1170 Day by not_mad_at_it in 1200isplenty

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Or lives somewhere with inexpensive avocados?

15 year old girl going for her FOURTH PhD gets called out on it by [deleted] in quityourbullshit

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Okay I thought maybe I was really dumb and was wrong about that word.

I think I found the dodgiest company in Melbourne by evrtaleanda in melbourne

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There is never a good reason to post private information...

My depression’s better!!! by epidot335 in gatekeeping

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I wish it was that depression and anxiety needed a keycard to get into me. That would be ideal.

My depression’s better!!! by epidot335 in gatekeeping

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To me, it seems people like that might just be assholes who think mental illness is a quirk of character rather than a health concern. I posted on this sub last night of someone gatekeeping anxiety. It's pretty common apparently.
I hope you're doing well now, or working towards it. Depression can fuck off, amiright?

My depression’s better!!! by epidot335 in gatekeeping

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I will get some! And thank you :) Sorry I kind of told you my whole life story there. I get salty when people try to say something isn't a real ailment, it doesn't make any sense. I can't imagine feeling the need to one up someone with depression, but people are strange.

My depression’s better!!! by epidot335 in gatekeeping

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Yeah in the sun I was a happy lil plant. I did end up having to cut my trip short, I applied for a working holiday visa to Australia but it wasn't accepted right away and I was basically spending all my time sleeping in hostels. I tried to go to different places in Japan but I couldn't find any motivation within myself. I am doing better being at home even though it's cold and winter here, but I've been eating a plant based diet and lots of oranges to try to counteract it. It's not really making much of a difference, but I don't feel as guilty staying inside at home as I did in Japan ha.

My depression’s better!!! by epidot335 in gatekeeping

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I got severe SADS in Japan after travelling in tropical, sunny countries for two years. I had it in Canada but because I hadn't been around for winter in so long, it didnt affect me. When I got to Japan, I was basically unable to go anywhere within in a week. I have had depression, and seasonal affective depression, and yes they are both painful and debilitating.

F/31/5'2" [196lbs>152lbs=45lbs] (6 months) My friend doesn't reddit but asked me to post these for her. I'm so insanely proud of her! by NavarreVal in progresspics

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She looks amazing and we have the exact same starting stats. May I ask how many calories she ate a day? How active? I am trying to get a good balance, 1200 is too few and 1800 is too high if I'm not being active.

Wanna street fornicate mate ? NSFW by haloweenek in trashy

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I wonder if these are the same people from the bus video.

I married my best friend one month ago today! by kaitlinem in happy

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Because it was misunderstood and getting downvotes to hell. Don't want there to be negativity on a happy sub, yo.

Student - Looking to work at Thrifty's by TenMilePt in VictoriaBC

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I worked there in grade 12, so yes they hire high schoolers. Or they did, a decade ago.