DEADMAU5 said this bassline is impossible to play, someone proved them wrong by DatBowl in videos

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First thing I thought while watching this video was "Evan Brewer could make cake of this bassline, and throw extra notes in for the hell of it." Dude's unreal on his instrument.

Waterville man, Lexius Saint Martin, deported to Haiti by Hrbek15 in Maine

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Saint Martin, who arrived legally as a child

Obviously reading isn't your strong part.

Kripp (and Dex) laugh at a good topdeck lethal by Kaeldiar in hearthstone

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During this run, yes, but the previous 3 runs on the same stream was full of griping and his signature "such bullshit" moments.

He even said "wild arena is even worse than standard" multiple times during the stream and really didn't seem to be enjoying himself until he started pulling out crazy rng wins of his own.

LePage State of the State open thread by RatherNerdy in Maine

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Said presbyterian minister was the director of an anti-trade union organization during the gilded age. Y'know, the type that fought to curtail collective bargaining, keep children working 12 hour shifts in factories, and didn't see an issue with laborers losing life and limb on the job if the alternative was regulation of the workplace.

I know LePage likely doesn't know the quote is misattributed, but the reverend's 100 year old views on capitalism are right up his alley.

L.L. Bean scraps century-old lifetime return policy by Hrbek15 in Maine

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You would only get an exchange for equivalent item or gift card credit. No one was getting cash for items that old.

Post Nerfs: What's Working, and What Isn't? by Zhandaly in CompetitiveHS

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I get that, but why run it over a better turn 3 play like southsea captain or tar creeper? Both have way better synergies with the rest of the deck. A tutor for a single 3 mana card doesn't seem that great, and the 1 health at 3 mana is definitely pretty poor, but I might be missing something.

My crush choked me till I was on the verge of blacking out, what should I do? by EdgyAutist03 in internetparents

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Not just that she won't tolerate it, but society as a whole won't tolerate it. If he doesn't see the danger in what he did to her, he could very easily do it again to others.

If he gets in trouble with the school, his parents, the law, etc over this, that will very clearly signal to him what he did was wrong and he'll face consequences if he does it again.

[Giveaway] South Park stick of truth. PC by Giedy5 in RandomActsOfGaming

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Thanks for the giveaway. Can't come up with any jokes at the moment but this might make you laugh.

How will Firebat doctor decks now? by Ttess98 in hearthstone

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Once a week on Omnislash's twitter they make a tweet like this where you can send in your decks.

browsing r/maine lately by jpGrind in Maine

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This Subreddit has always been shit. It's just a bunch of "Hey, where can I get food in Portland?" and "Fuck LePage and Collins"

Tourism posts in a tourist driven economy and local politics, who would've thought for a small regional sub? Also no one is stopping you from submitting your own brilliant, unique posts.

The mods never pulled any of those repetitive shitposts.

Because mods mainly exist to remove spam, off topic and abusive posts. Not decide what is or isn't interesting/suitable for the maine community as a whole. The users here, their votes and their comments drive the content way more than the moderation, as it should be.

If something actually breaks the rules, report it and mods will handle it. If it's just you're sick of lighthouse pics, political posts, etc then comment and vote on it accordingly and the voting system/community will take care of the rest.

Is Priest a tier 1 hero in Arena now? by CubeZapper in hearthstone

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I did 46 runs over the last month and here's my stats:

Priest and Paladin are my highest winrate classes at 70% (8 runs priest, 12 runs paladin), Rogue just behind them with 69% over 9 runs and Hunter at 66% over 11.

I had a 62% winrate with Druid, Mage, and Warlock but that isn't that accurate since I only did 1-3 runs with those classes. I didn't pick Shaman or Warrior a single time this season.

As for my matchups, I faced Druid 11% of the time, Hunter 11%, Mage 18%, Paladin 16%, Priest 16%, Rogue 8%, Shaman 5%, Warlock 11%, and Warrior 3%.

I'd say yes, Priest is a tier 1 class now in arena along with Paladin and Rogue. My own stats and my matchups at higher win rates backs that up.

Honestly my hunter rate is probably lower than it should be since this was the first month I've tried drafting hunter consistently and there was a learning curve I had to overcome. As I got better at drafting/playing the class I got more 6+ win runs with it and did see a fair amount of other hunters at 6+ wins.

Mage still has potential to punish aggressive and tempo decks with their removal tools, but unless you've got some crazy late game or value cards, you're just outclassed by a decent priest deck.

Ways MTurk could be improved by whereismyfluffy in mturk

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Sometimes it's because that work is being uploaded as it becomes available. They don't save it up and post it all in a big batch because they want it done in as close to real time as possible. That's actually one of the big selling points from a requester point of view, an on demand poor of labor.

Firebat makes a high IQ play by Notahelper in hearthstone

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Maybe. The announcement from Brode was that if balance changes occur it'll be next month, not that they're for sure happening.

Biggest Cheater in Video Gaming History Fully Exposed for over 35 years of bullshittery by AmiroZ in videos

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Not quite as specific as you mentioned but I find a lot of good quality vids on topics I typically don't think to research myself on /r/mealtimevideos and /r/ArtisanVideos

Zalae with the 300 IQ lethal vs me by trestice in hearthstone

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I play hours of HS stoned, cursing at myself and at the 8th priest I have to fight consecutively, not sure who would want to watch that.

If I wanted to watch that I could just put a mirror next to my monitor.

Things To Do This In Maine - Week Of January 21, 2018 (TESTING) by AutoModerator in Maine

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Fixed it for next week. Any other formatting/text suggestions welcome.