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The short guy in the group is always the craziest.

Why I sneeze so loud and should be able to quiet my sneezes. It’s very painful for me to sneeze the way I do and I can’t control it. So he went on this rant about being able to control ourselves. It’s funny now so when I sneeze he just yells “control yourself woman “. My sneezing is annoying I have to admit.

Watermelon eating intensified

I was driving home at around 8;30 pm last night and it was one of the most beautiful yet terrifying drives of my life.

I sneeze quite violently and I’ve had to pull over just to sneeze. I sneeze on avarage 5 times in a row and having my eyes shut for that long while driving is terrifying

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Do I like this because its American af or because Terry Crews. Edit:Crews

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I thought this would never happen in real life, yet here we are


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I didn’t know I wanted this in my life but now I need more!

My ass.

I like to think it's my best ass-et.

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I'd have to say either Forrest Gump or Saving Private Ryan. Hell, just about anything with Tom Hanks will work honestly.

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I still cry when bubba dies, he just wanted to go home 😢

I enjoy your pics! She’s a pretty pupper

Very cool, wrinkles are really hard to do well but you nailed it

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Thank you that means a lot to me! I still have a long way to go but I’m proud of my improvement.

This would make a great tattoo

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Thank you!

Wow ! My mouth literally opened when I zoomed in! That texture!!!

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.

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What topped it off for that scene was Kelly dancing.

Some can and do go through the 'normal' high school program .. Some will go through and have an education system designed specifically for them and their specific needs called an Individual Eduction Program or IEP. It is supposed to be as challenging for them as the normal high school program is for 'normal' students. So it may not be at the same end level , but they worked just as hard ( if not harder ) then the rest of the students.

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My son is autistic and has an IEP and his teachers often compliment me during meetings saying he tries harder than other students. Makes me feel good that he is treated the same as other students but still has a strong support system provided by the school. I have high hopes my son will be able to be slowly integrated into a regular classroom , he is only in second grade but has had an IEP since he has in preschool. He has had a lot of help and it has worked for him but he has also put in a lot of hard work.

Keep on top of them. Push for 'mainstreaming' whenever possible. Even if only for the lunch period or gym. This at the very least keeps them in the "partially mainstreamed" category. Another thing that many parents don't know is that they can modify many of the standardized test requirements while still keeping the 'status' gained by passing those tests. Things like waving the time limits or having the test read to them and having someone record their answers can help a lot in getting them to fulfill requirements for a "full" diploma.

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Thank you for the suggestions and you’re right about staying on top of the teachers. He was lucky enough to have a great special ed teacher since he was 4 . His IEP is different tho, the way it works is he is in a regular class and gets taken out to go to his speech or behavior classes and then he is taken back to the regular class setting . The goal is to not need to take him out anymore and phase out the one on one . He is on track to be fully independent and is catching up to his classmates really fast. I am very proud of my son he may not have straight A’s but I know he is just as dedicated and works hard everyday .

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