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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
XxD4NKxM3M3xL0RDxX 1 point

One of my buddies is champ 1 with a little over 300 hours. Took me 1200 personally, but some people are really fast learners.

lohkeytx 1 point

did he queue with you in ranked early on? or is that all solo q?

cornnndog 2 points

I think it really comes down to mechanics at that rank. Someone who is even slightly capable of higher level mechanics is going to absolutely destroy someone low ranked without both the knowledge of how to perform the mechanics and how to defend against them.

Then you hit champ and it's the same thing, except the advantage is in the hands of those who have perfected the mechanics.

lohkeytx 1 point

honestly at champ level it's not about the mechanical advantage. It's tighter/faster rotations and positional awareness/game sense that is heavily increased.

and someone mechanics but not anywhere near as impacting as the above.

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
BananaRama77 12 points

It bugs me that so many people still say “well I don’t see a problem, it’s purely cosmetic.”

My younger 12 year old brother asked me this past week for money to buy keys for Rocket League. Of course I didn’t want to make him upset, so I somehow explained to him that the crates just aren’t worth it, so instead I bought him the Batman DLC pack.

These crates are gambling and can easily target kids. Getting rid of the crates altogether would definitely put my mind and my wallet at ease.

lohkeytx 0 points

then those dumbass kids should get educated early that gambling isn't good. Dont blame the publisher for lack of parental/brotherly guidance.

Mendezllk 3 points

I just want to be able to trade-up my equal quality items from different crates!

lohkeytx 1 point

yeah but what would be the potential to upgrade to? literally every item in the game of the next rarity? i'd hate that tbh.

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Go-daddio 2 points

Is there any unseen skill ranking used for casual play? If so, does the game try to pit similar skill level players together? I feel like as I've improved marginally, my teammates and opponents have gotten way better.

lohkeytx 2 points

Yes unranked has it's own MMR.

mostly it does a pretty good job, but if it's super high like mine it becomes a crapshoot.

offset is that i end up playing really really good players that make ranked a lot easier when i do play ranked.

Champ1/2 in ranked

unranked MMR rn is like 1900

A_Sentient_Lime 2 points

So I thought I understood the ranking system but this happened yesterday:

Me D1d2, TM P2d4 (we both have around 500 matches in doubles this season)

Lost first game, i didn't move TM drops to div 3.

8 match win streak i go to D1d4, TM goes to P3d2

3 match loss streak i go down D1d2 TM goes P3d1.

Surely just based on the win loss ratio we both should be up in rank from where we started?

lohkeytx 3 points

it's not solely based on win/loss.

You get generally less points for a win than you lose for a loss. But that also depends on the opponents. You'd have to watch a detailed per-game livetracker to see what points you get.

often i'll get 7 points for a win and lose 11 for a loss.

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
lohkeytx 3 points

I'm champ 2 in solo standard right now. The queue is so long that i get in a match with diamond 3's and sometimes a champ 1. If i lose, i lose a fuck load of points. If i win, i get next to nothing.

no incentive to keep playing it and climb it to GC.

So the population of SS is so small the higher you get the harder it is to keep going because you're playing with people that can be well below your rank that will kneecap you if you lose.

PureOcelot 1 point

Heh, I play SS just so I can match up against or with people like you (not quite your level, but close-ish). I'm basically diamond 2 and there are so many players with Champ rewards that I queue up with, it's way more fun than always playing other D2s. So thank you for your time and effort - at least on occasion!

lohkeytx 1 point

more fun for whom? lol

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
miahrules 1 point

Really the entire rank system is kind of bogus.

Strictly having an MMR system would probably queue you up more accurately instead of rank wise.

I think most games are caught up in naming their MMR cutoffs arbitrarily to make people feel accomplished. But if you are MMR worthy of Diamond 3 and getting to the top, you're now playing against "champion" level players. That only tells you that they were in champion rank at the time, but absolutely does not tell you what their actual MMR is, which is more indicative of how they have been playing recently.

lohkeytx 1 point

well all the ranking names ARE artificial. If your MMR is 1500, it's 1500. "MMR Worthy" is a slippery slope and 100% subjective based on whoever it is playing. "i'm amazing, my MMR worthiness is AT LEAST champ 1 even though i'm diamond 1 because i had a couple good games"

Which is why the more games played the more your MMR normalizes in the first place.

The actual math behind all of it is proven across multiple platforms. It's just ruthless given the nature of this platform (rocket league).

Your entire argument in that last paragraph is kind of foggy and it was hard to follow, so forgive if i misread some of it.

miahrules 1 point

That's fine then you get to play against your diamond counterparts and be shown that you're actually silver in skill level.

The fact that they separate the individual ranks between different "tiers" is where I'm dumbfounded. I don't really understand any true reason for that, other than visually and for personal bragging. They should just have the single rank Bronze, Silver, Gold, Play, Diamond, Champion, and Grand Champion. And from there just have a divisions within that. Is the MMR difference, along with mechanical skill level, so much higher between bronze 1,2,3, Silver 1,2,3, Gold 1,2,3 etc etc?

I think they tried to move their rank system from where it was when the game released and adapt it to a neweer rank style, which isn't working in the end, as far as how it is moving you up and down at inconsistent rates.

lohkeytx 1 point

In the lower ranks it all kind of blends together, i agree. However the higher ranks... Diamond and Champion, the skill gaps are very apparent. The gap between a Champ 1 and Champ 3 is drastic. very, very drastic.

It's not inconsistent, it's absolutely consistent, it's just completely unforgiving in how it works unfortunately.

Breaking things up the way they do is that carrot on the stick the western playerbase just gets off on and have to have. Is what it is. Since rewards are given at the base rank, i think the lower ranks should all blend. keep the same MMR range that Gold 1 and Gold 3 encompass, but at Diamond and Champ they should keep it split out.

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Albanian_Mafia -9 points

People also love opioids, hopefully that also dies. Rl is like a bad drug, it hurts you but you keep coming back. How many kids self harmed because of the trashpiles in this community?

As for myself, the constant toxicity, waiting around to be dropped in empty lobbies or 0-17 w 30s over and over, this craptastic update and more have driven me closer to just liquidating my inventory and uninstalling. Because quite frankly, this game resembles heroin more than it resembles anything positive. Thats just like my opinion dude, but i felt like getting that off my chest, thx for reading

lohkeytx 1 point

How many kids self harmed because of the trashpiles in this community?

... none?

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
mgziller 3 points

Servergate wheels and the disconnect antenna were given out because of the server issues

No flip resets, ceiling shots, or flips/wavedashes out of goal—I’m actually not even sure if air roll was possible back then (I sucked—wait never mind still do)

I DO wish we could see the actual number of our MMR instead of checking a third party site (I’m PS4 so no AC for me)

Edit: no crates, items extremely limited, no tourneys, although painted common wheels dropping again would be nice...

lohkeytx 1 point

No flip resets, ceiling shots, or flips/wavedashes out of goal

uhm. all this was possible. people just didn't work out the intricacies of it at the time as the game was new.

icon0clast6 3 points

half the servers in the game weren't just cheap virtual machines,

Do you even know what this means or are you just parroting some bullshit you heard.

lohkeytx 2 points

Me thinks the latter.

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Chaezaa 2 points

Do you have arabic ancestors or why are you yelling all the time?

lohkeytx 1 point



lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
jwatt258 1 point

I’m not focusing on learning wall to air, It’s just one of the things that I want to learn to improve myself and my skill as a player. :)

lohkeytx 1 point

fair enough. But just keep in the back of your mind that position and decision making FAARRRRRR outweigh most mechanical 'flair' you can pick up in terms of progressin up ranks. :)

lohkeytx 1 point

trying to focus on learning wall to air dribbles as a low plat?


lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Samwise777 -5 points

100% Psyonix. I have 500 download speed man

lohkeytx 1 point

lol the mere fact you think your download speed has anything to do with NAT negates any argument toward it being psyonix you'll ever have.

Samwise777 1 point

I don’t pretend to be an expert. But if every game but this one works... there’s really no explanation other than it’s the game. Obviously it used to work when I had open nat... but still Overwatch, Halo, and Fortnite have it figured out. Must not be that tough.

lohkeytx 1 point

it fundamentally isn't the game. Anyone that's game a long time has experienced 'that one game' they couldn't play with friends due to NAT issues.

it sucks a weiner... but based on what i read below, you're screwed.

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
KingHortonx 2 points

Coming from Champ perspective, most of the "bm" emotes are just kinda part of the game. I always see it in good fun. If you miss a save, barely, because he got real lucky with his car's hitbox, it sucks. But, its RL and that happens to GC players every other game. Its part of it. And the second part of that aspect is when you do miss that save, ya gotta be prepared to eat those What a Save!'s. I do it to myself often. Humility is good fam

lohkeytx 2 points

coming from a Champ perspective. i disagree that most of the "bm" emotes are just kinda part of the game.

S6GC players are, in my experience, pretty toxic and short fused. and REALLY quick to dump on their teammates or other teams to justify them not dominating a room of non-GCs.

But now you can do 'team only quickchat'. i'd recommend that. Cutting off the other teams comms with you basically make this game completely different

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
ChalkboardCowboy 1 point

Fair point. In that case, I'd say they're good enough mechanically to end up in the same rank even with whatever hit they take from bailing out of 0-2 games.

I don't know what the actual number is, but I'd say they probably aren't giving up too many wins by doing that. I'm not defending it, just saying it's probably not hurting their rank that much.

lohkeytx 1 point

I'm not sure tbh. But a loss at a higher rank is... painful. I can lose 11 points for a loss regularly and only gain 8 points for a win.

That said, it's probably a bit blown out of proportion, but being a selfish dickbag and just ff after any little error is just a bitch way to play the game and ruins it for the guy you play with. Especially since those FF'ers are GENERALLY the ones that just dont even take notice in how they fucked up... often in the same replay in which the other team scored. (i.e. they whiff BRUTALLY bad to a ball they shouldn't have gone for and you lose a 2 on 1).

Chaezaa -1 points

like a bitch

Talking from a position of superiority must arouse you big time.

lohkeytx 1 point

just callin it like i see it.

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
lohkeytx 1 point

What's gold and platinum like? Never been there.

Neltadouble 1 point

Gold is kinda filled with people with huge egos. Think they're hot shit and all that.

The games I've played with plats have been way more serious and insane. I think plat is really where things start to pick up.

lohkeytx 1 point

honestly that ego travels all throughout the ranks. Everyone thinks their Squishy or another pro, especially right after RLCS streams.

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
NNNeeded 2 points

I would recommend working on the basics, car control and ball control.

Kevpert's Elite car control is very good for aerial car control, being able to fly upside down, sideways and with air roll is very useful to have. Pairing this with landing on your wheels, half flipping, fast aerial, wave dashing, flip cancel, diagonal front flip and boost control will make your movement very fluent, very efficient and very fast.

For ball control I would recommend free play and dribble challenge 2 for dribble training and for training your aim any pack for training shots will do.

This is all from personal experience, so if anyone has another way to train car/ball control I’d be glad to hear about it.

lohkeytx 1 point

honestly you don't need the below skills (of what ou said) to make it even to diamond 3/champ. I'm proof.

half flipping, wave dashing, flip cancelling, dribbling, fly for extended time upside down.

None of those are necessary to progress in the slightest imo. Obviously landing on your wheels and diagonal front flips are basic things. But the rest, def not needed to get out of plat, much less diamond.

And no i dont get carried lol. i solo Q most of it and just have superior positioning and game sense to make meaningful hits and decisions. Moreso than having to flip cancel for literally any reason.

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
_Volx 1 point

I agree on that one, Diamond 3's are actually about the same difficulty wise as champ 1/2s in my opinion.

lohkeytx 1 point

Really? I've played against Diamond 3's and it's a joke compared to Champ 2's. Like an actual laugh-out-loud joke. Side splitting, pant wettening, fart-inducing, snorting joke compared to Champ 2's.

On my other acct that just placed i somehow got placed into diamond 2 or 3 in 2's and it was basically going through the motions to get back up to champ 1/2.

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