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logohere commented on a post in r/waltonchain
cryptoskillz 8 points

We should stop posting in /cc sub. The people there have so much hate against Altcoins, especially against Waltonchain,, vet etc. IMO posting there harms more than benefits us as walton "fans".

logohere 0 points

The difference is posting important very important 3rd party vetted information vs daily info or 1 party source like twitter.

ChuckieOrLaw 1 point

Wait, are you saying that's a good thing or that WTC team can't code good?

(not gonna freak out at either answer, just wondering if I'm missing some scandal or something!)

logohere 1 point

Walton is going to be teaching so its a very good thing. The only scandal is that this news is being downplayed. Its a big deal for crypto as a whole.

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