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Because attacking 2v3 sucks because one guy just sits back the whole game. It's infuriating playing with people that do that when i solo Q. Learn a proper rotation and it's not necessary and you can have a 3 person dynamic attack.

from the other team perspective, just them bitching.

All cars. I feel like the goal explosion is a repeatable Dumb & Dumber "wanna hear the most annoying sound int he world?" :D

i believe someone a while ago proved that holding down accelerate while in the air actually does make a very small difference in air speed.

Ugh... you and your technicalities. Really, though, the main reason this habit is bad is for landing. I can't tell you how many times my car will jerk on landing and throw me off completely because I religiously hold down acceleration.

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land with powerslide on like you're supposed to and you won't have that issue YTZI

What’s with the hate of guard players.. Like most of the best guys in the pull guard and play bottom.

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that's not pulling guard though. that's sitting down.

Original Poster-2 points · 1 day ago

They can pull guard if they want, that’s fine. I don’t care if they play guard. Sitting guard is deliberately unfair for the same reason as having to stand with a wrestler is.

That being said you don’t HAVE to stand with a wrestler. You can still pull guard and no one will have an advantage.

I’m not saying to get rid of the guard or get rid of guard pulls, I’m saying get rid of guard SITTING. The butt scooting is unneeded in the sport and makes it totally unfair to those who don’t play guard.

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100% agree. At the same time when a 'kid' is legit bigger and lankier than you. you shouldn't me a douchebag... especially in jiu jitsu...

Original Poster1 point · 22 hours ago

grats :) in my case much more fun for me is doing crazy stuff on the field, I prefer climbing with team who I can have a voice chat connection, rather than solo. So when there is no1 online I enjoy flying :D But since I barely have friends who enjoy RL as much as I do, Im stuck at plat2-3 for almost all the season duration.

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ah so you WANT to be that guy that is a pain to play with because they try and fail to do fancy shit all game.

good luck on your venture. :)

Original Poster1 point · 21 hours ago

Well, a little misunderstanding, as long as I am online alone, I spend most of the time on trainings rather than climbing and even when i q alone, I try to win - otherwise that would be a simple waste of time and effort

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ok good ;)

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i have no idea. Probably... i am quite fast in the air to challenge. I look to pass over a shot a lot of the time because infield passing is awesome. Also have very good defense w/ strong properly placed clears.

i think...

Lol enjoy being nieve

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Enjoy being ignorant and closed minded toward solo Q players and the fact that just because you play ranked with people doesn't make it 'organized'. Also just plugging your ears and going 'la la la la' to spot on advice from a proven Grand Champion.

But we know you and your team know better... as Diamonds. lolz

Lol the fact you can't see reality just because you worship your "GC". RL is not the standard for understanding organized sports.

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The fact that you can't see past your own viewpoints enough to realize there are others out there with LIGHT YEARS better methodologies than you is sad. All while trying to cut others down because they second their opinion.

If your team was so organized and amazing, you wouldn't be diamonds.

I played "organized sports" most of my life as well. You aren't some special snowflake trying to basically humblebrag and correlate things that don't correlate.

So stay with your narrow minded blinders on about what you think this game needs. while bashing the solo Q players, many of whom are higher rank than you are while solo Q'ing. Making sweeping generalized statements about SoloQ players is a joke. More often than not when i am on a team in 3's as a solo Q with the pair of 2's. they are next to impossible to play with as they basically ignore their 3rd and try to 2v3 the other team while chasing all over the pitch. failing almost every time. That is incredibly frustrating.

So good luck in your journey to attempt to be relevant in a tourney.

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Sheesh. I can’t be bothered to solo queue at this point in the season. I’ll usually start doing that when i reach a point where i genuinely don’t care

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lol I'm just a glutton for punishment

🤷🏽‍♂️i’m just not good enough to solo queue

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lol my style is very team oriented. I'm not a solo carry playstyle. I do much better when i can pass and whatnot.

and i'ms ure you are lol

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listen to music and have twitch on TV with something. The TV is past my monitors so i can glance up and look at whatever is on periodically while practicing.

Granted by practice i mean warmup.

no not really. Granted that's primarily because i play on settings that facilitate fps and smoothness. Not prettiness.

Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

I agree. It's about the principle.

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oh i didn't even see this was your thread. hah. i would have said something more trolly. DAMMIT.

Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

I assumed as much.

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It's all about using your hip to drive their hip into the ground that's opposite where they are trying to roll. like if they are trying to roll to THEIR left, you need to use your left hip to switch a little and drive their right hip into the ground.

Original Poster0 points · 3 days ago

I was in GC when they were removed. And literally saw maybe 3 people ever complaining about the map ingame. Not to mention the fact that people who dislike something will speak up. You're never gonna see someone saying 'holy shit i just love how urban central looks' in ingame chat, but when Utopia Colluseum was first added and blinded people, there sure were a lot of complaints.

Huuuuge selection bias. "never came across 1 person that liked any of those maps in ranked." how would you know if you had?

in terms of teams losing, let me quote something i wrote elsewhere.

The most exciting esport matches in RL have always been the ones that were most filled with mistakes. Flipsid3 vs Crown+Jewels, F3 vs Resonant, Mockit vs Orbit, F3 vs Selfless @LAN3, these were all series where the level of play was much lower than the 'average' for the time. Even the NRG vs dignitas game 7, two of the goals against dignitas were an owngoal by turbo and a center pass to the opposition by ViolentPanda. The winning goal was caused by a team bump and even the JSTN goal was made possible because a dignitas player (vp?) tried to clear it downfield rather than just killing the ball, and then a series of bad 50/50s.

You don't just 'pick apart' the defense in RL. In the current map, it's possible to save any shot on goal if you're positioned correctly (that isn't a pinch, but you have two other people on your team to prevent pinches happening, and if it's from far enough away it's savable anyway). And all saves pretty much are possible to put into the corner or away from the goal to be cleared by a teammate. To the point where if a save puts the ball in a directly scorable position, we consider it a 'bad save'. Pressure play comes from forcing so many saves that people get (mentally) tired and make mechanical errors, or boost starving which comes about from mistakes (in not taking boost while you're rotating to goal for example).

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2 points · 3 days ago

Sure that wasn't just cuz most GC's are generally pretty quiet and don't say anything (in my experience anyway).

And i'd known if i had because generally in those groups there was always someone that'd pipe up if they did. But also obviously some people just kept quiet. With the large group of people i play with, i dont believe any of them liked the NS maps in ranked playlists. Unranked i dont really care either way.

Forcing mistakes is part of picking apart a defense. The amount of pressure builds so intense that someone makes a mistake. That's what picking it apart means. You named 3 goals in 10+ games so it's nowhere near the majority. But forced mistakes is part of a proper offense picking apart a proper defense.

Dignitas does it to everyone with how they apply pressure and passing. They force a mistake to happen. Whether or not YOU see it that way makes no change in what they are actually consciously doing. They know what they are doing with their offensive flow and they go until they create a mistake and then capitalize on it.

Not sure how, as a GC, you aren't realizing it.

Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

Yes, forcing mistakes is the way to score. Because if mistakes weren't made, then for the most part goals wouldn't happen. I'm glad we agree.

I named 3 goals in 1 game, not 10. I haven't bothered rewatching the rest of the series. And that one game is considered the best and most exciting game in RL history. And, the game i mentioned only had 4 goals scored in it (although I'm sure I could make an argument for the turbo goal with 4 seconds left as an equally blatant fuckup).

And for that last bit. Yes, pressure increase would correlate with more mistakes. But think of all the times a team withstands the pressure and eventually clears it. If the players were mechanically perfect, that is what would always happen. You can't attribute any mistake by a defence entirely to the attacking team. Someone still has to screw up, even if that screwup is understandable.

You're right that GCs don't talk much but if they actually didn't like it there still would have been people saying so. They manage to do the same about their teammates often enough.

Not sure how, as a GC, you aren't realizing it.

I should point out that I'm not a GC as of season 4, when I stopped playing the game until this season though I still watched RLCS. My mechanics have gone to dogshit but my rotational awareness is still functional and I can still read the game. (im currently maintaining champ2 without being able to score basic aerials)

Edit: it's also worth pointing out that several pros argued in favour of map variety when it was a big issue (marky, doomsee, kuxir come to mind as the most outspoken, kux is still saying it now after most people stopped caring). This isn't something only low level scrubs like me think.

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2 points · 3 days ago

You can't cherry pick a few goals in 1 game out of a 10+ game series. That's not an accurate sample pool.

I wasn't attributing any mistake on defense to offense. That's what what i was getting at with it. Obviously there's just some bad plays made, and just unfortunate ones like Turbo's that was just wrong place, wrong time from a bounce kind of thing. But once that OT hit you could tell JSTN went full tryhard and ultimately caused the bump. That's a mental error as much as a mechanical and pressure thing. I agree with you on that 100%.

Also welcome back :)

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3 points · 3 days ago

lol depends on how good that other team is since i normally solo Q.

2 points · 3 days ago

i dunno, i find some of it hilarious. like the guy that proceeds to say everything is lucky that your team scores and that your team is ACTUALLY trash. Even though his team just lost by 3 goals.

those guys crack me up

3 points · 4 days ago

I was thinking of getting into Path of Exile. All I know is that it's similar to the Diablo series genre with a huge skill tree. I've played Diablo 3 before. What are your opinions on PoE?

Is it worth getting a few friends that's never played it and go through it together? Is there a main storyline quest? How's the endgame?

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2 points · 4 days ago

PoE is kind of regarded as Diablo 2's actual successor.

The skill tree is massive but really isn't as bad as it looks. Just takes planning. There is a huge community of builds that majority of people go off of. some recommend a SSF run first. SSF is Solo Self Found, basically toying with your own build.

The leagues come out and wipe everything clean every X amount of time. When i play i play on hardcore, have yet to ever finish the game or get to end game because of random deaths as things get harder.

super fun tbh

I have heard that in order for the game to be fun you either need to spend a lot of $$ or a LOT of time and it kinda turned me off of the game (by fun I mean to achieve meaningful progression). What are your thoughts on this? (Read steam reviews if you want to know what I mean)

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spend money in PoE? only thing i know of you spend money on are cosmetics that make you look nifty. wait, there's that and stash (Bank) tabs. one for currency that's more just convenience than anything. You don't need to spend a nickle to enjoy the full game.

time wise... not at all. As you get used to the game you can hammer through most of it. End game is just that, 'end game' which involves mapping but that's just a treadmill of trying to get certain loot like in any other game like this.

The game just isn't really a faceroll like D3 is/was. There definitely are 1 shot mechanics if you aren't on top of your game. I'd take anything steam reviews say with a grain of salt. They see any microtransaction the world just ended for them. And god forbid a game lasts longer than 4 hours otherwise it's too long.

If you wanna see a top tier player that answers questions and is entertaining. watch Zizaran on twitch.

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the #4 seed of EU swept the #1 seed of US this LAN so... why get rid of it?

Honestly i think only 4 of each main region is too little. But at the same time in looking at the way the season progressed there aren't really any other teams that would hang outside of top 4.

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

I get what you're saying but it'd be interesting to see what happens, OCE have improved a lot mainly because of LAN, so another region could benefit from this. The Chiefs have already proved that an OCE team can put up competition against EU and NA, so it'd be interesting to see another region, to spice it up and make RLCS have more variety in players.

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took the chiefs 3 seasons to not be bottom barrel borderline consolation match in RLCS. Why would you remove the #4 seed of established regions just to have other regions waste air time? MUCH rather have them add teams than remove quality teams just to throw a bone to worse teams.

2 points · 4 days ago

so i was thinkin about the 'trust your teammates' part of it.

coming from C2 (im' c2/c3) it makes sense right.

but i was thinkin. From THEIR eyes. They don't know you. They dont know they can trust you. They play in a sea of players that aren't NEARLY as consistent as you probably are so they simply dont know they can trust you. I think that's a big part of it and why when higher ranked players drop into diamond it gets so frustrating.

Rotate quickly - absolutely, i'd even just say 'rotate'. so much corner humping. Or cutting rotation half circles just to go back to the corner leads to over commits and stuff. Nothing is more annoying than people that randomly cut their rotation short to do a little half circle just to shittily hit the ball again for the sake of it.

I find passing tough at the high diamond ranks a lot of the time as people seem way to overeager to rotate back to 'help' on defense when a clear is coming. I can't count how many times i'll attempt an outlet pass only to watch said teammate just turn around and drive back to our side for no reason. But i think this also relates to the Trust and reading of the game.

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

I agree on the passing and higher level rotation- when I got to C3D1 last season and was playing with GCs and C3s consistently that was something missing in my game (apart from mechanically)

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yeah it's a definite curve when you hit those ranks. All of a sudden when proper passing happens and you aren't used to defending it... hell or even receiving a proper pass. it really throws you for a loop.

I inadvertantly lucked out. I got my unranked MMR so high that i face near majority of GC's and high level players. So it's actually a great warmup for ranked.

i dont watch sports, nor soccer.


over 2000 hours in this damn game :)

i always assume my teammates will get all the balls in solo standard

Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

Or, again... (Jesus Christ I hate being a broken record on Reddit) you could have read and comprehended the words I wrote. They explain my reasoning for doubting the way this game does it's training in particular. Of course training is a good thing. I'm not a moron. But let's say the training was actually just you stuck against a wall, using unlimited amounts of boost to just do flips while the ball rolled around somewhere else, totally unaffected by you. Would that be very helpful, or do you think most people would just say playing the game was the best training? To me, since the training was so much different from an actual game, I wasn't sure if it was translating very well. But I'm not going to repeat my whole argument again when you can just read it. It didn't go anywhere.

When you grow up you'll realize that not everyone is out to seek attention just because you gave it to them.

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don't be a condescending turd. That's just a reflection of your actual age (if you wanna go that tired route which obviously you do).

This may blow your mind. But nearly every single pro became god tier mechanically without any built in trainer. which is mind blowing, i know. They did things in free training where the ball moved totally unaffected by them while they drove on walls with unlimited boost flipping around and actually learning the mechanics.

They also had to manufacture the instance in which these things arose and create their own shot. Not just hit 'reset shot' and it's there again.

None of them say 'playing the game' is the best training. Because it isn't, nor ever was even before the trainer was implemented.

all the trainer has allowed for is focused practice, which is also a good thing.

But like everything, you get out of it what you put into it. And until you had many people tell you that 'duh the training is beneficial if you actually do it as intended' it seemed like you put very little into it.

ta ta

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

You shouldn't. And if you had paid attention to the words I said, or read any other part of this post, maybe you'd see I'm not one of them. I took the time to thoroughly debate (in a civil manor, I might add) with people about the merits of the training courses. At the end of the debate, I concurred that they were right and admitted they had changed my view on it. That's not something a lazy person does. Just saying out loud to nobody "I'm not gonna do this" is lazy. I actively sought to have my view changed, and it was. And now I'm going to apply the methods you probably wouldn't deem as "lazy" to my training.

So, again, thanks for your (non) attempt at helping me out, but you can stop now.

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lol get off your pedestal there bud. This was nothing more than a reach out for attention to have people look at you. Benefits to training are obvious... actually obvious, in anything related to motor functions and hand-eye coordination.

That's not some just amazing newfound research.

You were just lazy and had to rely on random internet people to convince to do the most obvious thing ever to get better.

Just own it for what it is.

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watched the video. What a shit image to put on for the younger kids watching. Pathetic.

you mean you did a trade-up with the RLCS drops or something different?

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