go dancing! You already have rapport so you can go for the kiss pretty much instantly (watch rsdmax for examples)

Don’t have a conversation when gaming on the dance floor. “Hey you’re cute” “Thanks you too” bam go for the kiss.

You can game at the end of the night when people are getting their coats (if you have coatcheck) and it’s super easy to go to their place/yours just say you want to keep chilling/having fun and get in a taxi.

Don’t grab her from behind. Her friends will pull her from you and she will be creeped out.

ldamien65 1 point

Oh I see. Yeah that seems like a pretty solid game plan. Are you sure it'd be wise to kiss the girl as soon as you engage in conversation. I'm currently in Russia and speaking from experience, the men here are hyper-aggressive and very possessive of their women. If I did that to the wrong girl on the dance floor, things could turn bad real quick. I've seen it happen before, I've even had friends get into fights with people who shot disdainful looks their way.

ldamien65 commented on a post in r/asktrp
Imalwaysrightred 7 points

As a fellow high schooler who’s your age and is 2 months into TRP, remember we’re in high school. Idk about you but I’m done with hs in June. I wouldn’t stress it too much.

ldamien65 2 points

As a fellow 17 year old, I agree. The thing that bothers me most about high school parties though is that hooking up with girls is relatively easy but actually persuading them to go back to your place or even into a bedroom in the house is where most problems arise. I don't know whether it's because they're too protective of their virginity, too fearful of an uncomfortable situation or in fear of being slut shamed by whoever saw her leave with me. It may just be a high school thing but hopefully that shit dies out at uni.

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