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300 hours since 2015? Honestly not that super surprising you're still living silver life and gold in other playlists.

Apparently use ball cam more from what other say, and just play more.

really the only time it gets annoying is when you have that ONE turd on the other team that just hunts them for no strategic reason. He usually has like 8 points, has done fuck all to help their team while they lose, but just races around trying to pointlessly demo people. That's really the only time it's annoying.

And also if the mechanic was actually consistent it'd be better. Can't count how many times i've been full supersonic into someone and I'M the one that gets demo'd... or demo'd when not even hit, demo'd by t-boning someone going supersonic, etc etc


And thank YOU for infesting the planet with probably more useless entity's just walkin around lookin up at shit gettin in the way. -bill burr

that's unfortunate. I attribute getting GC this season to the vast amount of unranked i played. I got the unranked MMR high to where i would play with nothing but GC's and occasional pro's.

Shouldn't devalue it because it IS valuable. And sorry but i'm not going to sacrifice potentially a shit ton of rank points to help you out.

Gl though

I find it both humorous and sad that these shit media outlets are attempting to bully him into doing something he doesn't want to do.

He's not obligated to promote female streamers. Him NOT doing this is giving him a 'sexist' label. But if he promoted/played with a female streamer to help them just because they are female... well that's actually sexist too.

Hell he's not obligated to play with ANYONE he doesn't want to. I dont blame him tbh, you can't fart downwind toward the general direction of a female in a work environment without some bullshit happening. The entitlement is just mind blowing with this, there's literally nothing stopping a female streamer from becoming as big as ninja other than themselves.

It's hard to take the female streamers serious when half of them just have cleavage out, play pretend dumb, and barely even actually play the game. Yet Ninja is supposed to let them ride his coat tails? Get the fuck outta here lol.

Oh guys, the Texas Rangers won't let any females play because they are females... they are totally sexist too.

Well it was a panic since i turned 'network play' off and guy still joined. And i didn't know where the option was lol.

uhm... i think just from the base computer? Honestly i'm just slapping one together to go through the quest line.

craziness. Yeah when i see someone join my server, i just quit to menu and start.

honestly i'm not sure. Not home to tes.t You could just drop a metal floor, save, remove it using terrain tool under it and then quit to menu and reload. see what happens.

My situation is exactly the same as yours except for the family part.

and yes, there are enough people infesting this planet to not create more to do the same. if only more people realized this and stopped being selfish and having kids just to have them the Earth wouldn't be at a tipping point of collapse.

Also training only gets you so far, you gotta play. And unranked can be a pain with the leavers but it's better than nothing.

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Yeah i turned off network last week.

someone still joined my game.

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The problem is that they can just take a terrain manipulator and effectively delete your base by removing the terrain underneath it and there's not really anything that can be done.

I dont think that has bee patched.

no i understand what you're saying. They should cater to "old guys" with FT jobs (i have one as well and am considered gaming 'old') and families (lol no, i like having money) and provide a crate-drop chance for doing something that isn't really playing the game. Just sitting in training (aka a private lobby basically).

why should you get a crate for that exactly? Oh to "keep you from quitting". You're a grown ass man, why is a digital RNG item in a crate that isn't actually tangible your determining factor on playing the game or quitting it?

I did read the words. What i read was a pretty awful idea.

Why should they pander to the "old guys" that feel they are entitled to get free crates containing something non-game impacting for not actually playing the game; but just sitting in training.

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Nothing you have put is really worth reading as it's just you attempting to be witty with shit responses. Your shoulder is probably sore from patting yourself on the back. so be careful.

good luck with useless mechanics.

I could play some with you. Unranked first obvs just to see your playstyle and whatnot.

So i can just create a custom training pack that's 1 shot with a 31 or 61 min timer and then go afk just do whatever else i need to do and then get a crate drop? sign me up!

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Again, the same rhetoric to attempt to appear intelligent. That's grown pretty stale in your responses. Especially when you misspell something, it kind of ruins the entire fake persona you're attempting to take on.

But i'm sure it's still impressive to yourself.

if everyone they get on their team is trash... then that would mean that from their perspective everyone THEY get on their team is trash.

therefore essentially you're saying that YOU are trash as well.


what platform and playlist?

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while sound advice, the only downfall is when you are partied you get less points for winning and punished harder for losing :(

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you're just adorable. What with your stereotypical faux pedestal you put yourself on by trying to call another person a 'kid' and referencing such things.

Which was really hilarious about 10 years ago. Now it just proves that you really got nothing. But like i said, keep thinking you're amazing because no one else ever got a champ rank after 500 hours but you. You're a god... all hail this guy that got a couple flip reset shots and failed all the rest.

again, glad i won't be having to deal with you any time soon in ranked games.

what if it takes 99? are you in the clear then? :)

you talk like champ 1 is some feat. It used to be somewhat of a status symbol stepping stone in season 4 when they switched the ranking system. Every season since they've made it easier to get essentially by making the diamond and below have wayyyy lower requirements.

Don't pat yourself on the back too hard (for no reason) for hitting a few ceiling shots against players that don't know how to defend it properly. Champ 1 is essentially high diamond now unfortunately so it's really not that impressive.

It's ok though, as long as you feel special and happy that's what matters punkin.

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