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Tacoma, WA if you're from the Puget Sound area.

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Tacoma Rep!! Living in Renton now but come down every weekend just to log some miles 🤙🏽🤙🏽

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Only pussies drive automatics, huh. Like her son?

Edit: it's been asked/mentioned several times, so I looked again. OP said something in a comment about "lady" so I continued. That's literally it.

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This was my favorite


I’ve had my 18’ for about 10 months now and I had to relearn how to drive a manual when I bought it. Came back to me like riding a bike in about a week or two (considering there are insane hills will stop signs and lights around the south puget sound). I deal with Seattle traffic everyday, constant stop and go, and I’m pretty damn good at not stalling in emergency situations. However, empty/flat ground stop lights, backing into my parking spot, and just absolutely randomly I end up stalling. I’d say it about twice a week where I just space out and kill tf out of my car. How often does everyone else do this or something similar?


Been waiting for this More than I care to admit man. I drive tractor trailer all day. The clutch is sooooooo different. Also haven't had a stick car in years since I bought this thing a month ago. Stalled twice on the test drive, my wife laughed. Stalled probably five more times after that. Like u said randomly. If I have on boots or heavier shoes I have no feel. I go bare foot when I can. U feel the clutch so much better.

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Yes! Barefoot as much as possible and gas with only my big toe! Haha!

I work construction so I constantly pull my boots off after work.

The other night someone did this into my license plate and crushed the relocation kit into my bumper...this is why we can’t have nice things.

It was a close call good sir, but you just made my god damn day! Cheers 🍻

Silver surfer

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Car was parked at work on a hill and the E brake failed, it wasn’t in gear. It rolled 50 feet down a hill, crossed to the other side of the road, smashed into my co workers Ford Escape then proceeded to drive up the 8” curb.

Smashed both front rims, front bumper, front headlight, front fender, both doors, and t side skirt.

Taking her to the body shop Monday so we’ll see if there’s any mechanical damage.

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Note to self: stop forgetting to keep in gear.

My fiancé tries to organize things I have in the car. Drives me crazy. Things are where they belong.

Super jelly

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I’ve recently started feeling that as well. Keeping an eye on this thread

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I cant speak on longevity, as this is my first Subaru and I only have 8000 miles, BUT I can say its more than a 30-40hp gain. Remember the 2015+ wrx dynos around 220hp.

My 2017 WRX is at 305hp with:

Process West verticooler, Nameless Turboback exhaust (high flow cat), Cobb Big sf intake, TGV delete, EGR delete, AEM 320lph Fuel pump, Grimspeed EBC, and just recently installed an IAG A.O.S.

I'm tuned on 93, so that's 80+ hp on those few mods. Running E85, easily 350hp. Granted, I got a pro tune from JR Tuned and have no regrets. Its night and day difference over cobbs off the shelf maps.

But I can honestly say its so much better than stock, So much.

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Do you have a sound clip of how that exhaust sounds? This is the exact setup I’m saving up for.

I live in Western WA. I got you fam. ‘15 limited black. Oh, also might wave at you from the wife’s Jeep.

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You sound like me! Represent Western Wa ✌🏽

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New owners are one of the other most consistent. I remember back in high school learning that Jeep Wrangler owners did that. I bet they have the same thing where the new owners or owners of the wrangler variations don’t do the wave.

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Yea I’ve noticed it. I’ve got an 18’ and do it tho! New owners represent! ✌🏽✌🏽

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By golly! You’ve solved my dilemma...I literally just noticed one of my wheels is scratched as well and just a few days ago I took it through a carwash (barf, but my only option). That has to be what caused it because like you, I’m entirely too careful to have curbed it.

Where did you get that license plate delete thing? I haven't seen one with the boxer before.

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Billetworkz has them.

OP, I love that Airscreen! The mountains on it are a nice look. What model is it?

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Sorry for the late reply! It's a Thule, I have access to a vinyl cutter so I made the mountains on it.

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That’s awesome. Looks great. Super jealous

Looks nice on them ts10's! Great choice

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Looks like a hell of a weekend. Cheers 🍻

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I only reset "A" odo.

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Interesting, I reset “B”


I haven’t been waved at or thrown a ✌🏽 I’m almost a week. Seems people are far to distracted while driving and not paying attention to the family. 😂


Figured I could mod 40 more hp for less than the $10,000 diff

Hey, Vuxc, just a quick heads-up:
alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'.
Have a nice day!

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Youre not going to run nearly as well on a cut vs maintenance/surplus. The first 30 minutes of running, youre using your glycogen stores. If you arent eating enough to replenish your stores every night, you'll be dipping into your fat stores faster... which is more exhausting for your body (literally, fatigue).

So, dont expect to run better unless you up your carbs...which might not fit your macros.

You should be able to run about 20-30 minutes however, even on lower carbs/deficit.

Also, keep in mind 2 things:

1) not every run will be your best run and

2) running is as much a mental challenge as it is physical.

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You are absolutely right. I’ve been cutting for about a week now. Dropped from roughly 3k calories a day to 1800-2000 (work makes me snack a lot). I’m usually able to keep a solid 8min pace on my runs for roughly 6-7 miles, at this deficit I’m struggling to make it 3-4 before feeling like a slug. Plus side to your body burning fat within your first 20 min of running, I’ve dropped 6 lbs already and the abs are coming out for summer.

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