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valantismp 4 points

Nothing is rigged...your system is rigged not the drivers. Never had problem. Especially the 18.xx.xx drivers are ON POINT. Go to the Nvidia yeah..they have no bugs /s hahahahahahhahahaha a hahahahah stupid marketing kids

lotusfox -1 points

i have a rx480 and i've had so many problems with AMD graphics drivers and overwatch that i'll also be switching to Nvidia as soon as gpu prices drop back down. bring the hate. if AMD wants my money they need to make a better product. Their CPU's seem good now, so i'll buy one, but i'm leaving the gpu to Nvidia.

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lotusfox 2 points

One other minor reason may be that the Xbox and Playstation are starting to get a little long in the tooth and now a budget PC can beat them graphics wise pretty easily. since most games are designed to run well on the PS4 and xbox at 30 frames per second, buildit a PC that can run the same game at higher settings at 60 frames or higher is enough for most people to be happy with.

lotusfox 87 points

its probably because of crypto mining. not many people are buying high end or even mid range cards right now. they are just holding on to the older high end cards and waiting for prices to drop back down to sane levels. so, if you are a reviewer and need views, you review and praise the low end hardware budget gamers are actually buying. like right now, i would have no problem recommending one of AMD's APU's but i'd tell anyone to wait before buying a RX580 or Nvidia 1060 or higher. also, if you're not buying a high end or mid range card, why bother buying a high end cpu when you can just wait it out and upgrade everything together as new cpu's/gpu's come out this year.

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lotusfox 4 points

Trilby is somewhat lesser known but does decent long reviews of gameplay. you could also put a few games on youtube and post links to this forum asking for VOD reviews. one thing that helped me climb was picking a few heros that i never get tired of playing and making them my "mains". obviously i play other things as well. but by playing the characters i thought were fun to play i was more motivated in matches and won more. for me it was and after that Orisa/Rein, Moira/Zen.

doodafisen 1 point

Do you know how long the turn around times on the VOD's posted on the forums are?

lotusfox 1 point

no idea. i mean. you're depending on people just doing it for free so its not like you can put a time frame on it.

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lotusfox 2 points

Is there any way we could offer to help small countries use DASH as a national currency? it would be good for publicity. many small countries have unstable currencies. we could offer to allow them to use the DASH network either for low cost or for free for a period of time.

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lotusfox 1 point

he's getting older and already in decline. based on his past two seasons and age i'd view him as very high risk. better to accept that we have missed the boat on Arrieta and to spend money on younger pitchers. if we give him a contract it should be very short and that's probably not what he's looking for.

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lotusfox 1 point

I have a Logitech G430. I got it for $35 on amazon. the speakers work well and have good highs, lows, and mid-range. the mic seems to work well and is clear. I'm certain there is better out there, but for $35 its been fantastic. I recommend it to anyone who tells me they can't afford a "decent" headset. Don't know if its for sale in Europe, but if it is i'd check it out.

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lotusfox 1 point

high plat, low diamond player here. i watched your first video. just a few things i see.

  1. when tracking enemies you're shooting at, make sure your eyes are focused on the enemy target rather than your reticle. this should allow for more consistent tracking.

  2. you are not abusing your ability to take high ground enough. you have a lot of mobility and any time you can take high ground and put yourself 10m away from your target rather than shooting far away you should. when you were on defense, there was a lot of times you could have done that during your defense of 2nd and 3rd point. remember. it's not just something you do, do it frequently. if you can't decide if you should are not, ask yourself if you would be safer firing at them within 10 meters while in front of the enemy, to the left or right, and if it would help if you were ABOVE them. the safest spot in front,left,right or front,left,right on high ground that you can hit them at 10 meters is usually the best spot.

  3. keep track of which enemy characters have used their own mobility abilities. you are VERY mobile yourself and you can take advantage of it every time thiers is on cool down. like, the best time to dive moira is after you see her use her shift. The same applies to any ability that can stun you. the best time to dive anna is after you see her use her sleep dart. or you see hanzo use his scatter arrow. the only reason i mention 2 and 3 is because i think you might be spending too much time shooting at the enemy formation at a distance greater than 10 meters. i do this too much myself to be honest.

  4. your bombs are good and you can take advantage of that even more. launch them in the middle of team fights or when you see orisas shield is on cooldown and she cant move it for a while. I saw you launch your bomb on 3rd point attack right after you saw rein's shield fail. that was a good move and got you play of the game.

  5. always be aware of which of's many roles you're filling at the moment. A)charging into and killing everything that tries to touch your supports B) killing pharah or protecting your team form her. C) killing flankers. D) being a flanker or dive buddy to someone on your team. like that guy playing winston in your game. diving in with someone else or being a flanker buddy is probably the most fun part of playing : )

last stuff. on defense you playing was a great idea. don't care what the winston/hog player was saying. dive bastion as with as many team members as you can. your DM will absorb dmg better than any other tank could. even if its just two seconds. your junkrat should have been diving with you onto the bastion and helping you guys break the shield more. Only reason you guys struggled a bit on atk was because lucio/zen is pretty weak healing. also, you and winston needed to stay just a little bit more together so that you were damaging targets at the same time.

Thanks for posting the vid. i love watching these. seeing other people play helps me see things i should try and do myself. i'm always trying to get better too.

MrBridger 4 points

IMHO a APU like this is the really the end goal for the AMD in the consumer market. Just needs the tech to accomplish it

lotusfox 1 point

Thank you. I believe so as well. with AMD making both the CPU and GPU, it would be a good market for them. Millions of mid range gaming machines sold, more affordable than buying and intel cpu and nvidia gpu separately. In fact, I think a big reason AMD agreed to make the PS4 and Xbox was to gain experience and build a department for making larger more powerful APU's before moving into the PC market with them.

nix_one 16 points

only way to do it is intel "G" series style, with an huge mcm package and a discrete cpu, gpu and video memory on it.

and as "G" series it would costs a lot so wouldnt be sealable at cheap "apu" prices.

so, considering that AMD is an "for profit" firm and not some onlus, would be right for them to do that? would they profit from it?

lotusfox 0 points

I think it depends on how expensive their "infinity fabric" tech is. If they can splice together a cpu, ddr5 chips, gpu, and hbm affordably, such a product would be both viable and desirable. It would definitely make semi-custom motherboards for vendors simple and easy to make. You could build a mid range PC about the size of PS4 or smaller.

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lotusfox 1 point

how about a mini-itx motherboard that had the pci slot on the backside of the motherboard? you could then have your cpu and cooler on one side and your gpu and fans on the back side. this would allow for a very compact computer case without having to use any different components than you would typically use with a mini-itx. the board design would remain the same. the pci would just be on the opposite side turned 90 degrees. people already make cases that use this orientation. they just have to use an expensive ribbon cable to achieve it. just imagine the Dan case, but no ribbon cable needed.

farmerjoe1996 2 points

I thought that would be a good idea too, I figured an improvement to STX or even mini ITX would be what you described with the gpu mounted on the back side of the mobo. Unfortunately lotus is right about the ribbon cable though, it's a shame that we don't have something like this for mini PC enthusiasts.

lotusfox 2 points

yeah. a mini-itx with the gpu mounted on the backside wouldnt be hard to make using existing mobo designs. they could call it mini-itxB for 'back' if they wanted. it would probably have to start with companies making it to sell with new cases, like the barebones systems Shuttle makes. as Fresh was talking about. but i still think it would be doable and not any more expensive than typical mini-itx motherboards. it would save people $70 or so if they didn't have to buy the cable to get the small form factor they wanted. i'd buy one.

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lotusfox 5 points

i would change her ultimate, actually reverse it. when Orisa would ult, she would simply reach up and turn the drum on her back on. she wouldn't place it down. and her ult would be area wide damage reduction for everyone within say 20m. that would allow orisa to fill an anchor tank role for her team while trying to take objectives more than having her stand off to the side desperately trying to defend a 200hp stationary target rather than her teammates. basically she would be able to extend her fortify ability to her team with in a large area for like 10 seconds or so. blizzard could adjust how much the dmg reduction/area/time/ult charge up time for balance reasons but i think it would make her a much more effective 'tank'.

lotusfox commented on a post in r/Competitiveoverwatch
lotusfox 1 point

won 8 out of 10 placements and started at 3050. then for the next 8 games i had 6 throwers and dropped. slowly got back to diamond and then ran into game after game of thrower again till i was mid plat again. got back to diamond for the 3rd time and then, for the 3rd time, had so many throwers in a row i dropped back to mid plat. i felt like my account was cursed and stopped playing with my friends on it because they felt the same. i gave up trying to get back to diamond and finished the season at 2900 or so. i lost any desire to climb and just practiced different heros for season 8. still convinced my account is somehow cursed.

jimdesroches 2 points

If you have 55 dash you can’t be that poor.

lotusfox 1 point

i bought it at $7 per share when it was still low years ago. with free money that i got when i sold half my bitcoins after they doubled. i invested a total of $300 in bitcoin initially. back when it was $50 a coin. at the time, i was a pizza delivery driver. my previous job was $10 per hour at as a manager at a restaurant.

[deleted] 2 points

Sounds like you're better at investing than most of the chumps around here.

lotusfox 1 point

ironically the best way to invest when you don't know how to invest is to admit to yourself you don't know a lot and copy other people.

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TheSandwichy 3 points
lotusfox 3 points


lotusfox 3 points

Wow that was fast. you people are amazing!

bryanesler 9 points

Tell them to go to Browse > Networks > Live. That’ll show all the live channels. If they don’t see that they might have to reboot or log out and back in to the app.

Also for the website, only shows the live content right now.

lotusfox 1 point

thanks. i'll check it out.

georock 2 points

Why not make it $3 like on our taxes then it's just being consistent with that

lotusfox 2 points

Any small amount is fine. As long as it's low enough the average person can easily afford it. You'd need to be able to donate it to one candidate at a time though. general donations to a party are pointless if you are trying to change government for the better. I think $1 has a better ring to it though.

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lotusfox 2 points

I just hope AMD fixes its problems with Overwatch i can update from 17.7.1. I mean, how long does it take to solve one problem with one of the most popular games on the planet?

TraumaMonkey 1 point

Nvidia cards are having crashing issues too. Overwatch has a problem, not AMD.

lotusfox 1 point

o'really? i haven't heard of this. my friends with Nvidia cards haven't mentioned having any issues at all. if that's the case though, i wonder what this problem could be. it seems like an odd one.

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