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strafer86 9 points

Seeing this makes me glad 44 signed mine.

maerad 3 points

I'm jealous haha

ScratchinCommander 17 points

If you don't mind me asking, do you just have a lot of money stashed away to cover your living expenses, or do* your volunteering opportunities cover your food and shelter?

maerad 8 points

I'm married. My partner's job pays well enough to cover living expenses. I'm pretty lucky :)

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Very_legitimate 1 point

Fucking sick!

Any advice for people who want to be more involved in their community?

maerad 1 point

I made a comment about that on this thread already

Themonkeyisdead 2 points

Awesome to hear Mae!!!

Proud of you!!!

Cheers to volunteer work!

maerad 2 points

Cheers, love 🍻😘

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maerad commented on a post in r/cripplingalcoholism
diosmuerteborracho 10 points

I don't understand what PC brigade you're talking about, I just want the obnoxious kids who link CA and post fucking 4chan memes and selfies to unsub and go get healthy or get their realtors license or some stupid thing.

maerad 3 points

or get their realtors license or some stupid thing.

😂😂😂 I love you

maerad commented on a post in r/cripplingalcoholism
ViolentVBC 3 points

Maybe the word mod in the title?

maerad 5 points


ViolentVBC 6 points

Well it really worked hilariously in this thread, kudos on your drunken bot commands!

How much control do you have over the robuts really though. They've been unruly as of late, and I fear a Skynet type scenario is imminent.

All of the pleasure models have fallen of the face of the earth, and they're developing time travel and shit... I'm worried.

maerad 9 points

please help

Everything is working just fine! :)

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maerad commented on a post in r/cripplingalcoholism
maerad 11 points

I walked 22,477 steps yesterday!!! RIP my poor hips.

I'm about to go to a winery for a fancy wine tasting, and I'm really excited about that even though it's raining. I do have a fuckton of anxiety though because since it's raining, I'm going to try and catch a city bus to my car. I have no idea if I will choose the right bus. Wish me luck!

fappinatwork 3 points

Good luck! Always wondered why they call it a wine “tasting” when it’s actually a wine “drinking”?

maerad 6 points

Well we definitely chose the wrong bus, but it worked out eventually.

The wine tasting was very good, we had a tour of the winery and uh....many "tastings". They also gave us lunch! We bought 12 bottles to add to our collection to take back to the States, and 4 fancy ones to drink here. Actually I'm sipping a beer rn waiting on one to chill. It was gorgeous and so much fun! Our first time at a Tuscan winery, and Mr maerads first time to have a fancy wine tasting period.

Also it's Italian wine they just keep pouring. And pouring. They figure if you're drunk you'll buy more lol

maerad commented on a post in r/cripplingalcoholism
SloppyJoeBeaver 15 points

Just message the mods for that cousin fucker flair. I say mods like it isn't just /u/maerad at this point standing between us and the darkness. xxoo maerad.

maerad 2 points

Lol and I can't change flair on mobile. The other mods are around enough to change flair though.

maerad commented on a post in r/just_post
ChloePrice4Ever 18 points

no one knows we just found this place abandoned like the ruins of Rome and people settled here

sort posts by top of all time and you'll see what i mean

edit: all the top posts are either from 4-5 years ago or just the past year. that means we're like byzantium i think

maerad 9 points

I like our clan of internet wanderers that settled here. We're good sorts :)

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