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Jon_Ice 2 points

If i had one of those at 1920x1080 it would totally be my background for life.

marcuscotephoto 2 points

That's awesome 😁 I'm slowly learning more and more about photography. It's a new hobby of mine

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Practice makes perfect!

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Balance- 1 point

Wow what an amazing photo! You did crop it in width, but did you also crop it in height?

Edit: Can you render a 16:9 3840x2160 version? Would love it as a desktop background!

marcuscotephoto 1 point
TheCannings 2 points

Available for all!

marcuscotephoto 1 point
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AscendingNike 12 points

Rockets are beautiful machines. Nice photo!

marcuscotephoto 2 points

They are! Thanks!

pgsky 4 points

Incredible shot! Wow!

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Thanks so much!

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CrispyMiner 1 point

I was hearing the sounds of the next video I haven't scrolled to yet and it made me VERY confused by this post

marcuscotephoto 1 point


lYossarian 1 point

What decibel level activates it?

Were there images from before the start of the gif or was that the actual moment it was loud enough to activate?

marcuscotephoto 1 point

The camera started firing on the first frame you see. the sounds trigger has a threshold but it is simply measured in increments from low to high sensitivity. The camera often takes a second or so to wake up.

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marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/pics
derpmasterrr 2 points

Credit goes to u/marcuscotephoto

Website: Click here!

IG: @ marcuscote_photo

marcuscotephoto 1 point


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marcuscotephoto 1 point

I appreciate you attempting to give me credit. This photo was taken by me (@marcuscote_photo).

gracewings11 1 point

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing

marcuscotephoto 3 points

Thanks so much for the kind comment!

Insufferable_Dick 5 points

Nice work. How long were your exposures? I used to be into shooting lightening when I first got into photography. It was a long time ago, though, and I didn't have access to all the technology that exists today. I would just sit there manually popping 30 second exposures into the black night hoping to catch a bolt. Over the course of several months I probably took thousands of pictures but ended up with less than half a dozen decent shots.

marcuscotephoto 3 points

Yup it was 30 second exposures. This many bolts in roughly 20 mins maybe 6 or 7 frames

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stradivariusbone 1 point

Saw a bit of it driving home from work, great shot!

marcuscotephoto 1 point

I appreciate it!

Hey_ImJosh 4 points

Thought someone was taking some pictures outside my window for a minute before I realized it was lightning. Forget the sunshine state, let's change to the lightning state lol.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

haha! definitely!

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kirijo 11 points

Lovely photo.

What shutter speed did you get down to?

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Thanks so much! 0.4 sec shutter speed according to lightroom

evilbadgrades 45 points

Guess I'm headed to the Port tonight for some drinks at Fishlips so I can check it out.

(For any non-locals, yes there's a handful of nice restaurants at the Port right across from where they dock OCISLY. I highly recommend it for anyone visiting the Cape Canaveral area)

marcuscotephoto 5 points

Sounds like a good time :D enjoy

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marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/spacex
luciopaiva 1 point

Great pictures. Falcon 9 is looking like a giant cigarette :-)

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Thank you! It really does haha!

j_hilikus 2 points

pretty sure we left at the same time... the window decal on the vehicle with your name gave it away. Great shots btw!

marcuscotephoto 3 points

Haha yup that was me, I appreciate it! I am sure we will run into each other sometime! Same to you!

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RootDeliver 1 point

This is THE SHOT. Awesome man!!!!!

marcuscotephoto 1 point

I really appreciate that!

4ArthurDent2 1 point

Beautiful photo dude!

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Thanks so much!

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Phoenixilva 1 point

Someone stole half your frames!!

The world these days.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

where is this at?

SicilianEggplant 1 point

It just surprised me the amount of variations of the different types of shots taken.

Thanks you for your work!

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Thanks for the comment! There are a bunch of creative people and launches are becoming very frequent!

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avron_P 1 point

what trigger did you use ?

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Vela pop, it works good, but customer service experiences have been questionable, not going to voluntarily endorse haha

cyborgium 2 points

Yes please! Love them as my phone's wallpaper

marcuscotephoto 1 point

In case you haven't seen, I did make a GIF, it's posted right to this subreddit!

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Bearman777 2 points

Did the equipment take damage from the heat/shock wave/vibrations? I guess that distance would be lethal to a person.

marcuscotephoto 3 points

The distance is probably lethal to a person, however the cameras are fine at SLC-40. The only time I've seen cameras lost is during Atlas V launches at SLC-41. ULA lets us inside the fence of that pad and awfully close to the flame trench.

[deleted] 2 points

Look at that wrath of fire!

marcuscotephoto 1 point

A long flame!

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Volta55 1 point

Fabulous shot.. I'm still happy with my D3100! Cheers

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Thanks so much! You can't go wrong with any Nikon DSLR!

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Falcon 9 and a Dragon resupply spacecraft lifted off from Space Launch Complex 40 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station yesterday afternoon during a 4:30pm EDT instantaneous launch window. Dragon will be delivering cargo, food, science experiments, and other supplies to the crew aboard the International Space Station. A few isolated thunderstorms developed to the west of Cape Canaveral shortly before the launch window, making for interesting final moments before launch. This image was taken from a sound-triggered 'remote' camera that was placed several hundred feet away from the launch pad. The clouds made for an interesting and moody background.

Equipment and settings: Nikon D3200 and 18-55mm VRII @20mm, ISO-100, f/6.3, 1/4000th

I take and upload an original photo to my Instagram every single day as part of a 365-day photo challenge.

I receive press accreditation and take photos on behalf of a local news organization called Space Coast Times.

marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/space
TizardPaperclip 108 points

Just a tip: Use Imgur for hosting jpegs: The site you're using doesn't work on a bunch of browsers, including mine : (

marcuscotephoto 88 points

I edited the link, maybe it works now? I like to link to my social media just to provide easy access to my portfolio for those who a curious. But if not, here you go: Imgur :)

thisguy9 2 points

Didn't see the original but the Instagram link works fine for me on mobile (Android - Relay for Reddit). Always love seeing what the two of you post. Makes me miss living down there.

marcuscotephoto 1 point


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marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/AirForce
marcuscotephoto 7 points

Thanks so much for sharing my photo! If you're interesting in seeing more photos of planes, rockets, and other interesting things on Florida's Space Coast, feel free to check out my Instagram!

dnif 2 points

Hey man! Didn’t know it was your pic, otherwise I would’ve tagged you

marcuscotephoto 1 point

That's okay! I have lost control of it in many places by this point, trying to close up as many loose ends as possible

marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/EngineeringPorn
johnkphotos 15 points

It’s not the same photo. We were standing a few feet apart with separate camera/lens setups. His is his, mine is mine.

marcuscotephoto 1 point


escott89 5 points
marcuscotephoto 6 points

Thanks for tagging me in here

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steam29 1 point

I remember when I was a young kid playing in the backyard when all of a sudden you feel the shake and then really loud deep engines and I looked up and saw this plane, it was flying really slow over the Monterey area and to this day I've never seen it again, that was like 11 years ago I didn't know It was rare, there's always like military vehicles going around the skies in this area for some reason

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Rare to be brought out specifically for the public to see! but I've been reading lots of stories from people who see them around where they live!

0235 1 point

I was at RIAT 2012, where they had a B2 spirit there. it was on display, but very far back from the fence, and had 3 armed guards around it at all time. weren't even allowed to lean on the barrier.

opposite then, and about 100M down the runway was a polish Mig-29, an aircraft from the same era. the pilot was busy taking the cowling off the front of the engine so a photographer could get a picture of what was under there. it was such a beautiful contrast

marcuscotephoto 1 point

That's crazy haha!

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