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lunrred 1 point
Maoman1 [M] 1 point

You can't share the site directly, it makes it seem like you're trying to shill a particular site or something, which is against the rules. Here, I went ahead and uploaded the pic for you so you can share the image directly: (assuming that's the pic you're talking about at least).

lunrred 1 point

Thank you

Hagglepoise 2 points

Yeah, sometimes other languages just have better words for stuff. German is great for this, although French swearing IMO is the best.

lunrred 1 point

The weird thing going for me is how i automatically switch my language depending on if i have people around me or not. Does this happen to you?

MrCarlos11 3 points

I consistently swear in German mainly so my son doesn't know what I'm saying but that'll probably change when he picks a second language for school next year

lunrred 1 point

i took german freshman year and i learned a bunch of curse words off of the internet and got suspended after using them

riconquer 2 points

Nope, in the movie the Declaration has a map on it in written in some kind of heat activated ink.

lunrred 2 points

is this real?

riconquer 2 points

I'm like 99% sure its not, but it's not lime anyone lets me handle these priceless documents.

lunrred 1 point

this is so sad

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when did living become so not fun

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