Frontierer - Unloved [FRESH] by lotkrotan in Mathcore

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No problem dude! Been following your stuff since Sectioned, got super excited when I got the email from Bandcamp about the new track.

Meowijuana- Award Winning Catnip..and a sticker :) by kathyee in freebies

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Shit man, my condolences. If you get another cat they're gonna love it. I set the envelope on an end table before opening it and my cat still sniffed it out and started pawing at it.

New player information and guide by khell18 in hearthstone

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  1. Daily Quests are given once a day, and can be re-rolled. 50 Gold quests are better to be re-rolled to get 60, 80 or 100 Gold quests.

I think rerolling 50s is debatable now that the quests have been changed. If it's a win 1 game with a class, that's doable in a single game as opposed to say win 5 tavern brawls for 60 which could take hours.

The time investment has a real value. For example, if you get a win 2 with a class you don't have a good deck for, it might take longer and more games for the base 60 than doing a 50 and winning 3 games with one of your better decks to get that extra 10 gold difference.

The current state of Arena by Barkasia in hearthstone

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And weapon destruction. Destroying a silver sword or poisoned rogue weapon is just so satisfying.

Things To Do In Maine - Week Of April 15, 2018 by AutoModerator in Maine

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To kick off National Park Week, entrance to Acadia National Park is free on Saturday the 21st.

Can we take a moment to reflect on how nice it is that Potion of Madness is gone? by Saturos47 in hearthstone

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Funny, today in arena I coined a [[defias ringleader]] vs a priest turn 1 and it snowballed me the match. Would never had made that play pre-POM rotation unless my hand was really garbage and I needed to highroll.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Full Show [Live] (2007) by lotkrotan in Mathcore

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Panasonic Youth 1:17

43% Burnt 3:53

Fix Your Face 7:55

Lurch 10:35

Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants 12:33

Baby's First Coffin 16:07

The Mullet Burden 20:10

When Acting as a Particle 21:56

Nong Eye Gong 23:12

Milk Lizard 24:37

Destro's Secret 28:42

When Good Dogs Do Bad Things 30:35

Sugar Coated Sour 36:30

Party Smasher 38:58

Sunshine the Werewolf 41:09