SoCal hikers - The USFS is banning all fires (including campfires and ALL stoves) in the Angeles National Forest for 2018 by DavidWiese in WildernessBackpacking

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Don't think so - it specifically mentions campfire permits.

Person with a valid California Campfire Permit are not except [sic] from the prohibitions listed above.

Chili Klaus Faces the Most Extreme Hot Ones Ever by davidjlosi in videos

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Certain American accents pronounce them the same. It's spelled "Caramel", however.

What are some of your favourite ‘hi-hat’ moments? by aspaff in Techno

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I personally love And Then We Planned Our Escape for its hi hats. Beautiful track.

Edit: hats come in around 3:45

hmmm by zeexik in hmmm

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It fell off. :(

Apparently Christmas demand for AirPods isn’t being met—currently not shipping until January 5th by Mvnqaztaqoioqn473257 in apple

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Go to the store and try them on. Headbang. If they feel comfortable and don't move (they shouldn't), then they'll feel and fit exactly the same way for as long as you own them.

December Christmas backpacking locations? by poopiehead46 in norcalhiking

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Hiking around Fallen Leaf Lake is fun in the winter. Nice and flat loop around the lake.

I miss the brioche rolls at Knollcrest. by Fishering in calvincollege

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Thank you! I used to be a student worker in the dining halls. That was more than a couple years ago though, so I don't think I have pull anymore to get them to start making brioche rolls again, lol.

I miss the brioche rolls at Knollcrest. by Fishering in calvincollege

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Knollcrest has a legit bakery operation in the back. Commons gets all their baked goods from Knollcrest.

In need of new headphones, best low-end value recommendations? by T-rill in DJs

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I'll second this. I have the MDR-7506, just a couple dollars more than the linked ones. I've used them basically every day for the past six years, and they're basically bombproof.

The sound is what you want for mixing, too: flat and neutral. Highs mids and lows are equally weighted, so you'll get a good idea of what each level is actually like. Beats headphones emphasize the low end. That's fun for home listening, but it's not what you want for a mix or a set.

Edit: https://www.amazon.com/ask/questions/Tx2HKYIDOQHYZCJ/ref=ask_dp_dpmw_al_hza for a reviewer's comparison between the V6 and the 7506.

I would strongly recommend the military for re-setting your life financially and professionally. by shesinconceivable17 in personalfinance

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Once you've been in for a little while, sure. You don't know what will be asked of you before you join, however.

I would strongly recommend the military for re-setting your life financially and professionally. by shesinconceivable17 in personalfinance

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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this yet: Be aware that you may be called upon to kill. Be prepared for that. The military can provide many financial and professional benefits for you, but you should absolutely weigh its moral cost as well.

Today my Boss and I talked about capacity planning by Scheballs in tableau

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I just now realized that I have no idea how much money my company pays for our enterprise license 😬


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Not sure how, but I lucked in to the Vikings wide receivers (Thielen, Diggs) and the Saints running backs (Ingraham, Kamara). 95 points between the four of them so far this week, and counting. ☝️🙏☝️

Why I want to but haven't donated a small amount to Wikipedia. by cocoabeach in wikipedia

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you agree to share your personal information

This is so they can give you a receipt for your donation, you know that right? One of the benefits of nonprofit status is that (in the U.S. at least) money you give to them you can deduct from your income. There's a theoretical financial advantage to donating. BUT - you need proof of your donation to give to the IRS. That receipt has to have your name on it.

If you put a $10 bill in an envelope and mail it to them, saying it's an anonymous donation, you can do that. (But you can't deduct the donation from your taxes.) They'll take the money I'm sure, and they won't know your name or address. But the wording they have in their ToS and etc lets them know who gave them money.

There's more to it than that, but basically it comes down to this: do you trust the Wikimedia Foundation? If you do, then you shouldn't worry about donating. If you don't, then... yeah, you shouldn't donate. That's a bad choice, and I question why you'd consider donating to an organization you don't trust.

Edit: the donor privacy policy is here: https://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Donor_privacy_policy/en

[Marvel/DC] What are some street level villains who would be difficult to defeat if they went on a rampage in the real world? by Cmyers1980 in AskScienceFiction

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That's an oddly appropriate word to misspell, haha. It's actually "semantics" - the "sema" is like in semaphore, meaning "signal".
Edit: Symantec, Symantec, I laugh at your antivirus

First iPhone X fondlers struggle to admit that Face ID sort of sucks by tehgerbil in gadgets

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Touch ID doesn’t actually use your fingerprint - that’s the outer layer of your skin. It goes a little deeper than that, so any whorl/loop/typical type of fingerprint (copied or otherwise) won’t work.