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i like magic mics. there top ten lists are fun to listen to and I like how they talk about whats go on in magic that week.

I haven't purchased gems in the store, but if I had, what happens to them during the account wipe? Are they refunded?

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I understand that last week was maybe his worst game as a charger and I can't really defend that. he played bad. however what I will say is I have never seen a player be hated for just existing. TB could have the best game of his career and people will find a way to shit on. The lightning round podcast is a perfect example. TB had a great game against the broncos last year and they made a entire episode saying we aren't going to shit on him while they shit all over him. Even if he did nothing wrong in a game fans will complain about the guy. That is why I want to defend him, because there some fans that never even game him a chance they decided he was garbage and then nit picked him to death.


Oh man here we go. No matter how many times TB fucks us over, no matter how fucking lazy he can be on plays, like doing nothin but watching a guy almost pick Rivers off, no matter how indecisive he gets, you just have to defend him because he’s fast huh? This dude has low football IQ and you’re defending him in the midst of his huge lack of effort? Come on man

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Original Poster-2 points · 11 days ago

No I defend him because of nit picker that make everything sound like he killed someone. You mentioned one play that rivers made a mistake on but Travis is the only one at fault. Ok. Come on man

There are A LOT of us on the fence about the Chargers since the SD move.

Hell, I personally live in Marina Del Rey about 15 miles away from the stadium and I am still not sure if I am going to support the Chargers or the Rams and I have been a fan since 99.

The Chargers, their players and their coaches have A LOT they need to do to win and win back their fan base now that they are in LA.

What I saw from the coaching and the play on Sunday was absolutely NOT a widespread endorsement of why I should support THIS NEW TEAM that has taken over my Chargers.

You guys can scream "bolt the f*ck up" as often as you want, but the Chargers are playing for a hell of a lot more than just wins here. Yes, this is one game, but if this continues they will be the pariah of LA and that "LAC" tag they hold will end up looking exactly like the LAC in basketball.

A distraction at best to the new LAR (LAL) that are eating up the fan base.

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then leave. if that is how you feel then you are better off being a rams fan, you'll be at home with all the other bandwagon fans.



Original Poster6 points · 13 days ago

Exactly. I’m still bummed out by this loss, but I’m still optimistic for the future

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I'm so happy to see people trying to be positive. The first thing I saw after the game on are reddit was fire people. So I'm glad not everyone is overreacting.

I mean so people have just been fans for a long time and are tired of the same old song and dance. When tyreek took it to the house I knew it was done

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I get that people are upset at the result but to come out of the gate calling for peoples job is a little bit of a overreaction.

mainer614 commented on

gordon played well. I have high hopes for him this season.

Please! Our special teams were average today. JJ fumbled trying to make a play, but Travis Benjamin should be fired for his piss poor attempts at being an NFL receiver today.

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so fire Travis but special teams was okay. is this jamie from lighting round podcast?

Does anyone seriously think Isaac Rochell will be even decent? I know this sounds pessimistic but im tired of hearing training camp hype and then being disappointed after finding out it was just hype and they end up playing like a 7th rounder. i.e. Kyle Emanuel

Im not expecting anything special from Rochell, in fact i believe they will gash that side of the line since it will be a weak point. Hopefully im wrong.

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he did pretty well in preseason. so I think he could definitely do something. I'm excited for it.

no wait for the games to be played before you get worried he will probably play a ton.

I had a dream last night we lost to the jets. Cold sweat when I woke up. This makes me feel a little better.

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we don't even play the jets this year.

It was a dream

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I was just saying jets are a weird team to dream about losing too.

if the Chargers dont sign Dan Bailey after the past few seasons, the franchise should get relegated to the CFL

if there was ever a move that made soooo much sense for both team and player, it's that

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well based on what cowboy fans have been saying he got a groin injury last year and hasn't been kicking well at all since he got back.

what is s

5 points · 23 days ago

lmao, Melvin being the dividing border on the bench between Sturgis and Aguayo

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kicking battles can very ugly

The Chargers have such nice hats

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I do love the new hats those things look nice.

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Get the ball in the end zone more

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kicking also helps

we've herd so much about him. I can't wait to see him play.

Oh, no he’s been playing. They said luckily Barksdale is playing for the Chargers. He might be out now, I dunno though.

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okay then my bad. they made it sound like he was out

Yeah I getcha. I didn’t mean for the “what are you talking about” to sound like I’m shit talking or anything haha. Anyways, bolt up brochacho.

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no problem. my first comment was kinda was the same way. Bolt up.

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Try living in mass with all the brain dead pats fans. Born and raised here but die hard Chargers fan until I’m in the ground

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I feel you. I live in Maine and my entire family are patriot fans. Not fun.

so everyone lost there mind when bortles threw a interception a few days ago but luck throws one and its no big deal.

Says the guy whos quarterback could only throw 87 passing yards in a playoff game agains the bills

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yes blake threw 87 yard in a playoff WIN. he also went to the AFC championship.

Yet still has enough talent in his big toe to stiff arm church's ass to the ground

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yes your QUARTERBACK can use a stiff arm. congrats maybe he can try throwing td instead of ints

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38 is getting killed that drive

(Srs) What has happened to Clemens? Is he off the team now including practice squad?

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I think he on the titans

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His passes been off

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better than jones

Dude's killin me. What the hell is his deal with beef jerky?

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don't forget the diaphragm.

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Based off of a few internet searches (AND assuming that an Achilles tendon injury is considered an ankle/lower body injury instead of a foot injury), the worst that could happen is a lisfranc fracture, and the recovery time depends if there's ligament damage. No ligament damage most likely means no surgery, so recovery time is typically 6-8 weeks. If surgery's required to repair the ligaments, you're basically done for the year. Sucks if that happens, but it's not career threatening.

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interesting thanks for the info.

Luckily Bosa should be fine. Now I'm eagerly waiting on Justin Jones' status.

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same here

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