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tapac333 2 points

Gotcha. Must be some nice thick paper. My water brush would bleed into the little spaces. I should try going a bit dryer

matway 2 points

This was done on 250g Canson paper

tapac333 2 points

I get that part. What confuses me is that it appears that the watercolor was brushed on but within the same stroke u see multiple colors. Like the orange and blue and perfectly broken by the white background. How is it that the color transition is so continuous? As if the white has wax on it. Do you follow my question?

matway 2 points

The multiple colors look was done but puting colors wet on wet. This allowed them to mix. Still the white spaces are just paper as I mentioned. No masking tape. No wax no nothing. I stoped the brish around places I wanted to stay white. Thats it

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FunerealTaps 1 point

What type of paper was this done on? Looks so cold but very cool.

matway 1 point

250g canson watercolor paper


Total waterpaint idiot here. Do you have a list of the supplies you typically use?

Ps, love your style

matway 1 point

I dont but here let me write something down: 200-300g watercolor paper (canson,fabriano,torches) Synthetic and squirell brushes size 2-18 Daniel smith, winsor newton and umton paints Masking fluid and masking tape for the paper

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Luke_Orlando 1 point

As a struggling watercolor artist, I love this and am so envious. May I attempt to copy this as a study?

matway 1 point

If it helps go ahead.

offbrandsoap 3 points

I always marvel at things like this. I like the attention to detail, and it’s so beautiful to look at. Thanks for sharing, did you make this? If so you’re rad. If not still thank you.

matway 3 points

I did and thank you

matway commented on a post in r/Art
UUp14K 30 points

Wow. Impressive how even a sub like Art can turn so political, downvoting OP and all his comments. I dont like Trump either, but this sub is mostly about art (hence why the name, "art", includes the word art), and should discuss the painting itself.

matway 5 points

Couldnt agree more with you. Thumbs up to OP since this is really well done.

Ermahgerd1 1 point

Oh my god! This is breathtaking. Where are you from? This makes me totally in awe of you as an artist.

matway 2 points

I am from Slovakia and this is a small village near Ruzomberok

Ermahgerd1 1 point

Beautiful. I am very happy that I've found this painting today. Made my day.

matway 2 points

That makes me happy and proud

connie-reynhart 2 points

This is beautiful, I like your art a lot!

How did you create the stars in the sky? Did you use masking fluid or possibly another technique?

matway 3 points

After it was all dry I took some paint straight out of tube and splashed it onto the paper as if it was acrylics or oil. No water added.

bsd8andahalf_1 11 points

painting in watercolor is magic to me. i paint in oils and make many, many corrections and i don't think that is allowed in water color. :) your painting is excellent.

matway 4 points

Thank you and you are right. No mistakes allowed.

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kaylabishop731 2 points

How do you get so much depth with watercolor? I use acrylic paint mostly and am interested how you make the colors so vivid?

matway 3 points

By painting wet on wet mostly

Gottaink 20 points

I adore the blues and purples together 💙💜

matway 5 points

Thank you

gjordis 1 point

And dont get put down on the comment about perspective, I'm no art-expert

matway 3 points

no worries

w0ut 11 points

Nice one bud! I like that you let the colors run a bit more this time! And that orange is really rich, goes very well against that grey/blue.

matway 6 points

Thx man. But still a long way to go. I will have to try other papers for this I guess.

Papercurtain 3 points

Wow this is a beautiful painting. I didn't know watercolors could be this gorgeous. How much practice did it take to get to where you are now?

matway 3 points

Two years and somethig

iwouldrun500miles 4 points

What did you splatter over the top? adds a nice effect!

matway 3 points

Nothing. Its an outcome of brushwork

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Saheim 6 points

Capturing dramatic light is so hard to do with watercolor, yet when you pull it off like this - oh man is it on another level. Your dry brush technique adds so much depth and texture to those trees too. I can tell you're not even cheating with this photo (very true to color). This is one of my favorites for sure - pure nostalgia for me.

matway 1 point

Yes its really hard and its still not as I pictured it in my mind. So still a long way to go.

____Daddy____ 8 points

Although it is clearly water colors, the amount of detail almost fooled my brain into thinking it was a real shot.

Nice job!

matway 1 point

thank you

seldonproject 11 points

I totally agree. To be honest it's one of the few art posts where I enjoy scrolling the comments as well to see individually what people say. Definitely a very talented artist.

matway 4 points

you are way to kind

I_am_not_a_liberal 5 points

It looks like the tree that is faded in color is in the middle, or at least it does down where it meets the one on the left. Perhaps extend the right outside edge of the tree on the left over the top of the faded tree. Otherwise, it makes no sense for the middle tree to be faded by the atmosphere and the one on the left, which is then further away, to be the same color as the front one. Just trying to be hyper-critical, since nothing else that I could critique about your painting! Keep it up. I'm an artist (oil) too, and I don't learn anything from people saying, "Oh, that's great!"

matway 3 points

You are totally right. I know. I thought of the same after it was all dry and done.

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