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2 points · 1 month ago

It just means decentralized app so why is the A uppercase at all when it just means app? It's either going to be DApp or dapp.

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Anyone know how long OKEx has been leading WTC volume? Looks like volume has dried up on Binance..for now

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How is this not getting more attention

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The couple of times I've mentioned it in Slack, someone has (correctly) pointed out OKEx has a dubious history with fake volume. I think many are trying not to read too much into it...yet (WTC has been listed there since mid December with nothing like this past week's volume).

The sum of the OKEx trading pairs has been ~#1 for close to a week now. Only in the last 24 hours did it take over the top pair's spot.

I'm going to approve this one because it gives some people some weirdness in the daily thread.


This is a guy who spams the daily thread constantly with multiple accounts (He's up to 30+ so far) that say this exact same thing, except with slightly different usernames and slightly different concepts, you never see it because Automod filters it, but there are about 50-100 of these a day in the daily thread

It's been changing over the last week and now he's talking about some sort of Sanchez Walkoff now, but he always talks about "pumping TRX" and he really hates ECA

Your daily dose of weirdness

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Ah yes, the Sanchez walk-off was a big deal in NYC baseball last week:

Any iOS apps that I can use binance with?

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Binance has an app. This was current as of January. Not sure if it has made it to the app store since?

Cheers, that's filtered out the /r/cc mainpage - now if only you could mute individual comments on the daily thread.

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Hmmm... not sure about with RES, but you could use a browser plugin like Unspoiler (there are others if that one doesn't appeal to you). Might not block an entire comment, though...

Curious if you find a solution - I'll keep my eyes open. :)

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Are all youtubers just scammers?

No. I like ReadySetCrypto, for example.

Do you have the link to the telegram?

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I found it in the sidebar :)

IOS just simply takes longer to develop. Android is easier.

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I think it's easier to make the argument that far more of the world is on Android than iOS. As a first choice for deployment for an international company, it just makes sense.


Updated automod match for VM case.

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Testing automatic mod mail response.


Mods are a bit outrageous there

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Is there something you're still looking for help with? I'd be happy to if I can. If not, I'm sorry you had a bad experience.


Testing. This should not be visible to /all

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Like this for cryptonight, is it confirmed here?

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1 point · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

I might be doing something wrong, but I haven't gotten this to beat the geth start method with a 1950x yet (may be processor dependent? again, or operator dependent heh).

We don’t know this yet.

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Know what, sir?

Oh, damnit. I always seem to fat finger my replies to others posts, and end up pointing a separate comment thread.

Disregard Mack!

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Honestly, it seemed kinda zen. :)

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It is difficult for me to take you seriously in times like this because of posts like these. Are you genuinely upset? If so, I'd be happy to talk to you about it.

GPU mining is surely working, I mined 2 blocks so far. For me too only one GPU per rig is working right now, putting my best efforts to figure out a way to make all of them work. Ask if you have any questions.

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I believe the confusion was over whether or not people were getting it to work without following the GPU instructions. Wanted to clear up that selecting 'GPU' in the wallet is not enough and you need to follow the GPU guides.

Not even half the truth...I tried to explain it to you several times in Slack... I don't care anymore... I got blocks through GPU mining and I don't get any profits in telling lies about it...

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Dude, I'll happily retract that if you want to explain in more detail. I apologize if I misrepresented you, but my intent is to make sure one community isn't leading the other in information. Right now I can't reproduce your steps and no one else has?

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This is premature. We are hearing GPU is coming, but not in what capacity. We do not know that it will automatically trump CPU or when. But yes, I'm keeping mine - it's awesome :)

KIN hit it out of the yard! Barely first pitch...can't wait for the rest of the lineup! More taters to come for sure...Let's go for the grand slam..clear the bases! Gets ur gloves ready to catch the balls of KIN flying out of the park! Congrats on a solid partner!

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Sir, I get the impression you are excited about the MLB Opening Day today.

This did it for me! I'm in, friends! :)

Question... when Waltonchain announces news, what avenues do they take? Twitter, medium, but what else? I ask thus because besides reddit, twitter and medium I didn't know what other areas we gain our exposure in...

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I think it's safe to call Twitter the leading edge of WTC communications right now. If there's a Medium article (or other item of note), they usually announce it on Twitter and link to it.



We get a fair number of questions about Threadrippers as they relate to mining Waltonchain. There are a few of us that have run 1950x rigs on the WTC beta. I am going to consolidate the most common answers here over time. Feel free to ask if you don't yet see an answer for what you are looking.

My current 1950x build

Latest testing results

Why might someone want a Threadripper to mine Walton?

  • Extremely high hash rate for CPU mining in a single PC rig (you can run multiple PCs with lesser processors to get the same effect)

Why wouldn't someone want a Threadripper to mine Walton?

  • Expensive
  • Very few mother boards support it (and they're expensive!)
  • Those mother boards do not make great bases for GPU mining rigs, so if you are looking for one rig to mine both CPU and GPU with, this might not be it.
  • Requires other higher-end components to get the most of (RAM, good cooling)

Who cares about expense if you believe WTC will grow in value? Even if the CPU phase is only a couple months, isn't it worth it anyway?

Maybe. Maybe not if:

  • You're on a fixed budget for all of your Waltonchain mining. In that case you might want more of it to go to GPU mining, which you'll be doing longer.
  • You don't mind running multiple rigs. In that case, you will likely do better on a hash per dollar basis with something like a Ryzen 1700 in 2 or 3 machines pointed at the same wallet address (be sure to factor the added power into your trade study, though!).
  • You can buy lower-priced WTC now with the money you save on a different rig.

So... why did you get one, macktastick? It's sounding... not smart

If you have a use for a threadripper machine after the Waltonchain CPU phase ends, it may be a great option for you to consider now. I plan to use mine for some of my PC needs with work. Maybe you are also looking to make a PC upgrade anyway.

If you don't mind:

  • starting your build over for the GPU mining phase (or you don't mind a motherboard that won't expand to a great number of cards)
  • and/or you place a premium on getting a lot of hash power out of a single machine

Then... keep going! Threadrippers are pretty fun. :)

Just what kind of hash rates are we talking about?

The testing results from my build should give you an idea of what the 1950x can do with the threadcap of version 1.3 of the miner still in place.

As /u/katio1000 first suggested, we're seeing about 10K hash rate per thread across the Ryzen 7 line. The Waltonchain team recently said the threadcap will come off, so with 32 threads we're expecting the 1950x will do close to ~300K uncapped (I usually leave 1-2 free).

Bear in mind, this same rate is achievable with multiple, less-capable CPU rigs. So even if you're convinced you want 300K hash rate for your node, the 1950x still might not be the best way to do it. Everyone's situation is a little different. You may place cost at a premium (then strongly consider multiple rigs). You may be more interested in saving space (the 1950x might be just right for you). You may be more worried about GPU mining. Etc.

Motherboard recommendations?

If I could do my build over again, I think I would go with the ASRock X399 Taichi instead. To be clear, I have had no problems with the ASRock - Fatal1ty, I'm just not sure now what features it has to justify a higher price. Why the ASRocks? They had slightly better reviews online when I got mine. Most of the motherboards had surprisingly mixed reviews, but I've been told it was because of launch issues that have since been fixed (?). Again, no problems so far with mine.

Tip: check the number of PCIe slots and M.2 slots. Those are the number of GPUs you can support natively or via adapter (respectively).

How much does RAM matter?

First, must be DDR4.

Second, must be high speed to get the most out of the TR. The consensus around the Waltonchain slack seems to be 3000-3200MHz is best and that you should let the lowest latency you can find break any ties between those speeds. For example, 3000 MHz, c=14 is great. 3200MHz, c=14 is better. 3200MHz, c=18 is bad (lower the 'c', latency, the better). Speeds over 3200MHz won't show appreciable returns.

Finally, you will want 4 sticks you can run in quad channel. Any rig we've tested in dual channel had noticeably lower hash rates. Should not matter if they are 4GB or 8 GB sticks or... etc. (I've personally only tested the 4x8 in my parts list above... although also as a 2x8 and, yeah, it was slower).


Do we still expect the CPU mining period to be roughly 2 months in duration? Cheers.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

We just do not know. The team has described it a couple of times as dependent on achieving a certain security milestone rather than the calendar. I know that doesn't really answer your question, but hopefully a little context on why.

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