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Sure thing.

I'd go to a Casino and try my luck. Win or lose, his "motherfucker" would be appropriate. Double your money? MOTHERFUCKER! Lose everything? Mother.....fucker....

It works out.

[deleted] 4 points

Passed JNCIA 102 this month. For my studying I used the official JNCIA Study Guide, old cbt nuggets by Michael Shannon (he is perfect unlike more recent Jncia cbt nuggets).

For practicing I used that old olive VM + vSRX inside Eve-ng and sometimes GNS3.

I would add that 5 hour long Juniper Network Fundamentals course.

It was an easy exam, I'm now studying for my ccna i will attempt the exam in June.

limpossible 2 points

Cool deal. We were told to buy some $35 software that's like Packet Tracer, but I'll look into possibly checking out the GNS3 option.

I should probably brush up on the fundamental stuff and factoidal information (what kind of routing protocol is OSPF, BGP, etc).

I've done some slight work on Juniper gear before at my job at an MSP, but nothing crazy.

Cookiemonster52 1 point

What is your GPU? And also, why use a low-profile cooler when you have the space for a larger one? Otherwise build looks good.

limpossible 1 point

1060 - I'll just be ripping it out of my current rig. Yeah, its not the best thing out there, but it gets the job done. Buying a 1070/1080 isn't entirely in the budget right now and I'll probably wait another gen or two before replacing the 1060.

As for the cooler - that was just a random one I grabbed. I might tack on a larger one if you think thats the way to go.

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I like Muse. They definitely use the Pink/Purple/Blue color scheme in their videos and such. I'm sure it's not coincidental. Example:

They're constantly in my music rotation.

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That's tough man. I'd say you should tell anyone that you're interested in after a few dates or so. I've been through the same and it sucks but I feel that it's something that you should share with a partner - why be with someone you have to hide from? Just my two cents.

Maybe it was some other factor why she ghosted you? Who knows.

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gh0stingRS 498 points

I just want to say, no matter who wins, thank god we're fans of the NFC.

I love dominating teams, but Christ it feels like Pats Steelers is just a given at this point

limpossible 44 points

Not a fan of AFC for this reason. Pats, Steelers, sometimes Ravens and Broncos. I feel that's how it's been for the last decade with no competition.

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DylanKing1999 1 point

Thanks for the links.

“I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted – romantically and/or sexually – to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree.”

Is this the Robyn Ochs definition you we're referring to? Never heard of her before but that does sound good.

limpossible 2 points

Yeah that's the often cited one and is probably one of the best explainations out there.

limpossible 2 points

[31 M] As a young kid I had crushes on girls and somewhat effeminate, but when puberty hit I realized that I was also sexually attracted to men. For context, this was in like 98/99 and I didn't know that bi was a thing, so I came out to my family as gay. I generally rolled with that identity in my lower teens. I guess the rationale at the time was that if you're even slightly being interested in guys, you're just gay, right? Wrong. Major miscalculation on my part and my interest in men faded. This wasn't a social pressure thing for me, but more of an internal struggle. My family accepted the idea that I was gay a few months after I came out and I was friends with other kids that were lesbian/gay/questioning.

Time marched on and I dated only girls in my late teens to twenties. I had a few experiences with women, but my interest in guys resurfaced after a breakup with a girl - we weren't the most sexually compatible and it messed with me. I had major issues with both a gay or straight sexual identity in my twenties, trying to write off my attractions to either sex in certain ways depending on the context (loneliness, confusion, fetish, etc). I'm 31 now and just go with bi now. It ebbs and flows and it still messes with me at times too, but I roll with it. It's a tricky thing to realize and biphobia will mess with ya.

I'm definitely more romantically more interested in a girls and get quite turned on by them when I'm in proximity, but more often than not I'm more sexually interested in men when it comes to porn and fantasy. There is this one lady I know that thinks I'm just gay (doesn't believe the bi identity) but she turns me on incredibly, for example.

Id say that i'm more likely to notice women when I'm out and about but am occasionally interested in certain guys.

I guess the end game for me would be to settle down with a nice bi/pan/etc person who gets WTF is going on in my swirly head.

I hope this helps, makes sense, and doesn't come off too ranty.

fatluvin 2 points

You don’t wanna leave, but what future do you see there? A hick town that’s hostile to LGBT people isn’t going to be a pleasant experience for you. Especially if everyone at your job is an asshole now too. And your “friend” apparently busted you right out. Fuck all that. Pack up and move somewhere else. Find a big city you can disappear into and be whoever you want to be. No one will care. And your dating options will open up wide.

limpossible 2 points

Yeah, I think this is really the beginning of the end of my life in the city/area I grew up in. I've been dealing with so many people sticking their nose in my business and unnecessary drama. At the least I'm going to relocate to the city which is kind of indifferent to LGBT folks, but I think I'm ready to start fresh again into adulthood. I just feel like I'm running from a problem but it's likely for the best.

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