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RyanAlready 2 points

Hey man you’re the one that started off bitching about reality tv, completely ignoring the spirit of the post.

looseythousand 1 point

Haha yeah where eon earth did reality tv come from in all of this?!

xMeccx 1 point

Still don't want reboots, they are doing it to X files and ruining it. I'd rather see something new if there is a chance to ruin the legacy of the original.

looseythousand 1 point

Technically the X-Files isn't a reboot but it's a continuation. The whole mythology thing of it had gone out the window ages ago, but as if you aren't going to watch (and enjoy at least a couple of) the Monster of the Week eps :)

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p_hennessey 3 points

Since I believe in reincarnation, I am afraid that, due to the inevitable thousands of lifetimes I have ahead of me, I will inevitably be tortured to death.

looseythousand 2 points

Aww, that's so specific and quite terrifying! What would be the worst torture for you? Hopefully you just get reincarnated as awesome people and animals instead!

p_hennessey 0 points

Why would I want to be an animal? I would have no consciousness or intelligent thought, and would likely be eaten or starve to death painfully, living a short and meaningless life without consequence.

No, I don't think I'll reincarnate as an animal. I think we start out as animals and progress into human bodies as we evolve as souls. Living a life as a human and then reincarnating into an animal is like graduating from college then spending the rest of your life as a baby. It makes no sense. You just spent years learning a new skill in college. The purpose of that was to prepare you for life. Reverting to an earlier form makes zero sense, and is an insult to everything you learned in college.

looseythousand 1 point

Isn't believing in reincarnation "an insult to everything you learned at college"??

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looseythousand commented on a post in r/AskReddit
DoitAnyway54321 3 points

Late one night a little over a year ago, we heard screaming outside. There's a house down the way that has a lot of parties so it's not unusual to hear people fighting, but this sounded different.

My wife muted the TV while I jumped up and peaked between the blinds. Walking down the middle of the street was a woman and she was making this repetitive "Yoop! Yoop! Yoop!" sound.

She looked like she was in her mid-twenties, and aside from having hair that looked like she'd just been through a tornado, seemed normal. I watched her until she turned the corner and walked out of sight. She never stopped making the "Yoop!" sound. My wife and I looked at each other and mumbled something about meth heads.

A few weeks later it happened again. Same girl, same yells, same business-like walk down the middle of the street. I wondered aloud if she was maybe having some kind of mental health issue, and even though I was encouraged to go check it out, I was too much of a chicken.

A few weeks later, it happened again. And then again. After a while, we just started referring to her as "The Walker" and didn't give it much more thought.

Then, one night, I went to shut off the front light (the one shining down from the top of the garage) like I always do. Out of habit, I looked through the peep hole before I flipped the switch.

I'm not ashamed to say that what I saw on the other side made me gasp and jump back a few feet. The walker was in my driveway, bent slightly at the waist, and resting her hands on her knees. She was staring right at my front door.

By the time I'd made it to the bedroom to tell my wife, she was going down the street. "Yoop! Yoop! Yoop!"

The memory of seeing her that way in my driveway gives me chills. We still hear her every once in a while, and even though there's probably a sad reason for her doing that, I'm unnerved every time she goes by. There's no fucking way I'm ever going to try to find out the story behind it.

looseythousand 1 point

Okay this is quite creepy!!

nudist_reddit_mom 1 point

For sure! Thanks for discussing it. It has been about four hours since it has happened and I’m feeling a lot calmer.

looseythousand 2 points

No worries at all, I'm glad I could help! I've had someone call me constantly before and it can be really unsettling. Thank god for the block feature and I'm confident she doesn't know who or where you are and she's just a random bully starved for attention and trying to get it in the worst ways possible :)

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looseythousand commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
humorismydefense 2 points

That's actually pretty cool. I eat too much pizza for my own good. I always think "one more slice" and than feel done.

looseythousand 1 point

Anything with cheese I'll eat way too much of, pizza's so good. What do you like to draw??

humorismydefense 1 point

Pizza is amazing! I draw whatever random object I see because I like practice and improve since I got back into art last year. I'm drawing people again more realistically. It's pretty fun:)

looseythousand 1 point

That's great, I wish I could draw. Very cool you've gotten back into it so keep up the practice!

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looseythousand commented on a post in r/movies
webdeveler 8 points

I would consider doing it when I'm retired. I think it would it be an excellent option for people in retirement. It might be a sustainable system if only people 65 and over were allowed to downsize.

looseythousand 6 points

That's a good point. I'd still be terrified of giant people and pretty much every animal and insect though!

webdeveler 6 points

Weather could also be deadly to people who downsized. The net above the city not only protected against animals, it broke the rain into smaller droplets too.

I believe Leisureland was in New Mexico for a reason. Deserts have sparse wildlife. Arizona and New Mexico are also largely free from natural disasters like earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. It's the perfect place for a downsized community.

looseythousand 8 points

Very true, the weather would be terrifying at that size! I agree New Mexico would be a suitable location, but the big and small society's would have to be totally separated from each other, I'd think (i.e. no sharing train or plane rides etc!).

Honestly, my main fear would be giant people coming in and stomping up the place or taking whichever tiny people they wanted. The bigger humans would probably always be my greatest fear...

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looseythousand commented on a post in r/todayilearned
RTSUbiytsa 6 points

I have seen the movie already but that's a pretty blatant spoiler, those less fortunate would probably appreciate a spoiler tag.

looseythousand 4 points

Sorry, I thought I was being vague/jokey enough...

looseythousand commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
looseythousand 8 points

What a legend! What you should do is pay this awesome deed forward, next time you see someone who needs a hand. Chances are the guy who helped you had been helped once before :)

TheJawsDog 6 points

Absolutely I will, next homeless person I see is getting some cash, next struggling person I see is getting some help. It’s like a Mexican wave, keep doing good and more good keeps getting done.

looseythousand 5 points

Heck yeah! You and your bag-carrying friend have just inspired me to do the same :)

looseythousand commented on a post in r/AskReddit
pilvy 2 points

Widgettttt the Woooorrrrrrld Watcher!

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart, Go Planet!

Gave you ever, ever felt like this? Where strange things happen when you're going 'Round the Twist :)

looseythousand 2 points

You're the best!

looseythousand commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
looseythousand 2 points

My old boss used to be like this. He'd always cut corners on his staff and then the rewards would always go to the clients so he could undercut other's prices. He now has zero staff members :)

looseythousand commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
OceanRaver 1 point

Who is the fastest man alive ?

Hint 1 : It is not Usain Bolt

Hint 2 : He dresses in red

looseythousand 4 points


I mean, Santa!!

OceanRaver 1 point

That is incorrect. Try again.

Hint 3 : He is a character from a CW TV show.

looseythousand 2 points

OMG, The Flash!

Haha, I thought it was a trick question about Santa seeing as he just managed to visit every house on the planet in one single night ;)

looseythousand commented on a post in r/movies
PodrickTargaryen 9 points

I couldn't care less about the theories of the earlier movie. I just thought this one was bad with huge glaring plot holes.

I didn't like TFA either.

looseythousand 1 point

Each to their own :)

I personally liked a few of the more risky choices taken in this film, definitely some memorable scenes for me to take away. I found TFA painfully derivative of A New Hope, so I was just refreshed that this seemed like a totally new kind of Star War :)

SphmrSlmp 9 points

Nothing like drinking titty milk and have it run down your beard while giving a stranger the look while doing it.

looseythousand 3 points

The look - I love it, haha! I bet he practiced that expression throughout his exile. I reckon he was doing those buxom walruses a massive favour - they looked bloated and in need of a good draining!

looseythousand commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
TheElfishCat_ 1 point

Where are you from?

looseythousand 1 point

Australie :)

TheElfishCat_ 1 point

Oh, I always seen Australia on TV. Looks like an awesome place :) I have a friend going there soon haha

looseythousand 2 points

Nice! I love it here; the weather can be really temperamental but you get used to it! Just make sure your friends packs suitable clothing to potentially face every season each day they're here hehe

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