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Hbc is meant to be Hephaestus broadcasting channel, but feel free to change the network


You mean Hephaestus, lol not hepatitis

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thank you


a single rock crab can feed an entire tribe of goblins, but how does it taste? are the courdeser just veal? what about bluefruit juice? ugh i know i will never be able to know the answer but i was re reading the first volume [for 3 dollars on amazon for those that dont know] and became very curious and hungry. thats not even mentioning the weirder foods erin cooks up for the adventurers later in the story! hungry frustration intensifies

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You could try a game like dark souls or similar for more serious discussions, and games like mario cart or animal crossing for more wholesome discussions. Just a suggestion that the tone of the game in the backround should fit the tone of the discussion

People belive that when the world ends the multipantheonic temple (a wonder of the world where anything that is worshipped can be worshipped correctly) will survive. Floating through the void into the next unuverse. This has led people to live in some areas of it if there are cataclysmic events happening

Before i read the title i thought it was a hat and now i want a horde bowler hat


seriously, who on the last day of their civilization goes around reseting all the tolls, closing all the gates, and closing the subways? it just feels like a jerk move


Obligatory *Hallownest

It's one of the first words you read in Hollow Knight, I don't know how so many people get it wrong.

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It may once have been a hallow nest, but now its hollow

Idk if that's a joke but its Hallownest

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I was trying to be profound here gosh darn it!

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While this would be see, it would also probably be the single hardest card to code and the single buggiest card in game

I think two mana with the ranging being 1-2 would be more play worthy

Ceric turned and stared at his younger brother, "You didn't." Standing next to him the younger of the two princes flushed a bright red and sputtered hopelessly. Still trying to wrap his mind around what was going on Ceric looked at the ground before them. A strange container lay before the castle gates. Burnished black steel, looking more like a casket than anything else, the top open to reveal the contents. Within, nestled upon a layer of glowing coals burning with strange green flames, was an egg. Near the size of a grown man's torso with scales the same iridescent green as the flames. Standing around it, milling about in confusion, the pair of gate guards who'd discovered the casket looked between their two princes uncertainly. With a strained cough the sergeant in command held up a small steel plate, "This was, uh this was with it your grace." Reaching out Ceric took the plate and peered at it curiously. For a moment the runes etched across the surface of it meant nothing to him before he realized they where in Draconic. Muttering a quick thanks that his father had made him learn the tongue he set about translating the writing. 'The flames should last at least until it hatches. When it does care for the wrymling, after all a child should know it's father. Razterra' Lowering the plate Ceric blanched and looked at his brother again, " actually did..." Castor gave him a sheepish smile, his handsome face looking not at all guilty, "I was there almost a year you know, and she had this tendency of shapeshifting into the prettiest little elf maid." Ceric dropped the steel and clenched his hands, resisting the urge to throttle the younger man. "We worried about you the entire time, I stormed gods damned dragon's castle to get you back!" He clenched his jaw, "And you're telling me you where FUCKING the dragon the entire time!" Castor held up a hand placatingly, "No no no!" He shrugged, "Not till about three months in." Roaring Ceric grabbed his brother by the neck and began shaking him. Startled the two guards pried them apart, just in time for the king to come striding up to the gate. King Hadrian glared reproachfully at his two sons, "I see you two are fighting again. Pray tell me there's a good reason?" Wordless Ceric shook off the hand of the sergeant and retrieved the message from the ground, handing it to his father as he stared at Castor. For his part Castor ignored him, studying the egg and the casket carefully. Glancing at his father Ceric saw the grey haired monarch clutching the steel plate so hard it looked about to bend around his powerful hands. But when he spoke father's voice was deathly calm, " there ANY chance, that this message is true." Castor actually looked guilty this time as he paused for half a dozen heartbeats before speaking, "Yes father." The king seemed to deflate and sighed deeply. Behind him one of the two knights trailing Ceric's father piped up, "Should we take it out and destroy it sire? Before the creature hatches?" King Hadrian growled and shook his head, "No Malcom. If there's even a chance this, child, will be my grandchild, it shall be protected. It will share my blood, and the gods have no mercy for those that slay kin." Silence raised for a moment as everyone processed the words. Finally Ceric spoke up, "Father, do you mean..." "Aye son, whatever comes out of that egg, it will be a prince or princess of the realm. And we will raise it as such." The princes exchanged a nervous look before Castor managed another sheepish grin, "I don't suppose you want to tell mother the good news for me? She's been riding you lately about wanting grandchildren." Ceric snorted at his brother, "And have her throw ME out the tower? Not a chance."

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claps i heartily enjoyed that

Now do an only spells run with no charms no nail upgrades (you can use nail to gather essence) along with no bences and on steel soul while still getting the true ending

Not with some new solo conetnt coming to hearthstone soon!

GET THE WATER VACUUMS AND THE KAYACKS WE GOTTA SAVE THAT SOON TO BE OVERPOPULATED PENISULA! (and relocate them to somewhere less overpopulated like some of the midwest united states)

Ok lets be honest. Give both players random decks (no class restriction) but remove the card text. Call the brawl whiteout, say the goblins spilled it all over the decks

Hell, remove the pictures, expansion symbol, and the numbers from the attack/health. The only information you'd know is the class, mana cost, and if it's a spell or minion

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nah, that would be a little too annoying

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no matter how many times i see this reposted i will always smile

You can get the money back if you go to a certain spa in the city.

It requires a simple key to get in. You have lost the banking option. She leaves after 2500 geo is deposited.

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Oh ok I had 1000 in then I put in 3000 so I filled it up

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yeah, it is very suprising when it happens for the first time, but you will get 2500 extra geo when you go to get the geo back.

Locked out, though you do get an acheivment for not saving him

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There's a sub-culture of Shalen that record their entire lives on their skin as tattoos and markings, such that with the proper knowledge you could read one's entire history just by looking at them. Tattoos mark achievements and success like getting married or having children, and scarification marks loss or failure like getting divorced or losing a child. A detail of this that I like is that the wronged party in a social situation gets to be the one who scars the guilty party. If you steal from a swordsman, they get to legally cut you deeply. If you cheat on your partner who is a fire mage, they are supported by the full backing of society to immolate a section of skin on both you and the person you cheated with.

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Very interesting way of recording history. I assume when they die their story is put on their tombstone or equivalent?

While it was long it was cool! Worth the extra wait!

Hello, i hope you like what ya see
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