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AlexanderThomas1900 2 points

This would be extremely situational. I could only see this working if the defenders are not on the top floor. This would be detrimental to the atraxlers because now the have more incentive to reinforce all the walls. A defender could place c4 on a destructible wall and/or barricade to bait resonance.

liamguy165 2 points

Huh, you and the next guy have two conflict opinions. Personally I feel as though it’s a high risk high reward kind of thing, as it can’t be too easy as we already have Jackal, Lion, Dokkaebi. So Resonance would require good team work and proper planning to use effectively, like have a teammate peak site as Resonance is above it using her gadget to prevent her being killed. I’m more so interested in the new dynamic it creates in the environment with open doors and open walls.

AlexanderThomas1900 1 point

Would it work on castle barracades?

liamguy165 2 points

I don’t know, should it? I think it should.

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liamguy165 1 point

This is very interesting to me, because my dad works with and knows a guy who oversees proton beam treatment. SpaceX rents out the place every weekend for research, otherwise the facility is used to treat people like you. From the stories he has told me, it seems to be really great and they are constantly in use. How has proton beam therapy affected or improved your life?

onlylovematters 1 point

I have such a great daughter and original family. (Is that what you call parents and siblings after you are all adults and on your own? Origin family? I know there is a term for it.)

liamguy165 2 points

That’s so great!! Good family is all you can ask for

raymond_noodle_rehab 1 point

I have an amazing family. <3

liamguy165 2 points

That’s always fantastic :)

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Daeurth 3 points

So they're giving/expecting incorrect information? Best of luck.

liamguy165 4 points

That’s what I’m saying! Apparently they do this because a decent amount of the AP CSP courses teach with block-based programming, where sometimes they do start at 1

Daeurth 5 points

I was under the impression AP CS used Java to teach the concepts, which would start at 0 (correctly). It wasn't offered at my high school though, so I could be wrong.

liamguy165 2 points

It does, but this is Computer Science Principles, a different course that covers more broad, diverse topics and aims for more so an introduction to computer science

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JustaDuck97 3 points

Agreed. Ksp isn't my cup of tea. It's missing the freedom.

liamguy165 3 points

Yes, also why I can’t play primarily component-based building sandboxes, it’s just not free enough

krypt-lynx 15 points

Well. All those SE clones missing one important thing: Space Engineers have the best ingame programming capabilities. At current moment, it significantly shapes community.

liamguy165 3 points

What do you mean all those clones? I haven’t seen anything that comes close in terms of sandbox-freedom and somewhat accurate real-time physics.

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ididnoteatyourcat 1 point

Yes, basically, except by a factor of c2 less, not more. See stress-energy tensor which is what causes gravitational fields.

liamguy165 1 point

Ah I see, thanks. So it takes enormous gravitational fields to really affect energy? Have we observe this happening/is this gravitational lensing?

rivenwyrm 6 points

Think of it like this: The amount of energy stored in an atom (due to the strong and weak forces) is stored there because that is the most stable repository for that energy. If it weren't, it would be somewhere else by now, billions of years into the universe. Naturally decaying atoms are unstable, so they shed energy until they reach a state of stability. But atoms that do not decay are already in the most stable form they can reach without 'outside intervention'. And there are a very limited number of ways you can 'intervene' inside an atom, simply due to physics.

Obviously, isotopes are unstable because the extra neutrons are throwing off the balance in the atom, but the best solution for the atom is to just get rid of the neutrons.

liamguy165 2 points

Okay, that makes sense. So the equation + what we see everyday implies mass is more stable than energy?

Mac223 2 points

It seems that E=mc2, while true, hides the difficulty of the process in that equals sign

The equals sign doesn't imply a process.

One part of the equality is that if you do convert matter to energy, or vice versa, it tells you that c2 is the conversion factor.

A second point, which isn't clear unless you know the full context of the equality, is that energy is mass, and mass is energy. A ball of energy has a mass and gravitational attraction, just like matter.

liamguy165 1 point

So can it be converted, or are they the same thing? If mass is equal to energy, then really isn’t everything one or the other?

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azx6r 1 point

Considering that there is a huge ball of rotating molten iron at the centre of the planet, I don't think this question has a meaningful answer.

liamguy165 1 point

I’m sure ballpark can be calculated. Insanely high numbers though, that’s for sure

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