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octodrew [score hidden]

The stealth tech is off the chain, i didnt even know it was in Australia.

marcuscotephoto [score hidden]

Melbourne Florida!

deadlyfalcon [score hidden]

I once saw one fly over me. It was a very bright harvest moon night, with a thin layer of clouds, it cast a definite shadow on the clouds as it went over. No mistaking that shape.

For clarity, I was on a farm in the middle of nowhere with no light within miles other than my headlights and the moon.

marcuscotephoto [score hidden]

definitely distinct haha! that's awesome

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marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/space
marcuscotephoto 26 points

I can't get over how sick this shot is bro! I was watching nearly the same moment from 525 feet above on the roof of NASA's VAB! That was a beautiful launch! Edit: There is also a picture showing OP's camera on the second photo of the gallery.

marcuscotephoto 3 points

Some of you may recognize my profile from my previous space "selfie" where I was standing in front of the Milky Way. This time, I went to the beach and stood in a photograph as the ISS passed overhead in the early morning sky. I placed the camera on a tripod with self-timer, ran into the frame, and then stood still for the entire duration of the exposure. I used an app called ISS detector which gives me notifications on my phone when the ISS will be passing above my area. My phone woke me up on this particular morning notifying of an ISS pass in 5 minutes. I somehow managed to pack my gear, speed to the beach, and then frame/shoot the image all before the pass was over. Fun fact: the cloudy/blurry haze around the stars in the image is a section of the Milky Way core. It is blurry as the Earth rotated a significant amount during the 160 sec.-long exposure. Also, the streak appears cut off because that is where I started taking the image.

Settings/gear: Nikon D7100 and Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 --- @10mm ISO 250, f/5.6, 160 sec.

About me: I am a 19-year-old photographer from Florida's Space Coast. I take and post an original picture on my Instagram @marcuscote_photo every single day as part of a 365-day photo challenge. Subjects include rockets, space, surfing, and much more from land, air, and sea. Today is my 433rd day in a row (second consecutive year)!

Prints and more work are available at my [website] (

GibbyParker 2 points

To bad the background is blurry because the camera is focusing on you.

marcuscotephoto 2 points

If you zoom in I am actually out of focus! The lens was focused manually to infinity

rockefeller22 1 point

How far away from the observer is the rocket when the streak is no longer visible? Would be interested in nautical miles laterally (e.g. how far away from the observer is the closest point on the surface to the rocket), altitude, and km direct eye sight distance from observer.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

I'm not too sure, you can see it far beyond when the second stage separates and keeps going

sitytitan 1 point

Nice site you're talented. Its ok buddy, I'm not in the U.S.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

if you're still interested, I do sell digital files to international people! I really appreciate the kind words

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marcuscotephoto 15 points

The sky lit up on the Space Coast tonight as Falcon 9 took to the sky. I set up a sound-triggered camera at the launch pad and also took photos from a nearby viewing site!

More photos of this launch and other Florida launches can be found on my Instagram. I post photos daily as part of a 365-day photo challenge. Post-launch articles and behind the scenes content is always seen first over at Space Coast Times.

menomaminx 1 point

This looks professionally shot, like for a poster or something--love this!

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Thanks so much, I appreciate it!

cjgager 2 points

and this is what I don't understand - I work for Walmart & people can stand for 20mins trying to decide what kind of shampoo they need to get, or if we sell 'beard templates' or get mad if we are out of their favorite flavor of capri sun - or - out here in reddit-land they argue about politics and police brutality - or - somewhere in Somalia some poor child is dying - or - even in America some child is dying or some dog is dying - - - and - and - we are but stardust, like dust motes in the vastness. we worry soooo much about us. somehow, it's tragic - all that wasted emotion.
very nice photo btw - saving it as my screenshot. Thank You.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Thanks for the kind words, and I agree

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jscott25 1 point

There are also good trails out in the Merrit Island Wildlife Reserve. Plus some good spots for stargazing

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Up there is on my list for sure!

KitKeating 2 points

Keep up the great work!

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Thanks so much!

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Nathan_3518 3 points


marcuscotephoto 1 point

Thank ya

PVP_playerPro 27 points

That first image, the first thing i thought of was this.

marcuscotephoto 7 points

That's awesome you mention that. My inspiration was definitely some of the classic space shuttle/flag shots, most likely all taken in front of that same flag.

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NoRodent 1 point

I need exactly 60 horizontal pixels more actually.

Ok, now seriously, keep up the brilliant work and thanks for posting these in such a high quality!

marcuscotephoto 1 point

Thank you!

Vousie 1 point

Ok... Was just asking.

marcuscotephoto 1 point

i didn't mean that in a defensive way! hard to convey tone through text, I appreciate your comment!

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marcuscotephoto commented on a post in r/spaceporn
I_know_left 3 points

There’s a bunch. And they all know each other. It’s awesome the access they have and the photos they capture, and then they share it with us!

/u/marcuscotephoto and /r/johnkphotos are other Redditors who post similar stuff here, and on IG.

marcuscotephoto 2 points

Thanks for including my name :) appreciate it

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