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libertine__lass commented on a post in r/news
MasterMorgoth 140 points

One reason is due to Herostaic fame. Basically people are OK with getting infamous if they can.

libertine__lass 5 points

Been saying this for years with significantly less articulation/historical insight than you, Master Morgoth. Thanks so much for the reference.

libertine__lass commented on a post in r/Libertarian
lelarentaka 4 points

Can you give examples of what toxic chemicals they use in their panels that are not present in american panels?

libertine__lass 18 points

Flame retardants mostly. I wrote legislation to ban 6 in WA in 2015. Solar continues to be a question.

sgnl 2 points

So to be clear, you are in favor of the tariff?

libertine__lass 13 points

Yes. Even as a card-carrying republican (our state makes us do that) and lifelong libertarian, this is a good policy for domestic manufacturers and the environment. Since most e-cycle programs are run by governments, trying to recycle toxics costs more in the out years, and completely mitigates whatever positive effects solar panels have in terms of environmental integrity. The only reason to oppose this tariff would be wanting to live off the grid away from your utility (a noble feat for those of us who hate monopolies) and subsequently not minding the water quality and labor impacts of dealing with Chinese solar end-of-life. I respect that, but my personal libertarianism comes from fiscal conservatism and, when life cycle impacts are measured, American solar panels are cheaper for society. To be clear, I don’t think we need them at all in certain areas, but there is consumer demand so our job is to figure out how to integrate them without cost to those who choose not to opt for distributed energy.

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libertine__lass commented on a post in r/pics
libertine__lass 2 points

My dog was surrendered to the shelter on December 22. Are there more instances of people abandoning their animals during the holiday season, and if so, why?

emken -2 points

I'm more concerned with the discussion aspect, such as it is. I'm still yet to engage in an actual argument.

libertine__lass 3 points

This was hilarious. Thanks, Reddit. The vole was kicking shortly after he killed it, so I did want to clarify somehow that it was a fresh kill. Though it didn't occur to me at the time, "freshly killed" does sound a little more savage.

If anyone cares for some gruesome details (and I suspect you do given the entomologists of this subreddit,) I proceeded to turn over the vole with a dried out blackberry vine and cut open its abdomen with a blackberry thorn. It appeared that the vole was female, so I was unsure whether the larvae were maggots having infested a stillborn cavity or had parasitized the vole's entire body.

Regardless, thank you all for the clarity and entertainment. The vet never even emailed me back. All I was needing is the correct wormer for my dog in case he contracts the parasite, so thank you again!

emken 3 points

Ugh, here I go again. In case you had doubts, you conveyed the freshness of the kill with complete clarity, such that any reasonable reader would immediately infer that the parasite crawled out of the vole right after the death of its host. And immediately conclude that I did. You conveyed successfully for a few reasons I'm loathe to get into at this point, but the main point is that, of the reasons for your success, the word "live" is not one of them. The overall context in which it was used makes it easy to infer your intention in using it, but the word itself, I think, did not have that effect.

Edit: This has been great, I wish the negative karma would drown me forever in an unending flood.

libertine__lass 3 points

You crack me up. Thanks.

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