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Thoughts on retaking CCENT for a better score?

Hey CCNA subreddit fam. Today I took my ICND1 exam today and passed with score that I am ultimately not very pleased with. What is everyone's thoughts/opinions on retaking a passed exam for a better score? I'm a bit worried this "eh" passing score would affect my chances of getting my career started once I obtain my CCNA. Is it worth it to retake and try to get a better score or is it a better idea to focus on passing the ICND2 now?

Best regards - Ray

Edit: Thanks for the replies. I'll keep in mind that a pass is a pass for certs, but will most definitely focus on my weak areas from the exam score breakdown.


So cough it up then mate, I need a laugh

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Laugh at deez


CCENT/CCNA Exam deadline?

How is everybody's night/morning going? I just finished up some network studying and came across a concern.

Do anyone know when the deadlines are for taking currently offered Cisco certification exams? I came across a web page which displays all the retired tests and their last day to take it, but where do I go to view currently offered exam's deadline dates?

For example, as of right now, I'm studying for the ICND1 100-105. Do i refer to the retired exams page for updates about this exam's deadline date or is it posted elsewhere? And if that's the page I refer to, how early in advance does Cisco post deadline dates?


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Last version of CCNA/CCENT lasted 3 years or so before being revised. That being said it can last longer or less longer, see the blog post of Wendell Odom below :

For your information, if the current version last 3 years like the previous cert, the new cert will be pushed next summer.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Thanks for the info and reply Eric! 💪

If I remember correctly they announce the retirement and the last day to take the exam on the Cisco Learning Network. They post the deadlines a few months before. The last CCENT/CCNA exam was retired mid 2016 so you should be alright finishing the exams before they do so again. Good luck!

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Thanks for the reply 0xygen! 👌


Kucoin Trading Fee.

On the website it states "0.1% (Will charge from the asset you bought)". Anyone know how to calculate the amount of coins I would get if I purchase 1 ETH worth of NEO?


( 1ETH / NEOprice in ETH ) * 99.9%

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Thanks Chuck!

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