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logohere commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
mekane84 51 points

There are enough industries for both vechain AND walton, peoples!

logohere 16 points

Right I agree 1.4$ trillion being pumped into IoT by 2021

logohere 13 points

Great clarification on this controversial topic.

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logohere 7 points

China Mobile IoT Alliance...IoT Alliance part is important.

logohere 6 points

Thank you for unlocking this

logohere 26 points

Everyone is connected to this project. This is amazing news for IoT development and the future of cryptocurrency.

logohere commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
ChalkCultPen 55 points

It's a Disney brand licensor* but I think it's still big news for DBC. AI seems like a fitting use of Blockchain.. I'll have to research a bit more on this coin!

logohere 4 points

Great news regarless

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Dlow_Stacks 54 points

The fact of the matter is, the Coinnest and Coinlink announcements are absolutely huge. I think people are confusing these exchange partnerships as simple listings.. Waltonchain has PARTNERED with these exchanges, which is different from a listing because this means WTC will receive special support and privileges.

This could very well mean free advertised Waltonchain ICOs, WTC being used as the medium of exchange (AKA WTC pairings) etc. This also goes on to highlight the true scope of the project. Exchanges don't just partner with any project. Coinnest and Coinlink obviously see something in WTC that the majority of us don't if they're willing to work this deeply with Waltonchain. The reason why I believe this post deserves more upvotes is because I don't think people have contemplated its true potential, regardless of Korean FUD. But then you take into account the fact Coinnest and Coinlink are already certified compliant exchanges in Korea (Coinlink being the first KOSDAQ bitcoin exchange), and you've got yourself a perfect storm brewing.

logohere 3 points

Thanks for the info.

logohere 21 points

Feels good to be on exchanges that are backed by the SK Govt.

vferr 3 points

IoT + Navigation ? Anyone know what that means as far as applications? they also make it sound like blockchain is just another positive aspect of walton, which they happen to be a world leader in

logohere 6 points

Walton wants to be involved in freight shipping via trains / cargo ships. They want to be involved in automobile manufacturing as well.

logohere 11 points

Navigation + IOT = WATLON

logohere commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
logohere 3 points

Lmao CNBC said could take years for bill to pass to ban crypto in Korea.

logohere 11 points

Good thing that Coinnest and Coinlink are not part of this.

logohere 10 points

Walton is safe.

DoggyOut 1 point

For those who dont know, this is from November of last year. Still awesome news!

logohere 3 points

Yeh they made this strategic partner months before and hinted about issues in SK in the AMA when we were asking about bitthumb listing.

logohere 12 points

Due to recent fud on other SK exchanges investors will move to Coinlink and Coinnest.

logohere commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
logohere 1 point

Walton- Masternode & Staking / In wallet 1-click mining (cpu/gpu)

logohere 2 points

5000 WTC per masternode. Rewards to be higher than Dash paid in WTC vs a utility token. Rewards based on parent chain & child chain usage. Child chains at launch will be 3. Additional child chains will be added and can scale to 100+ each providing additional rewards without increasing block time. Passive staking and mining viable without purchase of masternode. Wallet Mining will be similar to Nicehash. Will not require an expensive mining rig to be purchased/built.

logohere commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
fent11 23 points

I love the smell of rocket fuel in the morning...

logohere 18 points

who needs coffee when you have walton

[deleted] 4 points


logohere 11 points

Walton parent/child chain development platform will be huge for the future of cryptocurrency and real world application.

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logohere 4 points

English version

_B4M 9 points

this is awesome, but I wish they would elaborate a bit more on the partnership beyond to "promote the development of blockchain industry"

logohere 21 points

Walton will develop new child chains. They are launching with 3 to start and more will be added. Waltonchain is going to be a development platform for future projects. Think NEO & ETH.

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logohere 4 points

TLDR: Silicon subsidiary Nanjing Sleewa Information Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened on December 25th. Currently, there are 12 team members, 3 doctor, 6 masters, 2 advanced technicians. They have also partnered with prestigious universities such as Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing Oil University, Guangzhou Zhongshan University and Xiamen Overseas Chinese University.

logohere 3 points

This news was overlooked during the holidays and conferences that were held around the same time.

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