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After all the worrying about whether Stafford would miss a game for the birth of his child, my dude didn't even miss a pre-season game.

I think we watched different games then. I personally did not see any improvements in this game compared to the raiders game. If anything, the team looked even worse.

THAT is why people are worried. Not because of the score or win/loss record.

No...he's getting hammered for lumping in 60 years ago with this year and taking the first 2 preseason games WAY too seriously.

A lot of us remember pounding the Patriots in the "dress rehearsal" 3rd preseason game only to have us miss the playoffs while the Pats tore up the league. We have learned the preseason doesnt mean a fucking thing since coaches will deliberately put guys in a position to test their weaknesses rather than try to win or look good in a meaningless game.

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-14 points · 4 days ago

Ummm, except "pounding the Patriots" didn't happen. If you are referring to last years pre-season game against the pats, they pounded us. It was 24-0 IN THE FIRST QUARTER.

2013 we beat them 40-9 in the 3rd preseason game, which is often referred to as the "dress rehearsal" game. We finished 7-9, they finished 12-4 and went to the AFC championship game.

So yeah, it did happen. Try fact checking before spouting bullshit next time

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Sorry. Didn't realize you were referring to a pre-season game from 2013. I wasn't spouting bullshit. We were just talking about different games from different years.

Absolutely not. The dude is a 2nd year player at a difficult position to learn and now has to learn an entirely different set of responsibilities compared to last year. Let's not rush to conclusions and call him a bust after 1 offseason when he's only been learning the new defense for 2 months, if that.

He has ability, he has the work ethic, he just needs the time. From the clips I've seen of him it's obvious to me that he has to think about what his responsibility is each play. That makes it difficult to be reactive and instinctual which is what we need from a MLB. He will get there.

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"Absolutely not." Really? I agree that calling him a bust at this point is ridiculous but to say that you are absolutely not worried about his performance so far it probably just as ridiculous.

I'm saying that he's absolutely not a bust. At worst he's a starting SAM and at best he's a 10 year player at MIKE. Yes it's a bit concerning but we are going into our 2ND of 4 preseason games.... let's not overreact. Especially if he comes out and dominates tonight...

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Ha ha. I think your usage of "Absolutely not" is triggering the OCD in me. Basically, we're in agreement on JD. It's early and you can't jump to any conclusions. But at this stage we can't say he's "absolutely not" a bust, for the same reason you can't say he's "absolutely not" a future hall-of-famer.

He could eventually be a bust, just as he could eventually be a star. So therefore you can't use "absolutely not."

But yeah, I'm with you -- hoping to see a strong performance out of the guy tonight.

Baby is due "during training camp." We good fam, the Staffords planned this out perfectly.

Click bait title. It implies that he got lost on the play, which was a big problem last year.

He read the play perfectly, but missed the tackle due coming in to high. Do I love that he missed the tackle, of course not, but this sort of thing happens to LBs from time to time.

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"missed the tackle" is the gentlest possible way to describe what happened on that play.

That's what happens when an off balance and high player gets hit by a 246lb RB. His momentum was already going outside when he was hit. If he was square and flew off like that it would be completely different, but that's not what happened.

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Yeah thanks. We both watched the same video so we both know what happened. I'm just saying that "missed the tackle" sounds like he just got juked, when in reality the title should have been "Jarrad Davis gets blown the fuck up."

Agree that "got tricked" is a shitty headline.

I basically agree with it. The Lions went 0-16 at the absolute worst possible time to go 0-16 because of how insane rookie contracts were back then.

You guys talkin' 'bout John?

Wearing Jets gear is like wearing Cleveland Browns gear -- there is no animosity. Just pity.


I posted last week about water seeping into my basement. This partially due to my stone paver patio needing to be re-graded. But redditors astutely pointed out that the gutter downspout placement was an issue. Extending the gutter all the way across the patio isn't really an attractive option (and it was be a trip hazard.) So my question is should I cut off the gutter downspout at this red line and re-route all rain water to the downspout on the garage?

This seems like a viable solution but my only concern is that is seems like a lot of rain water directed to a single downspout. Thoughts?


Yes or you should put a flat 45deg. "B" elbow on the end of the downspout down on the ground and drain it off to the right away from the patio. But it'll run out in front of the garage door. Rerouteing it into the gutter is better.

You can cut the gutter's top lip where the new pipe runs in to the gutter fold the top lip up and rivet it to the gutter lip or hold the elbow in against the wall with a hanger in the gutter jammed into the elbow.

The way to go from the downspout to the lower gutter is with a flat "B" style 45 elbow into a regular "A" elbow to get you around the corner and a 30deg "B" elbow pointed at the garage. Though you can use a 45 "B" there too. Then you put a "B"45 on the end of the angled pipe into the gutter. Two straps to hold the pipe rivet all joints and you're done.

You can use standard bend "A""B"elbows from the big box stores but it's work to make them into the right shape that you need and they're made of a thinner stock too so they don't last as long through the winters. Use rivets or the painted "zip screws". I like rivets better.

A steeper pitch is better but it doesn't look as good.

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Original Poster2 points · 19 days ago

Damn, what a great response. Clearly you know how to fix things!

Issue really isn't the downspout but the sloping patio. As long as it stays sloped toward the house, you will continue to get water through your basement wall. And you wanna fix this ASAP before you start to get mold. You have to disclose any water intrusion and mold in any Seller's Disclosure if you resell.

For a temp fix: Go to HD, get a $150 sump pump with 3/4" garden hose adapter, dig a 24"-30" deep hole near the house where the water pools, put 2" layer of gravel at the base of the hole, drop in sump, plug in, connect hose out to area past patio. This should fix all your water intrusion issues.

For permanent fix: You need to regrade the patio area away from the house.

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Original Poster1 point · 19 days ago

Thanks. I started regrading it last night as soon as I got home. Will update on progress.

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How often do you see players give up money to play for good teams? It is extremely rare in the NFL

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Hardly ever. Not since John Matthew Stafford did it. :)

34 points · 21 days ago

Im more concerned about how the vikings keep extending everyone, its like they are just pulling money outta their ass

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Seriously. I swear it feels like the league gave them a different salary cap number or something.

That was a mature and thoughtful response from Ebron without doing the typical cliche nonsense that most athletes would resort to when faced with a question like that. Well done.

ELI5: What is the point of putting him on the PUP list if you expect him to play week 1? Does it free up a roster spot or something? Provide some kind of financial relief for the team?

It basically says "this is why he isn't practicing" during training camp. Otherwise there's a bunch of speculation and bullshit flying around.

It isn't like injured reserve, if that's what you're wondering. It just lifts restrictions on the player, so they aren't losing money for missing mandatory practice.

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Thanks! That makes sense.

Also, before you blow large amounts of cash, check to see if water is ponding against the house. This is the source of 90% of all basement leaks and can usually be readily fixed with a little soil

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

How do I check for ponding?

1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

When it rains, especially heavy rain, you will have water sitting in puddles against the side of the house. You never want water sitting there like that. Piling a little top soil against the foundation in a little mound to flow the water away is usually enough to stop the problem, in my experience.

Edit - BTW, this is essentially A, B, and C in your post. I suspect that would solve the problem.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Yes. That is exactly what is happening. That is why in my other comment (I couldnt figure out how to add text explanation to photo) I asked if the first step was simply to pry up the stones, add top soil and fix the grade enough so that all water flows away.)

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"So for me, I just ordered the chicken fingers and kept it moving."

I need to start using this phrase in my daily life.

I know the Vikings are legit but I think it's a little weird that everyone (at least nationally) is handing them the division in part because they got a new QB. I know this is an unpopular opinion but I wouldn't be surprised at all if they took a step backwards this year because Cousins doesn't live up to the hype.

Fuck kids....they're so annoying.

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You're not wrong. They can be super annoying. So if you want to flick 'em off, go ahead. But don't run away like a bitch when somebody pulls your card.

Wish I was there. I'd have your back. Sounds like that asshole is the one who needs his ass beat.

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Bitch you and OP ain't fighting nobody.

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Have 1 state in the nation where every single resident over the age of 18 is given a firearm.

What are you hoping. Comes out of this?

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Well, if it's an experiment than I should not be hoping for any particular result. If you are pro-gun, you might theorize that a state or specific region of the country where every person carries would actually be one of the safest places in the country. The anti-gun crowd would believe the opposite so it would be interesting to see what would happen with a real life experiment.

On the bright side, the fact that we have so many different answers has me feeling pretty good about overall depth. Kudos, BQ.

I feel like the offense could fall apart without Golden Tate. He plays a pivotal role in the passing game and we really have no one who can do what he does. Without him, the deep routes with Marvin suffer,

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I want to agree with you but I also feel like having an actual running game would soften the blow of losing Tate.

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I love that mic'd up when he's just screaming "clock it!" over and over then brings that beauty of a fake

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That clip still gives me a boner goosebumps.

It honestly looked like Stafford was trying to throw the ball to the defefender and Marvin "intercepted" it.

marshman18 commented on

That is just not realistic, I don't see how anybody could say the team is significantly more talented than last year and Caldwell is a good coach who consistently won games, he had 2 losing seasons in his career, there is no guarantee a first time coach is better

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I agree that it's hard to look at the current roster and see any significant improvements. Also agree that having a first year head coach could be a problem.

But the "Caldwell is a good coach" narrative has got to die. Giving him credit for "a winning season" last year when A-aron was injured and the schedule was actually amazingly soft is just flat-out wrong.

He was with the Patriots since 2004 and a background check showed no criminal record.

Quinn still would have hired Patricia, so not a huge deal.

It's not like he lied to them and is a career felon or something.

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I agree that it would not (and should not) have stopped the Lions from hiring him. I just wish the front office would have known about it.

2 points · 3 months ago

No, I'm saying that the Pats and Lions did what they were required to when hiring and promoting Patricia. While each organization could have done more, they didn't exactly drop the ball by not finding 22 year old allegations.

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Fair enough. My argument remains unchanged. For a billion dollar organization hiring for a multi-million dollar position doing "what they were required to do" (and not going above and beyond that) is a black mark on Rod Wood and the Lions front office.

They didn't technically do anything wrong, but they don't come out of this looking great.

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I dont really follow the draft, cap space etc, but any chance the pics would not sign?

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I'm not draft expert either but I believe it's extremely rare. There is sometimes some jostling for more money, but as for a player just straight up not signing I can't remember that ever happening since the new collective bargaining agreement was signed.

I think Michael Crabtree held out for 8 games or something during this rookie year, but that's a few years back now and other than that I can't think of any recent player who didn't sign.

Where are you gathering all this information from?

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He's obviously just speculating but anyone who's worked basically anywhere has seen this situation play out time and time again so what he wrote is not far fetched at all.

Nope. Am engineer. Don't believe me check my post history. Sorry to disappoint.

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Nah, don't really care. I'm just messin' with you but consider the point that BQ didn't decide to hold a combined racism complaint/performance review meeting but that the ex-employee turned it into that kind of meeting after receiving a poor performance review.

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