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Jobeadear 2 points

Just ask them how would the lizard people live at the core of the earth's mantle if the earth was flat, counter their nonsense with nonsense lol

lilsquish23 2 points

Lol. Hit the moon landing was faked with the moon is fake

LailaAsifreann 0 points

You mean Frances Cobain? That’s a perfectly normal name for a child

lilsquish23 1 point

I wasn’t commenting on frances, it just seems like something she would do.

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lilsquish23 commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
thedeanorama 1 point

Euphemism for Vaping?

lilsquish23 1 point

A “Juul” is a small, discreet vape pen that resembles a jump/flash drive

lilsquish23 1 point

A juul is a small, discreet vape pen that resembles a jump/flash drive.

lilsquish23 commented on a post in r/Nudah
dodo__dodo 2 points

Can you uhh send those my way

lilsquish23 1 point

How would I do that my friends

dodo__dodo 2 points

Dm me on Instagram?


lilsquish23 1 point


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Pingvinensomgikk 1 point

I am Sorry for your last dog, i am sad to see that nobody understood that i was joking. You however seem like you did :) say hi from me and have s Nice day !

lilsquish23 1 point

You too. Grace says woof.

kiev98 1 point

Or try contacting the mods cos I don't think its that sad a title

lilsquish23 1 point

The message say even stories that get better are not allowed

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PeevesPoltergist 3 points

She's beautiful, what's her story?

lilsquish23 7 points

Gracie is a Blue Tick Heeler. She’s almost 14 years old. She has arthritis and hip dysplasia. She has survived multiple attacks by the neighbors dogs. She has always gone with us wherever we went. She has always been our guard doggo. She treats us like her little pups even though she can barely walk. 13/10 amazing doggo deserves a rest.

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