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Another reason why custom changes don’t work

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Play what you want or you’re going to end up quitting

What about the hidden buff that gets you banned from discord

Wrong server try elysium

Kill a mob get ganked rez kill a mob get ganked fun stuff


With the recent news it wouldn’t be wrong if we can infer they’re adopting the private server model for vanilla. The only difference that I can see happening is battlegroups being introduced. Where you can get 4-5 servers that have blizzlike pop of 2.5k maybe even 5k pop with the new servers blizzard has access to. This allows for nostlike pvp pools with the classic feel for population in pve. What do you guys think about the announcement?


So this will be pretty much be exactly like lightshope. Gated content, itemization and bgs on release with 1.12 talents. Looks like lightshope just got a free advertisement from blizzard

How is it rip. The post pretty much infers that classic will be more nostlike which is what northdale is based on. If anything this announcement benefits lightshope.

You can see it on 18 different guilds killed kt so far I think.

Felmyst is the only one I can think of it’s ax1 tbc server 1.5-2k pop

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Somehow they managed to regress instead of improving from k2 to k3. Many bugs like invisible players in bgs, combat bug and the list goes on. That paired with custom changes that were clearly not well thought out. When you have the entire ranking ladder in every lv 49+ zone it tends to make players quit. Every zone is littered with mages aoe grinding in groups. For the first few weeks 50% of the lv 60 pop were mages.

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You can start to setup addons by renaming the lightbringer folder to northdale and copying character files. Renaming them to potential names you’re going to use at launch. Plan out leveling routes you can use at launch.

2k pop and dropping

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I think you’re confusing all of the r14s on Kronos twinshop and elysium. Lightshope has never spawned a r14. Maybe you know this and this is just a backwards way of advertising Kronos twinshop. It must be hard to sell r14s on the twinshop these days.

It kind of is hard these days, yeah, given how Twinstar has no shop for K3 and all.

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I’m talking about k1

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I think Kronos already lost before lightshope even launches their new server. Custom changes with no thought put into how it will effect gameplay is never a good idea. You can’t fly anywhere because of the .join bg function, let alone level in lv 49+ zones. The group exp made the server favour aoe classes so there are a billion mages running around farming every quest mob. The pop went from 10k to 2k as a result of these custom changes. Theres no one to blame but Chero.

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You want to join a small population server for vanilla or tbc. Such as Kronos and Felmyst they’re around 1.5k pop. Small communities force people to be less of an elitist. Wrath of the lich king is also very noob friendly regardless of the population. Stay away from warmane. I recommend sunwell but keep a unique password and email. Their database was hacked through a back door on their shop.

Did he play on sunwell? I

Went from 10k to 2k in a month. It’s not retaining players.

Hmm grind to 60 again for like the 3rd time. Get exalted with wsg and r10. Get maxed professions on the main and cooldown alt. Farm mc/ony till around fall. All the while getting spam fucked by gold sellers and R14 characters "magically" coming into existence.

Or just stay on kronos and enjoy the content thats released during summer while playing with the surge of people that come back for that month to do it. Tough choice.

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You do realize it was elysium who spawned in ONE rank 14. If you’re going to accuse lightshope of something get your facts straight. It’s impossible to spawn in r14 since the brackets are closely watched by bracket leaders. Hence why elysium got caught and the dB nuked

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