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macktastick commented on a post in r/waltonchain
thelatemercutio 5 points

IOS just simply takes longer to develop. Android is easier.

macktastick 6 points

I think it's easier to make the argument that far more of the world is on Android than iOS. As a first choice for deployment for an international company, it just makes sense.

macktastick commented on a post in r/WaltonchainMining
kaito1000 1 point

Like this for cryptonight, is it confirmed here?

macktastick 1 point

I might be doing something wrong, but I haven't gotten this to beat the geth start method with a 1950x yet (may be processor dependent? again, or operator dependent heh).

macktastick commented on a post in r/waltonchain
copharion 1 point

We don’t know this yet.

macktastick 2 points

Know what, sir?

copharion 1 point

Oh, damnit. I always seem to fat finger my replies to others posts, and end up pointing a separate comment thread.

Disregard Mack!

macktastick 2 points

Honestly, it seemed kinda zen. :)

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macktastick commented on a post in r/WaltonchainMining
macktastick [M] 6 points

No one in Slack has proven it to be working to my knowledge. I will update this if/when that changes.

Edit: One party claims they have done it with one GPU. I do not believe it. They will not yet offer further explanation. Will update if they do.

Edit 2: They contacted me. They explained they really do think it worked, but all they did was start/stop the client several times. My personal opinion of this is that it is a misunderstanding. I'm waiting for official word.

Edit 3: Keep an eye on Twitter if you aren't already.

Edit 4: Multiple people have gotten this to work with one GPU

Grimetas 1 point

GPU mining is surely working, I mined 2 blocks so far. For me too only one GPU per rig is working right now, putting my best efforts to figure out a way to make all of them work. Ask if you have any questions.

macktastick 1 point

I believe the confusion was over whether or not people were getting it to work without following the GPU instructions. Wanted to clear up that selecting 'GPU' in the wallet is not enough and you need to follow the GPU guides.

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macktastick commented on a post in r/KinFoundation
Doctor-Smack 7 points

KIN hit it out of the yard! Barely first pitch...can't wait for the rest of the lineup! More taters to come for sure...Let's go for the grand slam..clear the bases! Gets ur gloves ready to catch the balls of KIN flying out of the park! Congrats on a solid partner!

macktastick 4 points

Sir, I get the impression you are excited about the MLB Opening Day today.

macktastick 8 points

This did it for me! I'm in, friends! :)

macktastick commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Wes1414 2 points

Question... when Waltonchain announces news, what avenues do they take? Twitter, medium, but what else? I ask thus because besides reddit, twitter and medium I didn't know what other areas we gain our exposure in...

macktastick 2 points

I think it's safe to call Twitter the leading edge of WTC communications right now. If there's a Medium article (or other item of note), they usually announce it on Twitter and link to it.

mETHaquaIone 2 points

Do we still expect the CPU mining period to be roughly 2 months in duration? Cheers.

macktastick 1 point

We just do not know. The team has described it a couple of times as dependent on achieving a certain security milestone rather than the calendar. I know that doesn't really answer your question, but hopefully a little context on why.

macktastick commented on a post in r/waltonchain
yabeeyo 3 points

1) Bithumb listing has been secured

Could you provide a link where this was stated?

macktastick 1 point

That AMA was conducted in Slack (I was there). I cannot find an official source restating what was said in Slack exactly, but several unofficial reviews posted immediately following the event got that part right (such as this one).

macktastick commented on a post in r/waltonchain
harveydent000 1 point

I've been away from the charts a lot lately, but i see that coinnest price is lower than binance etc. A few weeks ago it was coinnest where the price was always a bit higher. Has somebody an explanation?

macktastick 8 points

We're still waiting for them to come "back online" following the suspension this winter. Coinnest has not been accepting deposits for basically all of 2018 from what I understand.

macktastick commented on a post in r/waltonchain
rulerslick 2 points

Yup. Only 2 gave up on the project today.

macktastick 1 point

Hmmm where do you see that? Kajo's tracker suggests zero.

Edit: You're right, it does show three now beneath the GMN chart. I dunno... maybe he's working on it?

macktastick 6 points

What up, peeps!? Feels like it's been a while. Just wanted to say hi. :)

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