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Lol nice. I went with the Arcana box. What are the challenge coins? I didn't even notice those. I just thought it was a display item of some sort.

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How about the continent of Africa with the lower part of Asia?

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I would say a few. I'm surprised no one sees it to be honest lol. Like, an elephant facing you. Big floppy ears on left and right side and trunk coming down the middle. Eh, whatever hahaha

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Fuck, shrooms got me trippin again...dammit!!!

Hey thanks for this. Yea I actually used to use this formula. I read this from Leah Peele or something like that back in the day and it worked well for me. That brought my fat much higher, and then when I carb cycled, it was even higher on non workout days.

When I read the book, I found it interestingly low at 35g. I'm definitely going to switch it up. Using his numbers, I didn't drop much weight thus far (on week 8) but one thing i DID notice is my strength shot through the roof which is great. Hitting PR's on lots of lifts so I'll take that at least.

Thanks again.

The answer is 20.

Gotta check that out. I like all Vetri's spots. Thanks.

Which place was that?

Yea don't get me wrong, NYC is NYC. I was definitely surprised at the food scene when I got down here though for sure. Did not expect what Philly has to offer.

I came from North Jersey. The taxes are laughable in Philadelphia compared to NJ in general. I find it ridiculously cheap to be honest.

I notice people that were born/raised here, they think the taxes are high because they have nothing to compare it to, with the exception of some Delaware folks (which is definitely much cheaper than Philly even) but yea, I would think it's one of the more cheaper major cities in regards to property taxes.

To be fair, you're comparing a city that is 1.5 times larger than Boston. I love Boston (as a city), but i'm not familiar with the bad parts, only from what i've seen in documentaries, which I know they have their own narrative. With that said, Philly has cleaned up a LARGE majority of it's slummy areas.

When I first moved here, the very first house I looked at was in Fishtown. It was a nice condo, area was eh, but our realtor said "this area should be cleaned up within 5 years. Everything is getting pushed out north." My wife and I went back the next day during the day and a block over, we saw a drug deal in broad daylight, right on the side of the street. I'm like, "nope, we're out." We ended up buying in Manayunk. This was in 2014.

That same area in Fishtown has EXPLODED! That block was the very edge before the "hood" essentially, and now, it's smack in the middle of growth, with a completely different crowd. Even areas of Kensingtown, which is known for how ghetto it is, is getting cleaned up.

If you look at Philly's past, say, 15 years or so, the growth has been tremendous. Northern Liberties used to be a shithole from my understanding as well and now a 2 bedroom condo with like 1400 sq ft goes for 400k+ if that.

Just saying, it's harder to clean up a larger city than a smaller one. And again, EVERY major city will always have it's issues. Philly is definitely headed in the right direction for sure though.


So I did the same thing. As others alluded to, every major city has issues. In the past 5 years I've been there, there has been a major boom in development and some shitty areas being built up. I love Philly. Unless you live there, they have that stereotype from long ago. I feel it's not like that anymore.

The food industry in Philly is top notch as well. I'm from NYC area and didn't think it could compare but they have some phenomenal restaurants.

Lots of "beggars" in Philly, yes. Homeless, it has its fair share as well but it's easy to mix up beggars and homeless. A shit ton of beggars. "I need to get home can you spare a dollar?" - dude I've seen you on the same corner for 3 years now come on... Shit like that.

Based on what I've seen, doesn't Boston have a bigger drug issue? I'm genuinely asking; seen some documentaries of some areas of Boston and it looked pretty bad in regards to drugs.

This is accurate BUT, it's a great way to get that experience under your belt. Once that experience is ok your resume, it's a different story.

How did this work out for you? I feel like i'm eating way too little fat on this routine. I'm at 35g fat which I think is low. I am sticking with it for now, but found that odd.

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Sweet thank you. I see it on there but only colors are dark blue, beige and red. Is yours dark blue? Looks black in the picture.

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Nice. Do you know the name of it? I'll search now

Some of the hardest routines in a book i've ever practiced. His stuff is brilliant.

Where does one buy this awesome thing?

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Nice, thanks for the tip. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a fan of the camera angles of the streaming videos thus far. I feel it's not too detailed. Could be just me though.

So, when should the cull happen? Is it on the way of spreading more card, or closing the spread before opening it back up to show new cards? That's not detailed in the videos and I played with various timing(s) but can't seem to get it.

I'll start with that though and go super slow and see what makes the most sense, then just do that over and over again till it feels comfortable, and then build up speed.

Ahhh. I figured it was Greece due to them having stray cats everywhere haha

This area of Santorini is Imerovigli and they can get pretty pricey. They range though. We went there for our honeymoon as well and to be honest, if you could afford it, do it.

There's other areas like Fira (shopping and restaurants) which is right next to it, Oia (sunsets and restaurants) and a few others. The further out you get he cheaper it is but not nearly as picturesque as this area.

These are all little villas for rent. They are cave like; the majority of them anyways. Highly recommended. One of my favorite places I've ever been to and the food is outstanding!

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