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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
fierd_1 3 points

Amen.. I used to think I was good at rotating, until I hit a wall and stepped back to try figure out what I was doing wrong. Seems like most people envision themselves as being in the right place at all times, but in reality mistakes are made always.

These days I’m a lot, lot harsher on myself regarding rotations - I definitely have improved but even I know that I’m far from perfect and still make mistakes, and each of these mistakes can lead to bigger things.

lohkeytx 2 points

Definitely agree. I felt that when i opened my eyes and focused on 'field awareness' and always trying to see where my teammates were it improved my rotating a LOT.

Many think they rotated properly but because they just live with ball cam on and/or are tunnel visioned on the ball they don't realize they just cut off the proper rotation and then put someone out of position. And then of course spam quick chat cuz it's def not their fault :P

Harry_Malins 1 point

Makes sense

lohkeytx 1 point

100% what he said. Imo 2's is way more beneficial or improving the fundamentals of gameplay on a personal level than ones. Get good at 2's and usually 3's wil improve by default Not generally the other way around.

But over-committing is a huge sin in either playlist, it's just more forgiving in 3's. Learn to evaluate quickly if whether or not going for that ball there is going to create a SOLID scoring or passing opportunity. combined with knowledge of where your teammates are at to gauge whether or not to go for it or shadow for pressure

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
lohkeytx 1 point

It bores the shit out of me as an entirety. I tried it a couple seasons ago, i think i even managed to stomach all thep lacements and was like diamond 1 or something.

But almost every game about half way through i'd just completely lose interest while the other guy is trying to be Scrubkilla stealing boost when i already have 100 taking the ball around in circles while i just jump spin near my goal.

that and kickoffs.

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
lohkeytx 1 point

honestly psyonix gave a handjob to all the ranks up to champion. Made them all easier to get which makes the gap from diamond to a legit Champ player even wider imo which then creates even more of a perception that diamond players are brutally painful to play with

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
doggg3 12 points

Ugh I also hate people that use the “isn’t it fun!?!?” reasoning. I doubt they’re even in champ because then they’d know it’s fun the first time and annoying the next 20. Go watch twitch if you want to see the pros play, but putting them against champ 1s that just want to play to have fun don’t want to get destroyed half the time.

lohkeytx 1 point

Your silly petty comment about not being champ was probably directed toward me. I've been champ ranks since the first season i started playing (S3) and hover around high champ 2 area. I've played with and against a lot of GC's AND pros. and every time it's fun, literally every time because i dont just cry about it and take nothing away from the game, i'll save hte replay and watch what they did from a decision making standpoint, positioning, etc.

And guess what, next game i queue for, they aren't there so it really doesn't affect anything.

and spoiler: they don't want to play against champ 1's either.

gtrplyr201 11 points

Losing to an unfair matchup is frustrating. I already know what I'm doing wrong there isn't much to learn from the experience

lohkeytx 1 point

there's always a lot to learn from every experience. That's how ppl get better. Even a LOT of pro's save most all of their games as replays to look at and analyze.

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/bjj
JustHeelHook -10 points

Oh wow, that's so amazing, doesn't renzos have like 1,100 students? I've heard of circumstances where it is actually a detriment. Famous guy comes in and has a big fight coming up so the training becomes about him getting ready and everyone in class is his grappling dummy. Not saying that is always what happens, but it happens.. the novelty of having some celebrity/semi-celebrity MMA or BJJ guys drop by your school. They are probably not going to roll with you unless you are an advanced belt and in their weight class

Tbh though

Everyone you listed...I don't give a flying fuck about. Only dudes I would get a boner to roll with are Eddie Bravo or Geo

I can train will Kayla Harrison, an Olympic judo gold fucking medalist, for 50 bucks a fucking month. I can practice freestyle wrestling at the high school/University for the price of a box of Gatorade. I can learn wrestling from gold medalist for less then 100 a month But to train under renzo would cost me 250-300 a month for 3 times a week, IDC if god is teaching, do what you want with your money... But y'all getting jipped

lohkeytx 7 points

I would get a boner to roll with are Eddie Bravo

lol... adorable

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/bjj
ithika -4 points

Your apparent immaturity in this issue isn't important. At this rate there will be few people who will want to train with him soon enough.

lohkeytx 8 points

that guys not being immature.

You're being a whiny baby though.

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
lohkeytx 2 points


**Region:NA E/W (live in Texas)

**Steam link/Gamertag/PSN: OR

**Playlist(s): primarily 3's but will do 2's

**Rank in those playlist(s) last season: champ 2 in each at some point before i stopped playing ranked

**Link to tracker profile: OR

yes i have two accounts, and yes they are same rank basically. Second (super happy) was meant as a throw away to fart around with friends but i naturally just climbed ranks anyway

Discord ID (if applicable): will give later

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
lohkeytx 1 point

Yeah it's a solid crate. I got one. Man was i happy to see all the neat things. I says'd to myself 'i'll give it a go on these crates'.

got some ugly Imperator decal.


masterfireball 1 point

I got it in black and I kinda like it.

lohkeytx 1 point

i got it in Saffron.

I'm not really a fan of putting crate car decals in other crates. And this one has a bunch of them. and i dont' have any of the cars they are for i dont think :(

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
lohkeytx 1 point

It was the same way last season after that soft reset. I'm waiting a bit before doing my placements tbh. So the drastic rank swings get the slow players that shouldn't be at champ rank out of champ rank.

dernials 1 point

Exactly what I'm going through atm lol

lohkeytx 1 point

yeah i learned my lesson. It just turned me off of ranked last season after i got my champ rewards. I played unranked mainly for the lsat like 2 months or more

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/bjj
Dogstarman1974 1 point

There are some guys who have really good guards. I know guys who just work and drill guard retention and try to win on advantage by sweeping or doing a safe submission attempt without ever really giving up guard.

I mean if your just working your guard game then I see how you trying to pull guard first is advantageous to your game plan.

lohkeytx 1 point

win on advantage by sweeping or doing a safe submission attempt without ever really giving up guard.

do they jump around like they just won the world afterwards without realizing they didn't really do fuck all and gamed the ruleset?

lohkeytx commented on a post in r/bjj
Bruised_up_whitebelt 4 points

Same. I am the Ezekiel guy in the gym. There isnt a white belt in the gym that I havent finished it on, have gotten a few blues with it and almost caught a brown with it last week but the round ended.

lohkeytx 1 point

nice. but what else can you do?

Jitsu_apocalypse 1 point

I've never been able to understand the actual mechanics of the choke. Your left arm goes around the neck, right arm across front of neck, grip right sleeve with left hand and how does the choke actually happen?

lohkeytx 1 point

if you do it right, your forearm on the hand grabbing the sleeve and your wrist/fist/part of forearm on the other hand should be on both sides of their neck to block off the artery (like a blood choke).

non-technical spastics just grip and crush the trachea as hard as they can

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
MiiLee94 2 points

We all can’t hear the bad puns about Guess Who? anymore. There are a lot of rumours: How is the search for a new org going?

We actually have signed to a new organisation. But I am not allowed to reveal the name yet. Said org will make a huge announcement, because they also have a new sponsor. This announcement will definitely make it into the news. I assume that we will reveal our new org in February.

lohkeytx 1 point

Paschy LFT

TheShadeTree 6 points

Are there questions about his consistency? I feel like he’s one of the more consistent players out there

lohkeytx 1 point

only consistency issue i've ever noticed is him on Defense.

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
trutch70 6 points

People leave because they want to have a nice game with good mates, not to get carried.

lohkeytx 2 points

well anectodal evidence directly opposes this considering they leave nearly every game after the 1st goal is scored against them regardless of how much time is on the clock. That kind of defeats the ability to 'have a nice game with good mates'. But oddly if you pair with them again and you clearly outclass the other team, they have no problem staying on the winning team.

At the uranked MMR im' at i see a lot of familiar faces and it's almost laughable how easily you can predict certain people will leave after first goal without fail.

Muggerage 1 point

I leave casual games all the time, for a myriad of reasons, with no regard for who is winning or how much time is left. Never have I left a game because my team wasn't dominant though. I think, like most players, i use casual to warm up for ranked or to try new mechanics against real players. Or to test my lag. Or to play for an extra minute or 2 before company arrives and I have to quit mid match, dont want to do that in ranked. Or to show my friend the game. I can go on and on. Sure there are things to learn in casual, but most don't take it seriously because there are ranked playlists for that. You guys take casual serious, which is fine, but you're going to drive yourself nuts if players leaving triggers you this much.

lohkeytx 2 points

I have to quit mid match

It must just be a complete oddity/coincidence that all of these crazy scenario's just happen to pop up and present themselves only after the first goal is scored by the opposing team lol

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/bjj
BelgianJits 5 points

They said if the new students get demoralized they may not return and thus hurt the gyms income.

I have to admit that recently my submitting of blue belts has increased and I tapped the purple belt that spoke with me today, yesterday. I need three stripes to hit the advanced classes so for now I'm stuck with the beginners.

Sounds like the gym prefers quantity over quality

So you're tapping out blues and purples but can't join the advanced class? Sounds like some A-grade BS.

lohkeytx 2 points

i tapped a purple as a white belt too. Only difference was my head wasn't up my ass and i realized they let me do it

rosho9 -4 points

I'm sure every white belt here will start to take notice when they start pacing with the next higher belt. I'm not trying to say I deserve a belt promotion but merely mentioned where I am in my particular individual journey as it relates to the story being told. I'm going to move on from this thread as it seems white belts cannot and will not ever submit anyone of a higher belt. Geesh so much for Reddit help. Guess I'll just troll like everyone else lol!

lohkeytx 4 points

I'm not trying to say I deserve a belt promotion

thank god. because you don't.

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lohkeytx commented on a post in r/bjj
Darce_Knight 4 points

If you're thinking about a black belt to get, Eosin Panther is where it's at. It's expensive, but their quality in unmatched IMO, and you're going to be wearing the belt for many years. I'd spring for it.

lohkeytx 2 points

second this 100%

lohkeytx 1 point

I have an Eosin Panther blue belt i've had for going on 2 years or so and it's still in perfect condition with very little color wear.

It's a fantastic belt quality. Hand stitched (and flawlessly done) and you can customize it

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