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marcuscotephoto 2 points

The "beach renournishment" plan has begun in Satellite Beach despite a large local disapproval for the project. Dump trucks are depositing "beach-grade sand" along the dune line to combat erosion and protect beachfront property. The reef seen in the bottom of the image has finally showed signs of improvement after many years since the last sand dumping. The worm rock reef is extremely fragile and is killed within days of being covered. The new sand deposits are likely to quickly reverse this progress as well as ruin water quality and clarity due to its differences in physical qualities from the natural sediment.

Daily photos can be found on my website.

marcuscotephoto 2 points

I took a long exposure image of the ISS passing across the early morning sky above Satellite Beach. The Space Station orbits 250 miles above the Earth at an impressive 17,500 mph causing these passes to last just a few minutes. You can find out when this is going to happen by using tracking websites such as spot the station.

I am a 19-year-old photographer who is currently taking an original picture from the Space Coast every day as part of a 365-day photo challenge. Today is the 381st post in a row. Every picture is taken on the day it is posted!

DrFlobotnik 1 point

Wow, your shots are incredible! I am an amateur photographer down in Palm Bay, I've been looking for more reasons to get out and shoot and improve my skills, I'm into outdoors & space photography , if you are ever looking for a buddy to go out and shoot I'd be glad to join let me know. Seems like I could learn a lot from you

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Thank you so much I appreciate it. Maybe we'll run into each other sometime! Launch tomorrow night!

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marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/spaceporn
TheLordSnod 30 points

Glad the photographer is getting proper credit now, wasn't long ago he posted in r/photography about how his image was being used by a bunch of companies without any mention of his name or compensation, it's a badass photo and he deserves the recognition!

marcuscotephoto 10 points

Yup John and I are good friends, we frequently shoot together. I was a few blocks down the road from him. I tried to turn the bad of the whole NYT issue into something good! I appreciate your support.

marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/space
RedditUser24567 19 points

So as the title says, here’s my image from last Sunday nights SpaceX “Zuma” mission. You may have seen some other very good images from this launch already. This was shot from a private dock overlooking the Banana River. I am particularly happy with how this one turned out, especially considering that the last time I tried to photograph a SpaceX launch from this location (SES 10 in March of last year) I had all my gear stolen out of my car while waiting for the launch (that still hurts). Much better results this time though! Also, if you’re interested, more of my stuff can be seen on my Instagram. Thanks for looking!

marcuscotephoto 3 points

Awesome work on that shot! Sorry about your gear, that's absolutely awful! I am pretty sure we follow each other. I'm @marcuscote_photo!

marcuscotephoto 2 points

This image is a 4-photograph composite consisting of 3 frames of the rocket lifting off and landing, and one brighter photograph to bring more detail to the foreground. I took the photos from Cocoa Beach, Florida during the Zuma mission that lifted off on Sunday, January 7th from SLC-40 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. You may have seen a similar photograph taken by my good friend John Kraus and reposted on Instagram by Elon Musk. You may also have seen my image in several photography articles. My image was stolen in a tweet without my credit and eventually embedded in an article by the New York Times read the full story I wrote for Petapixel here .

Equipment: Nikon d7100 and Sigma 10-20 f/3.5 @10mm

About me: I am a 19-year-old photographer from the Space Coast of Florida. I take and post an original picture on my Instagram every day as part of a 365-day photo challenge. Today is my 378th day in a row! (year 2)

sfgeek 3 points

You photo has been my iPhone X wallpaper since you first posted! I live in Orlando, so I show it to everyone!! I use it to kick the conversation in the direction of the importance of NASA.

Did you really have the shutter open for one shot? Or did you composite Two?

Thanks for such a great image! I hope you get your well deserved royalties.

marcuscotephoto 2 points

I really appreciate the kind words! And thanks so much for carrying my work in your pocket! That means a lot! The launch itself is composed of 3 photographs. 1 additional image was used to brighten the foreground.

[deleted] 1 point

deleted What is this?

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Probably a bit brighter foreground, I was worried it would get blown out but in retrospect, it would probably work fine

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marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/spacex
marcuscotephoto 262 points

Hey Craig, I understand you are just passing this information along. However, the image in this tweet was taken by me and used without my permission and accreditation.

umichscoots 2 points

How did you get the stage separation color to be different like that? Mine came out basically the same color:

My first launch picture attempt. Single exposure, f/20, ISO 100

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Great image! The color change could be a variety of factors. I shot at f/13 with multiple exposures and stacked them later. I also brightened the image and enhanced the colors a bit. The difference of overall brightness may have allowed my sensor to pick up more color or the edit could have had an impact on this as well. First attempt?? You did an excellent job!

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marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/spacex
marcuscotephoto 84 points

Awesome photo dude! I shot a composite long exposure a mile or so away from you!

phatboy5289 6 points

Great shot dude

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Thank you I appreciate that!

padubenay 2 points

Great alliteration too.

marcuscotephoto 5 points

Haha thanks:) I've also deemed it "manatee insanity"

marcuscotephoto 11 points

As the air temperature rapidly dropped on the Space Coast this week, so did the water temperatures on the intercoastal. Manatees begin to have discomfort once this water reaches a certain temperature. Their response is to move to shallower water, where the temperature is often a few degrees warmer. I flew my drone over this popular manatee lodge on Desoto Parkway in Satellite Beach.

I am a 19-year-old photographer who captures unique moments in Brevard County relating to nature, space, sports, and much more. I currently take and share an original photo every day as part of a 365-day photo challenge. This set of photos is my 370th day in a row!

colin8651 1 point

I like this photo. He is a grown person with professional camera gear, but looks like he is captured by child like wonder.

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Thanks for the comment!

veruliex 1 point

He looks so ensnared by the feeling of the sight. Overwhelmed by the sheer force of awe and beauty. How it must feel to be in the wake of such majesty, I envy that greatly.

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Grateful to live so close to such a cool place!

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Musical_Tanks 3 points

Just trying to imagine what people in then 1980s would think if we brought this gif back and showed them.

marcuscotephoto 3 points

Mind = blown haha

Cryophilic 1 point

I can't wait for the falcon 9 heavy launch and seeing 3 boosters coming back to land. I will 100% be attending that launch

marcuscotephoto 1 point

I can't wait for Heavy!

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posmotion 2 points

Hey man thanks for sharing. Checked out your IG. It’s great to see my home as captured by professional eyes. Is there such a thing as present nostalgia? You and /u/johnkphotos are representing 32937 well. Is there a way to license high res shots for personal use like desktop/phone wallpaper? Fiverr or something?

gnarlyduck 1 point is another 321'r on instagram putting out some really crisp shots of IHB, Banana River and other cfl scenic shots.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Yes! Kerry and I are good buddies! He's a cool guy and good photographer!

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Thank you so much for the kind words! John is a great friend and photographer! Are there any specific photos you have in mind? DM me on Instagram and I can email you some that you like!

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Just_Rawr 2 points

Hey, are you a professionally thought photographer (you went to a college etc) or a self thought photographer?

I'd love to become a photographer as I love taking pictures of space and interesting places.

Thanks in advanced :)

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Hey! I am fully self-taught meaning I don't have and formal education taking photos. However, photography is so cool in that you are always put meeting new people and learning new things from them. If you would like to start, pick up a camera and go for it! The internet is your best friend!

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Give or take 2 or 3 :D

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carter-the-amazing 3 points

Awesome photo! The composition is killer.

Where did you take this? And what equipment? Just curious.

marcuscotephoto 3 points

Just posted a master comment to answer some of the questions for everyone! Thanks so much!

marcuscotephoto 6 points

Photo taken from Satellite Beach, Florida.

Equipment: Nikon D7100 + Sigma 150-500mm

Settings: ISO 3200 f/6.3 1/200 @400mm

If you'd like to see more, I post an image every day to my Instagram @marcuscote_photo as part of a 365 day photo challenge. Each photo must be taken on the day it's posted!

andyblu 1 point

I viewed the August 2017 Falcon 9 launch from Playalinda. Great view ! but not near as close as the telephoto shot above shows. Still the best spot to see a launch from 39-A.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

You are definitely right. The telephoto lens compresses the people and makes them seem much closer to the rocket than in reality. It was an awesome launch! Thanks!

marcuscotephoto 5 points

Hello everyone! Earlier this week marked one year since the beautiful night launch of GOES-R aboard Atlas V that lifted off from Cape Canaveral on November 19, 2016. This was the first launch I ever viewed from Playalinda Beach, and I was lucky enough to be present for the uncommon night-launch scenario. The launch was scheduled for earlier in the evening within the open hours of Canaveral National Seashore. However, a series of delays pushed the launch into the darkness and the end result was a stunning close-up view of the launch at night. Since this launch, I have photographed nearly every single rocket launch from Florida. If you are interested in seeing more, I post an original photo daily to my Instagram @marcuscote_photo as part of a 365 day photo challenge! I am a 19-year-old photographer who captures unique elements of Florida's Space Coast from land, air, and sea!

samuelroy21 1 point

Great job man! Love seeing rocketry photos

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Thank you I appreciate it!

KaladinarLighteyes 1 point

That is a beautiful example of acceleration.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

I tried to space it semi-accurately! Thanks!

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marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/space
MelissaClick 1 point

It would have to have the stars from the same night though, or at least the identical stars (identically positioned) that would have been there during the same ISS transit. Otherwise it's not representing reality.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Yeah I do agree, that's just a difficult task with the moon to wash them all out

wisertime07 1 point

Very cool. I'm curious though how come the ISS doesn't appear to pass in a straight line - there appears to be some variation in its path.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Could be imperfections of auto-aligning the frames in PS.

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marcuscotephoto 10 points

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this image I took of the Falcon 9 launch from October 11th (SES-11/Echostar-105). The rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral at the perfect timing for an ideal sunset backdrop. A couple can be seen running after each other on the beach in the foreground, and a large crowd of spectators can be seen further down the coast. I shot the photograph from Playalinda Beach on Canaveral National Seashore. If you are interested in seeing more of my space photos as well as a 365 day photo challenge where I take and upload a new photo each day, the best place to find me would be on my Instagram @marcuscote_photo. Thanks!

sechunt 8 points

Perfect picture taken at the perfect moment!

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

5tries 1 point

One question, how is you're house together? I feel like it should have a bit of debris, is it Harvey not Irma?

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Hurricane Irma, 80ish mph wind gusts in my area. My house is concrete block and has a fairly new asphalt shingle roof. Held up very well, just a few fences down.

new2bangalore 1 point

Not sure what brown - out is, but our power supply, at times can't keep up with the demand.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

A brown out is basically what you are describing, man shutting off the power when the supply is too low

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marcuscotephoto 16 points

Hey everyone! For those who are interested, this rocket launch was on August 18th and was an Atlas V carrying a TDRS-M satellite. I photographed the launch from Playalinda Beach on Canaveral National Seashore as this is a very close public viewing area. I decided to escape the crowd and travel much further north than the rest of the spectators. When I arrived to my chosen spot, I noticed dozens of yellow sticks protruding from the sand, each marking where a nesting sea turtle came ashore to bury her eggs. The majority of turtles on the stretch of beach are Loggerhead sea turtles, and many grow to be more than three feet long and weigh 350 pounds! If you would like to see more rocket and wildlife-related photos, the best place to look would be my Instagram account @marcuscote_photo where I take and post a new photo every day as part of a 365 day photo challenge!

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