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RaisinsAndPersons 2 points

Going off of this review of his book on conscious subjects, his view sounds ambiguous, although he apparently says that consciousness is materially realized.

lurkergroove 1 point

Thanks! What does that mean "consciousness is materially realized?"

hylas 2 points

Look at who you might work with, and where their students got jobs. (Bear in mind that your interests in three years might not be your interests today.)

Not every advisor will give you an equal amount of attention, and it can make a huge difference. Some people really go to bat for their students and some avoid them as much as possible.

lurkergroove 1 point

Thanks, how would one figure out the attention given to a student by an advisor though?

fraseyboy 2 points

If you're near New Zealand try Garage Project's Fuzzbox.

lurkergroove 1 point

I'm across the world from New Zealand, but if I ever get there, I will!

brazthemad 9 points

Where do you live? Local availability makes a big difference

lurkergroove 6 points

In the Southern Tier, New York.

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lurkergroove 18 points

First and second years don't matter nearly as much as what you do in your last two years of undergrad. Just keep your GPA as high as you can and try and get into some research early on.

lurkergroove commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Vanetia 5 points

Since... always.

I don't think that's accurate.

lurkergroove 2 points

Also gender-neutral terms have been around for centuries and have dominated literature, read this.

somepeoplewait 2 points

But they literally are not the same. Gender is the social construct. It's the cultural identity we associate with being male or female. As well as the psychological traits. Gender is the actual identity, sex is biology.

One's biology doesn't always match their gender.

Also, this isn't a "PC thing." These are the literal, accepted definitions. And it has been proven time and time again that when your gender doesn't match your biological sex, it is extremely detrimental to one's mental health to conform to the gender of their biological sex. It has been proven that it is psychologically essential for transgender people to be able to transition.

lurkergroove 4 points

Moreover, some people are born intersex. The very existence of those people that are intersex disrupts this whole outdated notion of defining what a female or male is based off of one's anatomy.

lurkergroove commented on a post in r/AskReddit
forman98 684 points

The crazy thing is that there are currently two people out there who have not met yet, that will one day put a sperm with an egg and slowly develop an entire other person who will then have their own independent thoughts and experiences.

Like it all starts with 1 sperm and 1 egg. A small bundle of molecules in a certain arrangement that is then continually built upon until a human being is produced. So plants are sort of the same, but then humans end up having this thing called consciousness. Is that just a result of tons of molecules working together with some electricity? Isn't that what a robot is? Just how developed are our brains? How do we have the ability to imagine things that have never existed before using only a bunch of molecules and some electricity?

lurkergroove 2 points

You might be interested in a position like panpsychism, which argues that because of the absurdity of getting subjective experience from a bunch of molecules and some electricity - as you mention - consciousness must be a fundamental property of our universe. It's garnering popularity among some fields. So, consciousness might be as basic to our worlds as space and time are. In this view, plants might be conscious, insects, animals of all kinds - even atoms to varying degrees.

[deleted] 3 points

It indeed is a terrible analogy and a bad argument in general. Programs like AlphaGo or DeepBlue have excellent prioritization systems when they must find out which moves in a game such as chess or go are good, but we don't call them conscious because there is no evidence of those programs having a subjective experience.

lurkergroove 2 points

Don't you just love when a redditor starts a post with "it's quite simple really" and goes on to answer a fundamental human mystery that's plagued the most brilliant minds of history. Paging /r/iamverysmart.

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