I left my bf because he wouldn't stop making fun of me... by Lilylac in TwoXChromosomes

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I just find it fucking baffling that someone would take this. You're not a fucking child just leave. wtf? You're a god damn adult act like one.

Broward County deputies voted to remove Sheriff Scott Israel from office by SunpraiserPR in Conservative

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Yup. If shit ever happens then only thing that will protect me is my Glock, my kevlar vest, and my time at the range. Nothing else will save my life when it matters.

I hope to God I never have to use it, but be damn sure I sleep next to my vest and gun.

Colin Kaepernick honored with Amnesty International award by Ayrane in politics

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So someone is racist if they're against kneeling? Good start of a discussion.

Broward County deputies voted to remove Sheriff Scott Israel from office by SunpraiserPR in Conservative

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If I fuck up at work and someone dies, I could face prison time. These guys fuck up and only get fired? The cowardly school resource officer should face criminal charges as well as all the people who fucked up and let the shooter slip through the cracks.

Kid runs into the road and gets hit by a truck by Bender989 in watchpeopledie

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It's not a big deal you loon, kids are mostly diddled by family members or people known to the family, not strangers at Target. Stranger danger is not a thing.

What's your slightly illegal life hack? by ethelsstevens in AskReddit

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Handicap parking spots? You mean Chinese take out pick up parking spots?

Today I became a citizen. Here is my 1st dinner as an American. by Awinrarisu in MURICA

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As a fellow American, I care deeply about you now. I don't care if you look different, talk different, or any bullshit. You're a god damn American and you're one of us. Welcome home. :)

My 2 Miata's getting along nicely today. by S2kTi in Miata

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I think they're all jealous of our <7 second 0-60 times.

TIME Magazine named JJ Watt to its Time 100, its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. by ValKilmsnipsinBatman in nfl

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It's been an hour and no one told this guy doesn't get the show? Is Clinton Yates filling in today?

Rant Wednesday by AutoModerator in Fitness

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I am still in the middle ground of kid and old fart. The highschool kids in my neighbor smoke cigs next to my house before and sometimes after school. (end house, sorta hidden from view from rest of street). They'd toss butts all over my damn lawn.

Instead of yelling I just left planter filled with sand out there and when I heard them outside the next time after I peeked my head out the window. Startled them a bit, but said 'you're good, just put the butts in the pot'

I haven't seen a single butt in my grass since and I figure my house and cars will be protected from dumb teenage shenanigans now.

Asian Girls just look younger, don't worry about it. by YameteOniichanItai in justneckbeardthings

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Don't sugar coat it, weeb, they're cartoons of underaged girls.

Rant Wednesday by AutoModerator in Fitness

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Kids that age are scared of adults. "HEY! Cut that shit out!" and they'll probably never do it again.

Rant Wednesday by AutoModerator in Fitness

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That sucks man, I usually have a shitty day if I don't lift right when I wake up. I feel ya

Survivors of mass shootings are facing relentless harassment and renewed trauma from conspiracy theorists who claim the attacks were staged by the federal government by BrianOBlivion1 in MorbidReality

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Can we just get away from politics in one god damn sub. This wasn't posted cuz it was some neat fucked up shit, it was posted and upvoted to just bash the other side again.

What company will never see another dime of your money? by TinMan11111 in AskReddit

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Maybe just not spend more than you have and things will go better

I am receiving Universal Basic Income payments as part of a pilot project being tested in Ontario, Canada. AMA! by such_hodor_wow in IAmA

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Ya, and I work my ass off and get taxed and also pay for my own health insurance. She is more than free to get high and take shitty wedding photographs all she wants, but I don't want to pay for it

I am receiving Universal Basic Income payments as part of a pilot project being tested in Ontario, Canada. AMA! by such_hodor_wow in IAmA

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From your profile you're a pot smoking photographer with a DUI. Ya, we should give people like you more free time.

Built a table out of Shipping Pallets left for trash outside a shipping center! Total cost: $23 by eugeneden2010 in Frugal

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Have you ever stepped foot in a warehouse? Pallets are constantly being exposed to dangerous or unknown chemicals. This whole pallet craze is fucking retarded. I would never let a used pallet in my house let alone eat off it, no matter how many layers of varnish it has.

I am not blindly repeating reddit comments about this, I worked in a warehouse and seen all sorts of shit spilled on them or dragged through mice poop

At 24, she’s a bit grisly but more lovable than ever. by Abetterway_thisway in aww

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I thought we stopped all the god damn soon to be dead pet pictures. Go away I wanna be happy when I click r/aww, not faced with the reality of time.

The sexiest voice I've ever heard from Alexa by bigdamjim in amazonecho

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This is the most confused erection I've ever had.

Tennessee Defunds Planned Parenthood by TheOneDudex in Conservative

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I highly doubt this. Most of the users here are young rightist and only tolerate your backward views on abortion for votes on stuff that matters. Trans bathrooms, abortions, whatever, you can have it iust keep voting R.

Margin trading and exchange manipulation by matt2048 in BitcoinMarkets

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Could you just not fucking comment and read/learn like the rest of us? Comment like yours drives away the enlightened.