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This sucks tremendously but it’s good to see that you have compassion for his wife. Many women wouldn’t be that considerate and with that trait alone you will find love again and it will be wonderful and real. I’m sorry you went thru this but you have a beautiful soul that will be nourished with love again.

It’s a great piece. Nicely balanced. Good colors.

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Thank you!

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Pasadena, CA

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As a homegrown angelino and fan of parks and rec I feel ashamed I didn’t know this

Good on you. Enjoy it. It can be a lot of fun. My girlfriend and I swing so we know how it can bring you together. Hopefully it brings you and your boyfriend many fun years.

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My boyfriend and I have been wanting to experiment and bring another girl in the mix . The only thing is he knows I can be insecure about my body and my V. I want to please him because I like it when he boss me around in bed and I know that he would enjoy it. I want to do this for him but I don’t know a girl who would be interested not that he is ugly or anything but I don’t have THOSE type of friends.

Dad and son are both handsome. The dad has aged like fiiiine wiiine

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I watched this live on TV as a kid, the whole family glued to the TV screen. Everyone wondering how such a terrible accident could have happened. Was it a problem with the plane? Was it pilot error? How could a big passenger jet get so far off course?

Then the second plane hit. Live, on TV. It was like a punch to the gut. The sudden realisation that this was a deliberate act.

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Yea I remember my mom not sending me to school after we both watched the second plane hit and the jumpers started. Each time the cameras would pan away you would see another jumper. We screamed when we saw the two people jumping holding hands. I cried for hours that day thinking we were next because we lived so closed to LAX. The three days following 9/11 not hearing airplanes above us was haunting.

The image of the jumpers and “praying man” always stuck with me.

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Omg I forgot about the praying man. The only thing that provided comfort for me watching it as a kid was my dad reassuring me that the pressure from the fall would knock them out before they hit the ground.

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I think the mother in India that kills herself jumping onto the train tracks with her baby in her arms. It made me realize how horrible other women have it that they have to make those decisions. My heart broke for that baby

I read an article once that said when you lose a SO it's like losing a backup drive as we tend to rely on our nearest to help us remember certain things "honey, who's that guy I like in that TV show?" for example.

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This makes me sad, but it’s a great way of putting it. My SO is my go to for everything, he is my best friend . My back up drive.

This is my new nickname for him, thank you.

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I disliked her in the beginning but I grew to really like her in season 9. I thought she was a lot of fun as a character

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I’m glad she kept the baby in the end during the last episode

That’s one hell of a leaky pipe if I ever saw one

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Hermosa Beach Ca. 2pm and not a soul in sight on the strand, doesn't happen often on a sunny, perfect beach day

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Was just there, I was able to escape work early and it felt so liberating soaring thru traffic while everyone was still at work and school. I love living in the South Bay but man does it suck when it comes to events at the beach . I always feel like a packed sardine . Amazing photo btw!

Mark gets all the ladies ! OP you are very pretty!!! Sincerely, Jealous girl

The Meagles are cold people

A spinoff reality show following the Meagles would be one of the most entertaining things on TV

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Omg yes!!!

Oh Anne you’re so smart, innocent and pretty - one of her first compliments to Anne

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Failing does not make you a bad person. It makes you a person who tried and maybe didn’t see the outcome they wanted. I’m sorry things have been rough lately. I still think you are a good person

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I cried reading your comment, because I’ve been feeling like this a lot lately . I try my best and most don’t see it . I just want someone to tell me it’s ok and I’m doin g a good job

^ this. I’m a cashier at a pretty popular retail store and whenever an attractive dude comes in with his girlfriend, I all but ignore the guy and just talk to the girl. I try to include him sometimes, but I know I’m a mess around people I find attractive, so I’d rather just talk to the gf.

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I respect you for this. I used to do this as well. Mainly compliment her on her hair or outfit . The girls would usually enjoy the attention and their boyfriends appreciated another girl being nice to their girlfriend. Puts both of them in a good mood.

I like how content Laura is knowing that Michelle got the candy

I have a Swanson every year at the county fair . I often ask for it that way and they just don’t get it

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