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magna-terra 2 points

they see the internet and see the weirdest hivemind ever

magna-terra commented on a post in r/WritingPrompts
magna-terra 1 point

while everyone else was celebrating that we would soon get magic, i was thinking about the connotations of the earth being "updated"

this implied things. like proving the simulation theorists right. or the aliens experiment theorists.

basically, conspiracy theorists are going to be having a field day soon. for now though i was also reading up on various fictional magic systems to see which turned out real

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magna-terra 2 points

i liked the rithmatist, and thats a big thing coming from someone who doesnt generally like magical school books. it has such an interesting concept and is executed so well that i cant help but reccomend it. i have yet to try any of his other books, but i liked rithmatist.

edit: AAAAAAAAAA why hasnt anything else been written for the series yet?????????????????????

custardthegopher 1 point

You might already know this, but from:

The Rithmatist

This continues to be the single most-requested sequel among people who email me or contact me on social media. It is something I want to do, and still intend to, but it has a couple of weird aspects to it—completely unrelated to its popularity—that continue to work as roadblocks.

The first problem is that it’s an odd relic in my writing career. I wrote it as a diversion from a book that wasn’t working (Liar of Partinel, my second attempt at doing a novel on Yolen, after the unpublished novel Dragonsteel). It went really well—but it also was something I had to set aside when the Wheel of Time came along.

I eventually published it years later, but my life and my writing has moved in a very different direction from the point when I wrote this. These days, I try very hard to make stories like this work as novellas or standalone stories, rather than promising sequels. I feel I did promise a sequel for this one, and I have grand plans for it, but the time just never seems to be right.

The other issue is that writing about that era in America—even in an alternate universe—involves touching on some very sensitive topics. Ones that, despite my best efforts, I feel that I didn’t handle as sensitively as I could have. I do want to come back to the world and do a good job of it, but doing an Aztec viewpoint character—as I’d like to do as one of the viewpoints in book two—in an alternate Earth…well, it’s a challenge that takes a lot of investment in research time.

And for one reason or another, I keep ending up in crisis mode—first with Stormlight 3 taking longer than I wanted, and now with The Apocalypse Guard not turning out like I wanted. So someday I will get to this, but it’s going to require some alignment of several factors.

Status: Not yet. We’ll see.

magna-terra 1 point

thanks,i didnt know that

magna-terra 2 points

the Twin Pyramids, one of the only landmarks we have no idea how they got here. some say they trap great evils. some say aliens dropped them from the sky. still others say they were made by some old civilization.

all we know about them is that the land near them is exteremly fertile, and that weird things happen near them. people cant sleep, have odd dreams, feel like they are lethargic.

once there was an effort to open them. that effort failed horribly and we still havent found those who tried. [dont have much time, sorry for the short response]

Pyrotox 2 points

[WP] You are teleported to a land that was plunged into war between elves and humans. You are chosen to stop this war, armed with nothing more than an electric fly swatter.

magna-terra 2 points

thank the gods that i hadnt had to fight anyone who wasnt drunk.

i may not be the best diplomat in the world, but with a couple years under my belt i was better than your average joe. it may have taken 5 years 2 months and a week, but the two countries were finally at peace. of course people are still racist, but no one was assassinating royal harems anymore.

seriously, why assassinate the whole harem? of all the things to assassinate in a palace, why the harem? thats the one point that had always confused both me and the elvish prince.

[i know i said interesting concepts but this is one of the weirdest! congrats you have won the weirdest prompt so far ive seen today]

magna-terra commented on a post in r/WritingPrompts
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magna-terra 2 points

i really like this idea, but i just cant think of what to write so i cant reply

Yeager_xxxiv 2 points

If it helps think of it like humans becoming like something from one of Lovecraft's books (in terms of power not appearance) without realizing it themselves. But that's just my original idea, I like posting on here because I like seeing what other people can do with a idea that I had but can't think of a story that i'm entirely happy with.

magna-terra 2 points

ill be honest, its mostly just the fact that i dont know how to do madness or sci fi in general well tbh

magna-terra commented on a post in r/WritingPrompts
magna-terra 2 points

i mean, i never intended to become a warlock, i never did. when my father found me i was reading the contract i had just signed to see what loopholes i could find.

oh boy, i still get shivers from the memory of that rant. its said they could hear it all the way in the church across the town! luckily the demon had left quite a bit of the contract ambiguous. i think he never seriously expected my father to sign that one, but it was very exploitable.

seriously, a single visit to a lawyer in one of the more evil cities showed just how many loopholes the demon had left in it. my soul was still stolen, but it never stated i couldnt get it back [which was acheived through a quick torture session. the inquitition will never be the same in my mind.]

another major hole was that i could technically transfer the contract to another being. this led to an event that is still a major point of controversy in both warlock and priestly circles. i managed to transfer and renegotiate my contract to an angel.

as the first holy warlock, i prove that sometimes the methods of evil can be used for good.

vnjxk 1 point

all I can think about is how inconvenient going to the bathroom in there would be

magna-terra 1 point

i never even thought about that!

CeylonSenna 8 points

Obviously the city founded itself, or so the legend goes. It started as a bit of fancy ancient morter surrounding the well and slowly began to animate, moving statues and columns around the ancient well. In time it saw through the murals and whispered with the breath of the wind. It began to gather, slowly gaining awareness and the more it did the more it saw itself. People, homes, animals, plants, a whole world beyond it's simulated reach. So reach it did and from the well the city built itself.

It grew like an infant, at times curious and clumsy, ever more aware by the day as the stone and steel learned slowly to build itself up. It learned to crawl, to feed from crumbling ruins of that which came before and before long it gained agency. This process repeated, in it's primitive heart smaller awarenesses grews and soon the city had it's own tribe. The first automatons, stumbling out of its belly and ready to help explore and build. This process never truely stopped.

In time curious men of flesh and great knowledge came, fascinated by tales of moving men who had bones of rebar and faces of chisled rock. The city in turn saw these newcomers with a child's trust and welcomed them, their knowledge and their command of a power close to it's heart. Instinctively it knew to protect that heart, as the very oldest commands drove it. So they learned from each other, trusting but vague and slowly a bond was established.

As the magi made friends of the automatons, they began to help one another. The magi brought architectural knowledge, construction techniques and imagination to the shambling tribal stones. The automaton reciprocated, tireless companions, ever curious, solid and dependable as a wall. These friendships would grow and lead them to eventually divulge the secret of their birth - this is where the modern city began.

Understanding the nature of the automatons now, the magi did as they often were wont to and hid the secret beneath their own wards for personal studies. Surrounded at every side by a magical being that trusted them, they guided and shaped it into the place it would become today. Yet always the city continues to build watch and grow. As families joined the magi and commerce brought more of the world inside, their destinies became entwined unknowingly to the cities uncertain future and ultimate destiny.

magna-terra 3 points

very well written

magna-terra commented on a post in r/DnD
Craios125 5 points

It's neither, particularly. It's just... boring. Incredibly boring mechanically. The Alchemist just straight up isn't finished, and the Gunslinger has enthralling gameplay that has you make exciting and imaginative actions such as "I choose to shoot".

It's leaning more towards being underpowered, aside from a few builds.

The class is raw. Really raw. WOTC standards with the UA have fallen quite massively over the years. Aside from a handful of articles, most of the stuff isn't even that exciting or mechanically unique to require testing by the community.

If you want a good artificer class - check out Engineer over at Enworld.

EDIT: Actually, you say revised. What document are you talking about, exactly?

magna-terra 3 points

and this is why i want to like the class, but cant. in concept it is a great class to multi class as for one or two levels just in case, but in reality its basically "your a soldier now"

magna-terra commented on a post in r/WritingPrompts
magna-terra 0 points

its been a couple years since i discovered my power, and now im rich. you may be wondering how i became rich. its simple really

i started a business that would rank powers based on a variety of factors, gives each super a list of their strenghts and weaknesses, and [a recent addition] can give a rough concept of a suit for them. all for a fee of course, but this is affordable for most.

there is one service i porvide that is very expensive however, my own power. governments pay me to take supervillans powers from them so their imprisonment or execution can go smoothly, while i give these powers to those who deserve them. not the highest bidder, not the greedy snobs who would use them for villiany, but those who would use them for good or neutrality. these people i give these powers to always have to pay me a small fee, about 5% of their total income for 1-3 years depending on the power, and that i have the right to take these powers away if they become villians.

back at the beggining it was a bit tough, but then it really got going when i started offering training to help people control their powers.

so thats the story of how i became rich with my unorthodox power in a world of flyers and element benders. any further questions?

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magna-terra 1 point

huh no one replied, interesting

magna-terra commented on a post in r/d100
magna-terra 1 point

constration: the city of automatons.

this is a city populated by mages who make constructs and sentient construct themselves. it is built above the Great Well of Thought, which can make anything sentient. if left in its presence for long enough. because of this the city itself is said to be sentient.

edit: note: i realize the Well may not work well, so feel free to cut that out if you wish

Sckylar 2 points

Maybe Prime and Composite but composite numbers start at 4 so you'd be idle in the first 4 turns

magna-terra 2 points

i didnt mean the numbers thing. i meant like how reno is build a deck with no duplicates, or the hunter weapon requires no minions

Flats03 -2 points


magna-terra 3 points

congratulations, you have won most blunt comment of the year.

magna-terra commented on a post in r/WritingPrompts
magna-terra 4 points

after looking around the goddess, who looked hot btw, realized what was going on.

she looked at the cultists, who were currently staring at her much the same way some people look at their first naked person, and said. "really? really a summoning in the middle of the night?"

and thats when i realized the goddess was in a nightgown, and clearly not ready for the day. she still looked amazing, but only in the way someone with natural beauty does. there was no cosmetic help here. and frankly, she looked pissed off at the moment

"i bet you didnt even have a good reason for summoning me. humans souls taste way too good when given willingly than when taken, so it cant be that. or are you just idiots? "

and with that the cultists erupt in black flames. "i am very sorry, we try to stop these summonings but some idiots just keep doing them. you should find some worthy compensation when you return home"

and with that she was gone. when i returned home it seemed everyone had lived up to their fullest potential in terms of their bodies. females had become beautiful and guys had become handsome. my own family had become the most beautiful, and the most handsome. there was even a ritual alter in the middle of town to the goddess.

cgs5198 2 points

Dual blades: exist

magna-terra 10 points

dude, those things can enact statuses like no other weapon

cgs5198 7 points

I know. But the average user doesn't understand how not to flinch the entire team.

magna-terra 3 points

true, they are better in single player

magna-terra commented on a post in r/WritingPrompts
Tiix 1 point

Faye yawned, arched her back and stretched her limbs out. A moan of happiness fell from her lips at the satisfying stretch. She had gotten up before her alarm for once, that was a new thing, she always hit snooze at least five times.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling, wood boards crossed the room. Her brows furrowed in confusion. This wasn’t her normal site of white popcorn ceilings.

She sat up and looked around. This wasn’t her room, this wasn't her bed, where was she?

The room was small, wooden table and stool, it reminded her of those pictures of medieval times. She thought back to the night before, she’d only had one beer, not enough to cause her to black out. But here she was in some unknown room.

She kicked off the covers and her bare feet hit the cold wooden floor. Her nightgown was plain and white, the total opposite of the yoga pants and tank tops she normally wore. She didn’t even own anything like this. She held out her arms and examined the garment, did they still make these ugly things in 2018?

She walked to the dresser to see if she had any options, her current attire not fit for much of anything but sleeping. She opened the top drawer and found a tunic and thick leggings. At least wherever she was still had some fashion taste.

She quickly changed, and found knee high boots in the closet, all of the items were very plain and neutral colors.

She opened the door and found herself in an inn of sorts. She made her way downstairs to find a crowd of confused people, just like herself. Some women were still in the plain night shifts, others dressed just like her. The men were either in earthy tone pants and shirts or just dawning night pants, the same material the women’s night shirts were made of.

Commission started at the front of the room, moving towards where Faye currently stood. The crowd parted as a large man dressed in full armor walked into the middle of the room. A large exclamation mark was over his head.

“Welcome to Dezol! We’ve waited many moons for you to finally arrive. The orcs aren’t too far out, you need to train so we do not become over run! Please go see Gavyn outside to begin!” The large mark over his head disappeared and he started retracing his steps outside of the inn.

Everyone looked at eachother once more, mutters of confusion filled the air. Someone in the back started sobbing, others started yelling.

Faye looked around again. She’d seen enough of these beginning stages to know what was going on. How or why, she didn’t know, however, somehow they were in the middle of a video game re-enactment.

Her character ADD always had her making at least five characters before she settled on one, this was just like every begging. Who would put so much effort into this? And how did they get here?

She made her way through the panicked crowd and out the door. Outside the air felt fresh, unlike when she walked outside of her downtown chicago apartment. Birds sang, vendors called selling their wares.

Looking around she saw things and races she’d never seen before - at least in Chicago. Tall elves wandered, their pointy ears poking out of their long hair, large centars arged down an alley, she wasn’t sure where to look - or go for that matter.

Finally she spotted another large question mark, she made her way towards it, her gaze moving from place to place taking everything in. These costumes were amazing, and how did they get the icons above their head? She didn’t see any strings or items holding them up.

She looked at the man in front of her, human fighter by the looks of his armor.

“Gaven?” She questioned as she stepped closer to him.

“Hello lass! Here to begin your training I see, and it’s a fine day for it I shall say!” He reached into his pocket and pulled something out. She gasped as he pulled out a full backpack from somewhere.

“You’ll need this,” he handed her the backpack, she took it and put it on her shoulders. “Now lass, what class ye’ be earning for?”

Suddenly before her was a list of classes. She waved her arm towards it and different classes lit up. Virtual reality, without the googles? She couldn’t believe her eyes.






She thought and waved her hand over all the classes again debating. Each had its perks, each had its weaknesses. She didn’t have the internet to guide her, in fact she had no idea where her cell phone was. She waved her hand over her old tried and true ranger and kept it there for a moment. There was a ding, and the menu changed.




This was new, she looked at the three, she loved animals, so beasts couldn’t be that bed, right? She hovered over beasts for a moment. Another ding and suddenly there was a bow and a quiver on her back.

A playful fox trotted around her, small happy yips coming as it jumped on its hind legs to get closer to her.

“Ah, Good choice lass.” Gaven smiled, “Nova here is one of the best, she’ll be at your side.” He chuckled as the little fox jumped again. “Now see over there,” he nodded towards targets in the distance, “why don’t you go try out your arrows.” The question mark over his head turned a light grey.

Faye walked over to the targets, Nova in tow. She grabbed the bow off her back and an arrow from the quiver. She had never shot an arrow in her life, however it was almost second nature to her now.

She nocked the arrow, pulled the bow tight, and aimed for the center of the target. Her shot was true and hit the bullseye. She heard loud trumpets and looked around but saw nothing. No one reacted, when she turned she saw a large “Level Up!” sign.

She reached her hand over it as she had for the classes and options started to appear, there was a large 5 at the top and a list of options:





Will power


Faye looked over the choices and picked a few to level up before returning to Gaven, his question mark now yellow again over his head.

“Great job Lass! You’re a natural! As a reward take this,” he handed her a new bow. She attempted to trade it with her old one but something stopped her with a loud buzzer. She looked at the bow and groaned. Written on the bow was Level 3 and above use only.

magna-terra 1 point

huh, you followed the laws of rpgs more than most litrpgs ive read, but still good

Tiix 1 point


RPGs are my favorite type of video game... Had to at least put SOME stuff in it. Actually may expand on this later.

magna-terra 1 point

i mostly meant the quest marker thing, but the lebel restriction is somehting i havent seen done often

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magna-terra 2 points

the fate by john ko, the blue mage raised by dragons [and its sequel, the kingdom raized by dragons]. the divine dungeon series, the ritualist completionist chronicles, chronicles of a slime dungeon, a natural history of dragons, the land, and a couple of web serials

the wandering inn, and a practical guide to evil.

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