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magna-terra commented on a post in r/hearthstone
magna-terra 12 points

if jade idol was avalible in the two other jade classes jade would be very prevelnt

MustardLordOfDeath 5 points

Also Jade Idol in Mage because Aluneth maybe

magna-terra 1 point

oh my gosh

magna-terra commented on a post in r/wow
MrMusAddict 5 points

I liked the idea behind WoD garrisons, but not the execution. I really think that if they applied the same idea to a Guild Garrison, it would be more popular.

  • Working as a guild to build buildings (much like Broken Shore / WoD Garrison)
  • Guild Bank
  • Guild Tavern
  • Guild Dailies

I like the socialization of being in a guild, but it's just missing that extra... substance. I'd love something tangible that we could all work together towards, and even meet and call our home.

On Alliance, I imagine a keep next to Stormwind that would have the guild flag on its walls (or vacant, if you're not part of a guild).

magna-terra 1 point

on horde, im imagining a new building near where the allied races building is

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