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With Kronos fading away with the flick of Cheros fingers. They have gone from 10k pop on launch to 1.5k pop. something that Kronos does strive for is blizzlike popuplation so I guess this is a win in their books. Pathing is still broken, UBRS not dropping any items on the final boss, MC still riddled with bugs, aoe is broken, Auto pvp flagging in uncontested zones, combat bug in bgs and items are in there final content patch with no itemization attempts. They've only been polishing their server for the past 3 years and still they're unable to perfect the first raid. But hey at least you can LOS someone behind a bucket on the ground. Where did Kronos go wrong beats me.

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It’s fun to watch the Kronos collapse. They’re fighting with each other in the comments, while LH players just sit back and laugh at there desperation. What happened to the 1.5k pop is blizzlike from the krono boys? It’s at that pop now, so there is no need to fight for population.

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Wow more racism and bigotry from Kronos players. The fact you made this thread indicates a majority of players are making the switch to a more classic/blizzlike experience. Regardless of having 20% Chinese population. I don’t see how you wouldn’t play LH if you’re practicing for classic release for the blizzlike itemization alone. It’s the closest thing to classic minus 1.1 talent trees and spells.

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