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So much neglect and abuse. I wouldn’t trust half of most campuses to actually take care of the animals instead of just using them for Instagram pictures drinking beer or blowing weed smoke in their faces

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In college, I volunteered at a dog shelter frequently. They asked us simply to play and socialize with the dogs knowing that most were sheltered or surrendered because they weren’t properly socialized. The shelter was the most successful in our state at placing animals precisely because it exposed its dogs to several volunteers versus a single person.

My own rescue had the same problem and is now adjusted because he encountered many kind people and gradually learned over several years that they would not hurt him.

I think it would be possible for a program to protect against this possibility by offering the dogs for walks during daytime hours. That is what the local shelter did. It is not unlike the dogs used to mutually rehabilitate those in correctional facilities.

There is a good body of psychology and ethology research behind this model to create prosocial behavior, reduce stress cortisol, and increase oxytocin. It probably wouldn’t be right for all dogs and all people, but homeless pets outnumber homeless people 5:1 and it could be a place to start.

Rosy Aemilia? It sure is a cute little pizza moth.

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Thank you! Seems right!

Methylchloroisothiazolinone, learned that shifty IUPAC in the bath at age 8. Can’t forget. Still have no idea what it is. Pls help r/askscience.

Wow, it really warms my heart to hear that. I've definitely seen ingress and Pokemon go help people through some rough times, it's about to help me through one (replace being drunk with being stoned and poor immunology with loneliness and you have my situation). I'll check up on you in a week or so to make sure you're still doing well, what faction did you pick?

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Thanks! I never played Pokémon go because of the privacy concerns but ingress seems a lot more legit—google just trying to improve their maps. That’s very kind of you, I’m not really an unstable person just got realllll lazy there the past months. Resistance, of course. :) you?

I'm an enlightened myself, if you're concerned about privacy I wouldn't get too comfortable with ingress, it's made by the same company as Pokemon go, but if you have the Facebook app it already collects more data than ingress or Pokemon go ever could so you might as well just enjoy the game

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Damn. Well, I never play near my house—nothing out there for us rural folk anyway. Was just pondering how energy and sloth are both cyclical. I’m at 20 miles walking in the past 4 days, about to go out again, more than the past several weeks? Amazing. Thanks again.

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A variation of every husky owner’s reaction upon coming home.

She’s beautiful now. She looks like she had been crying in the first shot. One of the best transformations I’ve seen on this sub. Not many people would adopt a dog who had been in the shelter for so long. Good job, OP.

/u/BasedOnAir OP is so brave for having three huskeres AND a cate. True fortitude.

One reason is due to Herostaic fame. Basically people are OK with getting infamous if they can.

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Been saying this for years with significantly less articulation/historical insight than you, Master Morgoth. Thanks so much for the reference.

Can you give examples of what toxic chemicals they use in their panels that are not present in american panels?

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Flame retardants mostly. I wrote legislation to ban 6 in WA in 2015. Solar continues to be a question.

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So to be clear, you are in favor of the tariff?

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Yes. Even as a card-carrying republican (our state makes us do that) and lifelong libertarian, this is a good policy for domestic manufacturers and the environment. Since most e-cycle programs are run by governments, trying to recycle toxics costs more in the out years, and completely mitigates whatever positive effects solar panels have in terms of environmental integrity. The only reason to oppose this tariff would be wanting to live off the grid away from your utility (a noble feat for those of us who hate monopolies) and subsequently not minding the water quality and labor impacts of dealing with Chinese solar end-of-life. I respect that, but my personal libertarianism comes from fiscal conservatism and, when life cycle impacts are measured, American solar panels are cheaper for society. To be clear, I don’t think we need them at all in certain areas, but there is consumer demand so our job is to figure out how to integrate them without cost to those who choose not to opt for distributed energy.

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Wat kind of doggo is mowgli other than cute pls

That’s not Jimmy Graham wearing 88. No way. I know JG anywhere and that’s not him.

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r/loseitPosted byu/[deleted]

PM me too!

Super cute

What is this beauty’s breed fren

I love Apple Pay. It makes me feel inside the future.

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