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You gotta LOVE bats :)

Harvey is now my favorite!!!!! I LOVE the "different" ones the best!! Made me smile out loud at work:D

At least they look silent....just staring. Mine wakes at exactly 5:40 a.m. and knocks everything off of the desk first, then if one of us does not get up, she heads for my dresser and starts knocking off my stuff!!!!! EVERY MORNING :D

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Of course unprovoked. They are not mean spirited dogs, they play nice with grace if we are with her over the hill, but the are not very smart and if she is alone they think she is invading their property.

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ALL animals should be looked after. I never understand why people like your neighbours have animals in the first place? I hope Gracie is ok. I dd not read the rest of the comments...I am hoping for the best:)

No jail for me....I prefur the leopard bed:D

Happy Birthday, you wonderful beast:D

Thank goodness you were in the right room.

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Came to say the same :D

I love your Mom and her cat! I'm sure that you got her compassion....spread it around. The world needs more compassion:)

That will be your most treasured sweater for the rest of your life!!!! Happy Birthday to your Grandma too!!!! :D

He would have absolutely been my first choice:D Kisses from me!!!!!

Same! I was never told "no" when I dragged every stray home. ( Lucky for me and them) My Dad still never liked cats but got friendly with 2 more that I dropped off a couple of years ago (I'm in my fifties now). My Dad, unfortunately passed away at the end of March and now the cats are a great comfort to my Mom!

You're ignorant.

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no...just truthful

No, just truthful.

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WOW! You must have thought about that comment for quite awhile :)

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What a beauty!!!! Many healthy and happy years together:)

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Thank you so much!

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You are so welcome. Thank you :)


The doofy ones make the best friends

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I agree!

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The original comment was fine and informative, though.

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Yes, but still fine job:)

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